News From the Brown Side of Town.

Chisme's & music news for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: July 23, 2015

News From the Brown Side of Town.

?ŪOrale, Mi Gente!

It's been a minute since my last piece, but hey‘«™that's what vacation, R & R, and few road trips are for, right?

Anyways, here we are just past the halfway point of 2015, and things be jumpin' in the Land of 1000 Dances and the rest of the USA as Summer 2015 kicks into high gear.

Joining the "hidden sleepers" of great inspiring Chicano themed movies like "Stand & Deliver", "The Milagro Beanfield War", "Zoot Suit", and "Walkout" (the kind that don't get a lot of Hollywood fanfare or publicity because it shows Chicanos in a positive light), I recently picked up a copy of "McFarland", a true story about a small California farm worker town that produced a State Championship cross country track team comprised entirely of Chicanos.

Wow! The music soundtrack was great, and I got a lump in my throat a couple of times. I highly recommend it!

Last month, we lost one of my most favorite music inspirations of all time, the incomparable Mr. BB KING, the "Chairman of the Board".

I remember first hearing his music on Wolfman Jack's late night L.A. program on XPRS AM radio back in the late 1960's, and then buying his "Live at Cook County Jail" LP album, then 8 track tape in 1970 that I jammed all through high school and in the military. Never had a chance to see him perform live, but I have a lot more of his music in my collection, along with music by other artists inspired by him around the World‘«™ R.I.P. Mr. King

Earlier this month, the West Coast Chicano Music World lost one of it's own, the mighty wonder woman known as "The Diamond of the San Fernando Valley", the marvelous singer Lady Becky Cordova.

A close and personal friend of mine, this loss was especially hard for me & my Lady to take, as we watched her slap the shit out of the devil for 9 years as she battled cancer, endured countless medical procedures and surgeries, and still managed to tour and perform magnificently through her pain, even up to just a month before leaving us to join that great band up in heaven, when some people thought she done after first being diagnosed with cancer.

She was always fond of telling me "If it wasn't for my husband Ray and music, I would have been gone years ago, so let's get on with the music!"‘«™and to that we salute her husband Ray Cordova, pray that he continues to perform the music he & Becky loved, and I join many others, including my Brother DJ's in re-dedicating our commitment to keeping our music alive in hers and so many other's memory !

R.I.P., Mrs. Cordova‘«™you will never be forgotten! A memorial service is planned for August 22nd in Glendale.

Onwards with other news & chismes, watcha:

[b}?ŪPobre Donald Trump![/b] That puto has put booth feet, his elbows, and half his nalgas in his mouth with his idiotic and arrogantly racist remarks while fantasizing about getting a job he is NEVER gonna be qualified to get despite his millions‘«™and all his so called supporters are easily identifying themselves as redneck (albeit well-to-do) racists, insecure idiots, and embarrassments to the Republican party!

First, he insults the original natives of the Americas, many who have evolved into the present day Mexicans and Mexican-Americans who have helped keep our continent financially, culturally, and artistically afloat by labeling our people as illegal, rapists, drug runners, criminals, and "not the best people"‘«™there goes a couple million votes.

Then, he insults African Americans by saying "They say Black lives don't matter to police? They can go back to Africa if they're not happy." (Excuse me‘«™but weren't the FIRST African Americans brought here against their will, but are a big reason why this Country has since flourished financially after the American Revolution more than any country in the World?...talk about white man's gratitude!). OK‘«™there goes another couple million votes.

Recently, he insulted ALL Military Veterans by attacking former Viet Nam War Veteran & POW John McCain by saying, "He wasn't no hero‘«™real heroes aren't caught & captured," then tried a lame sidestep by trying to change the subject and say "This is about poor treatment of Veterans." FTP!

Did he REALLY think that was going to work? Well, their goes a BIG chunk of another couple millions of votes!

