Vibrant Dynamics of a Cinematic Universe

Argentina New Cinema 2003 begins October 24

Published on LatinoLA: October 24, 2003

Vibrant Dynamics of a Cinematic Universe

The Consulate General and Promotion Center of the Argentine Republic in Los Angeles announces "Argentina New Cinema 2003". This Second Edition will take place once again at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, October 24, 25 and 26.

Our industry has been awarded several prizes in different Film Festivals around the World. We feel therefore truly honored to present the series in one of Argentina's cinema best moments in history, making this an excellent opportunity to witness first hand the vibrant dynamics of its ever-expanding universe.

After the success of last year's New Argentine Cinema Series, we're thrilled to be back with an even more amazing lineage of films - including the LA Premieres of Eduardo Mignogna's latest, CLEOPATRA, a road movie with the amazing Norma Aleandro, Argentine "new wave" rising star Israel Adri?n Caetano's urban western RED BEAR; the winner of the Los Angeles Latino Film Festival Carlos Sorin's beautiful HISTORIAS MINIMAS and newcomer Diego Lerman's prize-winning SUDDENLY and for the closing night VALENTIN, the new Miramax's acquisition and argentine submission for the Oscar 2003.

Friday 24 - 7:00 PM
Historias M?nimas | 2002
Minimal Stories
Director Carlos Sor?n
Producer Guacamole - Wanda Vision
Run Time 92 min. - Color
Three stories intersect in a patagonic road which takes from Caleta Olivia to San Juli?n, in the province of Santa Cruz. In one of them a man will travel the four hundred kilometers that separate both cities to find his dog; in the other one, a woman who lives poorly in an abandoned train station will travel to San Julian to receive a television prize. In the last, a trade salesman will take a birthday cake for the son of a client he wants to conquer.

Friday 24 - 9:30 PM
Un Oso Rojo | 2002 (pictured)
Red Bear
Director Adri?n Caetano
Producer Lita Stantic
Run Time 94 min. - Color
Although only Oso knows how long, seven years have passed since he fell prisoner for homicide and robbery. The day of the assault that sent him to prison, his daughter turned one year old. Hard headed, unpredicable and violent, Oso believes that perhaps his wife has not yet forgiven him for that assault. Now he can be set on conditional freedom, and Oso thinks that he may try to start again. However, everything is difficult: he has lost his wife who lives with another man, and his daughter hardly remembers him. The raw reality strikes him again.

Saturday 25 - 5:00 PM
Tan De Repente | 2002
Director Diego Lerman
Producer Lita Stantic / Empire Pictures
Run Time 90 min. - B & W
Looking for some new excitement, bored punk girlfriends Mao (Carla Crespo) and Lenin (Veronica Hassan) spot lonely and overweight saleswoman, Marcia (Tatiana Saphir) on the streets of Buenos Aires. Trying to convince the straight Marcia to sleep with Mao, the duo take her on a road trip against her will. The mood shifts as the gang stops at Lenin's aged aunt's home - the most amazing Blanca (Beatriz Thibaudin). By turns menacing, hilarious and tender, the film veers off in surprising directions.

Saturday 25 - 7:30 PM
Cleopatra | 2003
Director Eduardo Mignogna
Producer Buena Vista Intemational
Run Time 90 min. - Color
Argentine leading actress, Norma Aleandro, is Cleopatra, a free spirit and retired teacher who, finally tiring of her depressed, alcoholic husband, hits the road with frustrated young TV star, Sandra (Natalia Oreiro). This tender, cross-generational, chick/road movie from director Eduardo Mignogna (LA FUGA) is the most recent box office success from Argentina.

Saturday 25 - 9:45 PM
El Juego de Arcibel | 2003
Arcibel?s Game
Director Alberto Lecchi
Producer Zarlek
Run Time 115 min. - Color
In an imaginary country in Latin America that lives under the dictatorship of General Abalorio, Arcibel Alegr?a, a journalist that writes about chess, is encarcerated as a political prisioner on account of a confusion in the diagramation of the newspaper he works at. This will only be the beginning of a revolutionary fight, the emancipalian struggle of the oppresed.

Saturday 25 - 11:45 PM (Aprox.)
Un D?a en el Para?so | 2003
One Day in Paradise
Director Juan Bautista Stagnaro
Producer Patagonik Film Group
Run Time 98 min. - Color
A sketcher and painter that doesn't manage to stand out and earns a living, between other things, as a photographer of current events magazines. A beautiful young woman arrives in Buenos Aires from the interior to try and succeed as a model and actress. They both pretend, in order to earn acceptance, to be successful individuals in their professions. A love as passionate as plagued by disencounters.

Sunday 26 - 5:00 PM
El Polaquito | 2003
The Little Polish
Director Juan Carlos Desanzo
Producer Desanzo
Run Time 93 min. ? Color
"Little Polish" is a thirteen-year-old street urchin who makes a living singing in the trains at the Central Station in Buenos Aires. He acquired his nickname because he imitates the famous tango singer "Polish" Goyeneche. When "Little Polish" meets Pelu, a young prostitute who also works at the Central Station, he immediately falls in love with her. He tries to rescue her from the station Mafia that exploits them both. His challenge to the criminal hierarchy comes to the attention of Rengo the Mafia boss who, in collusion with the police, controls all the station workers.

Sunday 26 - 7:30 PM
Valentin | 2002
Director Alejandro Agresti
Producer Laurens Geels - Miramax
Run Time 82 min. - Color
Valentine, a boy immersed in a family environment too strange for his age, little by little goes discovering a new world, plagued of feelings and moments never before explored. His great interior contrasts with a sad reality. He lives with his grandmother, without seeing his mother, and he only has his father sporadically, who plays a game with him: he introduces his fianc?s like possible stepmothers. Suddenly one of the women make Valentine feels something new and deep. Little by little, he matures.

During the festival we will have special guests such as Alejandro Agresti (Valentine?s Director, Argentine submission for the Oscar 2003), Juan Carlos Desanzo (The Little Polish?s Director), and more celebrities.

ARGENTINA NEW CINEMA 2003 is presented in association with the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Republic and the American Cinematheque.

The movies will be screened at the Lloyd E. Rigler Theater, at the Egyptian Theatre. 6712 Hollywood Boulevard (between McCadden Pl. & Las Palmas Ave.). All films are in Spanish with English subtitles.

Info and photos: arconsul@pacbell.net | http://www.consuladoargentino-losangeles.org

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