GOP Prez Candidate Joke-a-thon

Their out-of-body experiences keep adding up

By Kat Avila
Published on LatinoLA: September 23, 2015

GOP Prez Candidate Joke-a-thon

Republican (GOP) presidential candidates continue to bury legitimate issues with growing lies that handily beat the length of Pinocchio's nose. It is very telling how sick and dark the GOP political landscape has become when well-off, seemingly educated candidates tap dance for the most ignorant and paranoiac elements in our society.

In the latest news, GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson doesn't think Muslim American boys and girls should aspire to be President of the United States. He won't support it. Not so long ago, someone would have said that of African Americans and there would be some sad excuse for their disqualification, like it's "unconstitutional."

That an African American like Ben Carson would feel comfortable making such a bigoted statement about another minority group shows how out of touch he is. "Black Lives Matter," "Muslim Lives Matter," and it shouldn't matter what their faith is, or whether they have one, if they want to run for president.

Another out-of-body GOP candidate is Carly Fiorina. (Remember her failed 2010 campaign for U.S. Senator here in California?) During the CNN Reagan Library GOP debate, she cozied up to the GOP good ol' boys by lying to lynch Planned Parenthood, the foremost organization for women's reproductive rights and education in the U.S.

It's not just Planned Parenthood, but any affordable health care that the GOP detests. They fiddle like Roman Emperor Nero watching the burning of the "We are the 99 percent" from the high balconies of their luxury homes with their private healthcare plans for the wealthy in their vest pockets.

You want to believe in karma, that each of these politicians would experience what it is like to be sick and not able to afford a doctor or get the medicine you need so you can feel well enough to catch the slow bus to your two jobs.

Donald "Dump" Trump outdoes ISIS in sowing hate and trying to break up this great country. So he wants to displace 11 million people living within our borders? His storm troopers won't respect citizenship papers, any more than Trump himself respects President Obama's birth certificate.

GOP candidate "Canadian" Ted Cruz's father also doubted that Obama was born in the U.S. In his father's out-of-body experience in 2012, he somehow got confused that it wasn't Obama but his son that wasn't born here. In fact, until recently Ted Cruz had dual Canadian-American citizenship. Let the egomaniac filibuster his way out of that.

These GOP presidential candidates have shown themselves unfit for the top leadership post of the land. They have normalized extremist hate group and Tea Party rhetoric, so that we all look at each other a little more suspiciously.

We are an amazingly creative nation of different peoples and different faiths, that is, the First Peoples and peoples who came from other lands. It takes a lot of tolerance and patience to keep it all together. The Republican Party is increasingly showing us they don't have that blessing.

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