This dude is either being paid BILLIONS behind the scenes to help organize American minorities, Veterans and the Democratic Party with his revolution & riot inciting verbal farting, or he is SERIOUSLY stupid & out of touch with America ‘«™. and a reflection of the many undeserving rich elites who need to be stripped of their money & power before they weaken this great Country into a race/civil war, or weaken us into a land easily invaded!

Either way‘«™El Chapo is not the only person old Donald should be afraid of, as many of his rich Republican buddies & big business connections are gradually distancing themselves from him because of his arrogant, racial discriminatory attitude & remarks ... anyone remember George Wallace or Anita Bryant?

On with the music news:

This past weekend was happening so fine as far as music is concerned, and I still wonder in amazement that, considering the crowds & following I personally witness, why our beloved Chicano-Latino music is not on local radio, or even mentioned on television or entertainment news.

‘«™oh well‘«™I still consider Chicano-Latino music tastes to be our beloved art treasures despite the ignorance of a large segment of the public & the entertainment industry that refuses to recognize the music talent of many from the Brown persuasion.

It seems that many (non-Latinos) I talk to outside of my personal circle still have a hard time accepting the fact that Latinos do Comedy, Acting/Drama, Rock & Roll, Funk, Blues, Soul, TOP 40, Oldies but Goodies, R & B, Country, Jazz, and even Rap and Hip-Hop in real ENGLISH! ...and GOOD, too!

The fact that we can go bilingual, add Spanish language music to our repertoires, and have proud Latino inferences in many popular band names like SANTANA, TIERRA, MALO, SOTO, SUAVE, NUESTRO, EL CHICANO, MESTIZO, LOS LOBOS, MANA, PACHUCO JOSE Y LOS DIAMANTES, EUROPA, SUENO, etc, and many Latino actors, singers, & comedians do not hide their Spanish surname in public, should not be so intimidating as to scare society into relegating us to the fringes of entertainment society, or stereotype us as only worthy of performing at Fiestas and other Hispanic themed public occasions.

I for one hate the fact the TV commercials about Mexican food (and most recently the popular TV show Jane the Virgin) INSIST on having narrators with an obligatory thick Spanish accent, with Mariachi music in the background, as to assume we ALL identify with this for the sake of national marketing purposes‘«™WTF, Really ?

No wonder idiotas like Donald Trump think they can make absurd & basically STUPID comments about us, and then scratch their heads in amazement that the educated and common sense percentage of our people (and we're talking MORE than a couple of busloads) can stand up and take umbrage in public in more than appropriate terms that have significant consequences.

(Ok‘«™EL Editor is standing with his arms crossed, tapping his foot, smiling & shaking his head slowly while listening to my dictation ‘«™. so I better get back to my keyboard, LoL!).

[b]El Editor's Note: Roll on, Frankie, roll on!{/b[

Last week simply exploded with good music and good times in the Land of A 1000 Dances. I had a great weekend, and I know a lot of other people did too!

Starting off last Friday night in the Inland Empire, Down With Three, aka DW3 , had a sold out CD release show at the American Legion Hall in Colton that was a total success. Our congratulations to the Mondragon Brothers on the release of their new CD "Vintage Truth." We're sure it will be a best seller.

We ended up on the coast on Friday night, catching the "Soul Man de Santa Barbara" PEPE MARQUEZ, as he joined a local group from Oxnard known as CALIENTE, and we danced the night away at Pirate's Grub & Grog in Oxnard.

Had a good time hanging out with the good Gente de Oxnard, eating, dancing, & laughing, and Pepe & the band put on a great show for a packed house!

The next night was lit up, as CHICAGO & EARTH,WIND, & FIRE blew the roof off the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood, TIERRA-MALO-El CHICANO and THEE MIDNITERS packed' em in at Buffalo Bill's at the Nevada State Line for the Art Laboe Latin Legends Concert, and I was honored to serve as Co-Host and House DJ for The Ray Carrion & Thee Latin Legend All Stars Concert in San Bernardino, which also featured The Midnite Cruzzers and The Big Manny Band for one great party.

