Yo, George! ??Ya Basta!!

Get us out of Iraq and take care of Home!

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: October 27, 2003

Yo, George!  ??Ya Basta!!

Shades of the last days of the Viet Nam "conflict".

We're still losing our brave young men in uniform in Iraq daily, even though our "Leader" (cough, hack, spit) has announced the end of combat hostilities.


While he and his friends stand to make multi-millions in post-war resconstruction contracts and oil, and while our country is spending billions every week to sustain this atrocity nobody else wanted or asked for, our guys are dying and our Country, States and Counties are going broke. Our people, our citizens, are being subject to rising taxes & prices, cuts in vital public services and runaway healthcare costs that will soon price themselves out of the market, putting even more patients at risk and professionals out of work!

We need to spend some of those billions at home, Mr. President!

Our brave young people in uniform, winning a war in an impressive manner and time frame that has garnered a new world wide respect, are now being reduced to mall cops & targets, dying every day, while our current administration tries to figure out how to further maintain their royal lifestyle while the rest of us suffer.

I know to the comfortable and uninformed, the word "suffer" seems harsh and overly dramatic. However, as a professional public health employee who lives in the real world, "suffer" seems simplistically appropriate to me.

I see people going hungry, panhandling or resorting to petty crime to feed their children, while our President jet sets around the country, at our expense, attending "fundraising" events which are not usually attended by the general, working public (nor are they beneficiaries of the millions raised).

I see people being squeezed for healthcare costs who would rather be sick & eat than to seek healthcare and starve, while unregulated health care providers (some who make hefty campaign contributions), provide luxurious executive salaries & perks, and corporate profits soar.

I see the spreading infection of substance abuse and mental health problems among our young people, while cuts at public health clinics offer less and less services.

I see Administrators of higher education institutions taking the same, undeserved, corporate payscale/perks party priviliges, while education costs soar and services are cut.

What is there to offer our working class and brave returning Veterans that they can afford? Check your history, Gente! Things have happened in similar situations before!

Yo, Mr. President! We need some reconstruction here at home!

Workers of two of Los Angeles' most valuable public institutions, the public transit system and the market system that provides sustenance to the public, are bravely taking a stand against the Government-approved runaway corporate greed that threatens to spread to other and possibly all work sectors if it succeeds in diminishing healthcare benefits to millions of workers, while increasing executive compensation for a few.

Considering the amount of people who will temporarily suffer because of this stand, you have to respect the workers for having the moral courage to go forward with their job action. The workers are not stupid, despite how the media manipulates its focus. It must have been a moral dilemma for the thousands of them and their families. Every day puts them more at odds with management & the public, for something that was never of their doing, never of their scheming, never of their greed. It doesn't take a government study to come to this conclusion. Yet, guess who gets the blame? Not the corporate babosos who started all this!


Yo, Mr. President! Maybe you could raise some funds to get us out of this mess? I mean, afte rall, you are the President, ?Que no, homie?

And during all this mierda the media focuses on, no matter how many goofy speeches our President makes, no matter how richer the rich get......

......We're still losing our guys in Iraq. ?Y por que?

Yo, Mr. President! Bring 'em home!

It's the least you can do.

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme spins the finest Oldies but Goodies every Thursday on Internet Radio. website: http://www.frankiefirme.50megs.com
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