Financing Sought for Indy Thriller: Modus Operandi

Multiple Latino roles available; diverse cast. Name interest from a prominent Latino actor.

By James Helsing
Published on LatinoLA: May 16, 2015

Financing Sought for Indy Thriller: Modus Operandi

I am seeking financing for a stylish lower-budget thriller in the tradition of BASIC INSTINCT and FROM HELL. Serious interest from a producer with financing ties or film production companies with financing ties are welcome!

Sizzle reel/teaser trailer available - either in DVD format or as an online link. Please contact the writer/director. "Making of" sizzle reel/teaser trailer is also available as an online link.

I have interest from a 30-something *name* Latino actor to play the lead Homicide Inspector - several big movies to his credit. Already attached as one of the lead Homicide Inspectors is actor Douglas Spain, who starred in the Emmy-winning "Band of Brothers", "Walkout", "Star Maps" and the cult classic "But I'm a Cheerleader."

LOGLINE: A troubled San Francisco Homicide Inspector, his cocky club dancer boyfriend and an unorthodox Miss Marple track a serial killer who expertly recreates the murders of Jack the Ripper.

SYNOPSIS: Legendary 19th century serial killer Jack the Ripper is in the headlines again, this time as a series of copycat murders surface in San Francisco.

Lambasted Homicide Captain Stoughton assigns the case to Inspectors Roman Parry
and Vincent Sanchez. Mrs. Tabram, vigilante mother of a murder victim from a case botched by Roman, hires retired Scotland Yard Inspector Irene Quirey to conduct her own investigation, much to the chagrin of Captain Stoughton.

As Irene, Roman and Vincent match wits with the killer, dwarf undercover cop Andy trails ambulance chaser Parker, a cocky dancer at the popular "Morality" nightclub. Parker seduces Roman and persuades him he should assist secretly as an informant, which Roman keeps hidden from Captain Stoughton.

Soon after moody desk officer Charlene is kidnapped, an eyewitness to one of the murders contacts Roman, supplying him with vital information that steers the investigation in a surprising new direction. When tragedy strikes yet again, the Inspectors, revealing their own modus operandis, take matters into their own hands.

DIVERSITY/COLOR-BLIND CASTING: "Modus Operandi" features a diverse cast of characters, including multiple LATINO leads, a dwarf, prominent roles for senior actresses and a hearing-impaired actress.

KEY WORDS: Latino, murder mystery, thriller, gay (two characters), diverse, erotic, violent, Jack the Ripper, Film Noir, feet, seduction, historical, ghost, substance abuse.

FILMING LOCATIONS: San Francisco and (possibly) Los Angeles. Interiors can be shot in Los Angeles and exteriors in San Francisco.

BUDGET ESTIMATE: $5 million.

There are no explosions or car chases and very little CGI. Likely green screen work. Gunfire and stunt work is necessary.

About James Helsing:
James Helsing spent several seasons working on multiple Primetime Emmy Award-winning shows... largely in the capacity of researcher, often in the capacity of editor and occasionally in the capacity of writer. He is a graduate of England's LAMDA.
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