All three events drew big crowds, and of course, other great gigs were happening in and around the West Coast's Southland, that deservedly earns the name of being the "Entertainment capital of the World".

Saturday night in Land of 1000 Dances after some great music & dancing would not be complete without an after hour feast at Ordunez's Mexican Restaurant in Montebello, where the stars go after 2 am !

Open 24 hours, good food, GREAT menudo & pozole, good service, and always a crowd of good people, you never know who you might run into‘«™.and Yes! They speak English !

The next day, Sunday, you would think most people would be resting, but NOT in the Land of 1000 Dances! It seems that about 1,000 or more people, many who attended the previously mentioned events, all had their menudo and then converged on the outdoor Chicano Music Gladiator Arena known as the Santa Fe Springs Swapmeet to catch the pride of the San Gabriel Valley, the incomparable BALANCE Band, featuring Sammy Medina, in concert.

The weather was good, the food was hot, the beer was cold, and the Gente was having a ball dancing , laughing, and enjoying the Southern Califas sunshine on a perfect Sunday afternoon. BALANCE was of course, simply marvelous through 3 sets of great music, keeping us all happy & dancing.

As if that wasn't enough, we stopped in at one of L.A.'s best kept secrets, El Jalisco Caf?ģ on Valley Boulevard in Bassett for some fine food & cold drinks before making a stop at the City of Industry VFW Post 1944's monthly Tardeada, where we were entertained by KID RAMOS and LOS FABULOCOS Band for some shit kicking Tex-Mex, Ranchera, and Rockabilly Blues.

Sunday evening or not, me & my Lady, along with DJ Sugarbear & his Lady, joined the RAZA and danced out butts off !!

Now THAT, my friends, was a weekend !

Starting off this weekend on Friday night, Bobby Martinez & The Brotherhood Band hit the stage at the Presidente Restaurant in Northridge, starting at 9 pm. No cover.

-Rik Cantu & The Sidetracs Band invite you to "Aloha Night" at Monty's Steakhouse in Woodland Hills. Hawaiian shirts & grass skirts are encouraged! Show starts at 9:30 pm.
-Chicano Comedian Gil Farjardo invites you all to his "What The Funny" comedy show at the Ice House in Pasadena. Show starts at 9:45 Pm.

-Sol Rodriguez & The Power of Sol Band take it to the people at the City Lights Cocktail Lounge in Hacienda Heights starting at 9 PM. No cover.

-Soul Pursuit hits the stage at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs. Show starts at 9pm, no cover.

- Saturday afternoon, The Mark Sells Blues Band hits the stage at the New Starboard Attitude starting at 4pm on the Redondo Beach Pier.

- DW3 is hosting a Summer party at the IV Lounge in Norwalk Saturday night starting at 9pm.No cover.

- Louie Parra & Thee Mad Latins take the stage at Bruce's in Santa Fe Springs starting at 9PM.

Ok‘«™so July and the weather are hot, but August shouldn't be any different. Many things are happening in August that will keep us all entertained, I'm sure.

Besides a couple of private gigs in August, I will be House DJ for Ray Carrion's 70's Flashback Disco Ball at the City of Industry VFW Post 1944 on Saturday, August 22nd.
Break out the platforms, baggies, Afro wigs & hoop earrings and let's boogie!

Featuring great live dancing music provided by The TEASE Band, The GROOVE Band, Ray Carrion & his Latin All Stars including Rocky Padilla, Hank Castro, TeCheetah Lopez, and many others, hosted by Thee Mr. Duran. Frankie Firme will be your house DJ and comedy will be provided by the one & only Mr. Gilbert Esquivel. For info & tickets, call 323-895-2863. See you there!

So many things are happening, and I can't remember them all at the moment, but I highly recommend you check out our Calendario page here or our new Facebook page for news & details on what's going on in Aztlan.

....Until next time, ay te watcho from the Land of 1000 Dances, and I'll see you on the road!

About Frankie Firme~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul, heard daily on World wide Internet radio www.eastLArevue.com
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