Same-sex Marriage Finally Legal in All 50 States

It's not just a victory for homosexuals

By Kat Avila
Published on LatinoLA: June 29, 2015

Same-sex Marriage Finally Legal in All 50 States

When I saw Friday's headlines, I was astounded--and then giddily happy. Gosh darn, sometimes people do the right thing. The Supreme Court by a narrow 5-4 decision had approved major civil rights legislation: In all 50 U.S. states, same-sex marriage is finally legal. People for tolerance and nondiscrimination have won.

Truly, it is ironic that the phrase "religious liberty" is now being bandied about to protect and justify hate against gays and lesbians. Ignorance is ignorance, and hiding behind the musty cloak of patriarchal religion is the deep dark ditch for cowards. (Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's name suddenly came to mind.) Truth must triumph over superstitious and irrational fears of an earlier age.

While many celebrations were held this past weekend, there still remains the cleanup of the ugly, putrid remnants of an outdated conservatism. Only two weeks ago, I had to file complaints about the homophobic behavior of one or more high school students as I rode a bus in South Orange County. Since I am a straight woman, being harassed because someone perceives you as "homosexual" shows you the low mental fitness of haters.

A nearby high school had just gotten out, and I was roughly pushed and shoved. One boy uttered a homophobic insult because he was not able to board the bus before me. The students who were in front were slow in paying for their bus ride, which resulted in further shoving from the back by students who did not understand why there was a holdup.

One girl sitting in front was kind enough to give up a seat to me that she may have been holding for someone else. So they are not all bad kids.

While the bus was in motion, I was struck hard in the thigh by an empty plastic bottle, seemingly thrown by the same rude boy I had encountered earlier who said loudly to everyone that he wanted "to hit the lesbian." A brave girl responded that what he was doing was a hate crime.

I did not even bother to turn around, because I was pretty tired after work. I remained in my seat like Rosa Parks. But having one young voice speak up for me, well, that was simply beautiful.

The activism for LGBT equality and nondiscrimination affects and lifts us all up, heterosexuals and homosexuals alike. The Supreme Court's ruling rekindles the Torch of Liberty and sheds hope on winning against obstacles to voting rights and undocumented immigrant rights.

About Kat Avila:
A LatinoLA contributor on multicultural concerns and entertainment since 2002.

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