Studio City Gets the Sheila E. Touch: The E. Spot Lounge Opens!

A special place, like a Sheila E. performance: ability, passion, joy, hard work, fun and a whole bunch of love

By Anthony McBride
Published on LatinoLA: March 2, 2015

Studio City Gets the Sheila E. Touch: The E. Spot Lounge Opens!

Sheila E.'s name alone conjures up so many different images and feelings and with the opening of her new E. Spot Lounge in Studio City, a brand new feeling has emerged.

Let's reflect on what you get during a live Sheila E. performance; ability, passion, joy, hard work, fun and a whole bunch of love. A Sheila E. experience leaves you with that air, you know the kind; where the cloud you walk upon is floating on color and sound.

Yes ma'am.

Sheila E. is one of those iconic artists. She brings magical superstardom and old-school real musicianship that has you sitting back in amazement watching her play - but not for too long because you then want to dance - but you get pulled back into almost being dumbfounded at this artist's sheer talent and power - yeah, you go back and forth at a Sheila show.

Grand Opening night on January 30th at the E. Spot Lounge in Studio City was a sort of an "aha" moment for valley residents. Sheila E. and her Spot brought it all home and it felt like the valley was back on the map, even though it's never even left the grid.

Legitimacy, legend and life has been pumped into the heart of Studio City and it couldn't have more soul then now. The E. Spot is a Jazz club, a Salsa club, a funky-rocking Gospel Sunday brunch-having, soul-singing genuine good time on any given day or night.

The E. Spot Lounge's calendar is impressive; finally a lovely place in the valley to get funked right, cooled down and filled up! Sheila E. and I had a quick conversation after opening night and it went a little something like this:

Anthony McBride: Why bring something as wonderful and LIVE as the E. Spot Lounge to the San Fernando Valley?

Sheila E: I love the Los Angeles area, and like many artists and entertainers I make the Valley my home. I felt the need to do my part in showcasing not only it's vibrancy and brilliance, but to give us residents of The Valley a place to come together and invite others to join us in having a great time.

Anthony McBride: The room's intimacy allows your (and other artist's) energy and love to shine brightly - do you ever get nervous with a crowd so small?

Sheila E: Funny you ask. The thing I love most in an intimate room like The E. Spot is that the audience is right there with the artist. In a room like ours, there is no "faking" it. You can either deliver, or you can't. It's either hit or miss. But in that type of setting, I think it makes us better as artists, we give it our all in a place like that. The reaction and energy from the audience allows you to actually touch the untouchable. The intimacy with the audience is a real thing.

Anthony McBride: You play drums, congas, percussion, bass, guitar, sing, dance and band lead - what other creative areas do you humbly excel in that fans may not know about; please don't be shy!

Sheila E: Being my mother's daughter I am inclined to say anything and everything. But since you threw "humbly" in there, I'll say ALMOST anything and everything. ...Just joking!

Anthony McBride: Can the E. Spot Lounge keep up with the incredible influx of music lovers it's going to generate every night of the week?

Sheila E: We sure look forward to trying. We understand that it's the fans as well as the artists that will make it great.

Anthony McBride: Can Studio City keep up with you?

SheilaE: Studio City is a great, inspirational place. It allows you to live an exciting life while at the same time fuels the creative and artistic nature. When you look at Studio City one might ask, "What's there?" I'd answer, "What's not?", and now with The E. Spot - there is even more! Yes, it can keep up with me, because it encourages me to keep up with it.

Anthony McBride: The amazing original art work inside your club is your father's (Pete "Pops" Escovedo), are those pieces for sale?

Sheila E: They are for sale, and they are amazing. My father's works of art are a true form of expression of his inner self. I look at them and find myself even more in awe of him. Like his music, his paintings bring forth incredible images of the imagination.

Anthony McBride: What can Valley residents and everyone else that trains, planes and Uber's it in from all over truly expect from the E. Spot Lounge's presence?

Sheila E: Great food, fun, music, memories and a staff that is working hard to bring our guest all four of those, and more.

Anthony McBride: I've noticed on Social Media that your hometown Oakland fans are very possessive of you and a very healthy, friendly fan base-rivalry between Bay Area and Southern Cali fans just might exist. ...How will you ever get the East Bay to accept the fact that the Valley is the lucky winner in 2015?!?

Sheila E: The E. Spot Oakland (2016) sure has a nice ring to it.

Anthony McBride: All the energy and vitality you possess, where does it come from?

Sheila E: My joy of life, and God, honestly; practically everyday I get to do what I love to do. I am blessed and fortunate; for every fan, friend, and opportunity I have. From the people that love and believe in me, who make me a better me, who support my work, they provide me with the inspiration to give more, and to do more. I am grateful.

The price of a ticket to any night at the E. Spot Lounge is incredibly reasonable, the sound in the room is amazing and you never know who may drop in. On opening night, Vernon White of Earth, Wind & Fire got pulled up onstage by Sheila E. and slapped the Bass guitar around for awhile! Sheila was loving it as much as the audience.

The E. Spot Lounge (above Vitello's) 4349 Tujunga Ave in Studio City 818-769-0905 for Tix visit espotlounge.com, vitellosjazz.com, and visit sheilae.com for everything Sheila E!

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