For You

If you know who you are, I say this in all honesty

By Fernando Flores
Published on LatinoLA: October 27, 2003

For You

Whoever you may be,
Let it be known you are my only light.

Beyond a midnight star that shines,
More brilliant than the summer sun breaking winter clouds.

You are the dream of a sincere heart.
A wish made by purity.
A force of divine nature and unbearable grace driving the soul into an enamored conscious.

I almost cry but the echo of your voice coaxes me to sleep, same as a mother's song to her infant love.
Your delicous scent graces the air and as I breath you in, sparks invigorate my lungs.

I feel chills and I feel pleasure.

I feel a smile.
I'm affected by those gorgeous eyes upon your face that surpass galaxies in depth and beauty.

It is my faith that the discovery of you would move us to new illumination.

So I'm standing here for you with an open chest waiting for you to reach in with your delicate hands and stroke my heart into a revived rhythmic motion.

A motion as enduring and gentle as clear waves smoothing white sands marked by the footprints of lovers.

You will be my mystery,
My infinitely fascinating passion.

I'm waiting here not for my fall, but for my collapse.

My dear,
Mi alma,

My enchanting love for you will be reaching for expression up to the last syllable of recorded time.

Whoever you may be,
Wherever you may be,

I love you.

About Fernando Flores:
Fernando Flores is an emocore rockin' gordito studying architecture in Pomona. He likes burritos and falling for girls who will never notice his adoration for them. You can rub my tummy at savorychulito@aol.com

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