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Our Flight from Los Angeles to New Zealand

Our 21-day Trip to New Zealand and Australia

By Armando F Sanchez, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: March 25, 2015

Our Flight from Los Angeles to New Zealand

We started our trip by going to the Los Angeles Airport to get a midnight flight on Qantas Airlines.

We were scheduled to fly non-stop15-hours to Sydney. After a layover of 90-minutes in the Sydney airport, we would catch another flight over to New Zealand which was an additional two hours.

Our 7,500 mile Pacific Ocean flight was on a gargantuan Airbus jet and it was surprisingly quite a smooth flight. Our flight was delayed in Los Angeles by 90-minutes so the total flight time from Los Angeles to our destination of Auckland, New Zealand was 20-hours.

When we take long flights like this one in economy class, I am greatly inspired to but more lotto tickets back home and hope to win in order to fly in business class and thus have a seat that turns into a bed. That would be heavenly.

Since we were flying in a diagonally western direction, we were following nighttime and it made it easy to be asleep and pass the time of the long flight. Sitting near our seats was a young woman with a 4-month baby. The baby didn't cry much but we kept thinking how difficult it was for the mom to fly. Different passengers would hold her baby and walk her in order to give her time to get some rest and shut eye. I now have a greater appreciation for motherhood! God bless mothers and their love and devotion!

As we arrived and flew into Sydney we could see the downtown area and of course the world famous Opera House was easy to spot. As we walked in areas where there was glass to the outside we could feel the sun's heat. It quickly reminded us that we left home in the winter but we were now in the summer season. 2015 will the second time that we will have experienced two summer. Our two-month trip to South America was the first time.

Since we were delayed in Los Angeles, the plane to New Zealand was held and delayed in order for us board. The issue was that we made the switch but our baggage was not did not make the transfer. Trini, my wife, laughter about it. I asked her why she thought it was funny. She said, "I divided our clothing evenly into two briefcases in case one of them got sidetracked. I didn't anticipate that both luggage would not be with us."

The airline assured us that our luggage would be delivered to our hotel in Auckland.
This experience reminded us to also carry clean clothing for at least one-day in our carry-on. It would have been easy to do since our carry on was practically empty and many items are in my backpack.

So why is it practically empty? I guess Trini is planning to fill it with opal jewelry for herself and many boomerangs she plans to give away as gifts. I normally end up returning home with caps and shirts from locations that we visit.

We arrived to our hotel at 4:00 pm local time and decided to get a quick bite, take a long shower and sleep. We slept continuously for almost 10-hours.

Our room in the Crown Plaza, which was located downtown, was spacious, modern and quite comfortable.

As we started to doze off, we shared about how tired we both felt and shared how excited we were to have arrived and begin our journey and exploration to a new and distant part of the world.

About Armando F Sanchez, Contributing Writer:
Armando F Sanchez is a national speaker, writer, worldwide traveler and CEO of Armando F Sanchez Production. His organization produces global web cast and podcast programming.
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