Sabor Latino Returns to the Spotlight Once Again

Sabor Latino's second book "Mis Grandes Canciones y Poemas" will be released to online book stores early 2016

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: November 25, 2015

Sabor Latino Returns to the Spotlight Once Again

Latin hip hop artist Sabor Latino returns to the spotlight once again. With that said, Sabor Latino will be releasing his second book titled "Mis Grandes Canciones y Poemas" in early 2016.

Sabor Latino's new project is a book that is divided into two sections. In the first part of his new book, Sabor Latino created poems in which reflect a lot of his life's observations. The poems are written with a lot of emotions and inspiration. For example, in some of the poems, Sabor Latino talks about relationships, his personal views on education, and his life's struggles, and detailed information on his observations when he was a child growing up with his older brother.

Furthermore, Sabor Latino reflects deeply on his experience, when he was incarcerated as a young man. Over all, the poems in his new book, allow the reader to truly see how Sabor Latino used poetry to save his life, from his negative and violent Jamaica queens neighborhood.

In the second part of his new book, Sabor Latino wrote three albums of music into songs. With that said, Sabor Latino demonstrates his writing talents as he pours his soul into these interesting and inspiring songs. The songs also talk about Sabor Latino's observations and point of view on many social issues. He even goes beyond his means in one of his songs, and talks about how certain fathers sexually abuse their daughters and hide it under the table. In addition, Sabor Latino also in his songs, expresses the importance of staying motivated in life. Over all, the songs in his new book, demonstrates Sabor Latino's special writing talents, in which indicate that Sabor Latino is here to stay.

In conclusion, Sabor Latino would like to announce that he has also started writing his third book titled "125 Quotes Gathered From My Life's Observations." In this book, Sabor Latino talks more about his life's observations in quotes. In addition, he has also created five chapters in which talk about the importance of finding your identity and exercising your talents. Sabor Latino also talks about the importance of starting your legacy early in your life, and never giving up on your dreams. Over all, it's another book full of inspiration in which Sabor Latino plans to release in late 2017.

I would like to give special thanks, to all my college professors for inspiring me to be the best I can be. I would like to also say thank you to my entire family for always inspiring me to continue to write poetry and be a positive role model for all the youth around the world. In addition, special thanks go out to all my basketball friends, for your special love. To my son Jacob, I'm very proud of you for finishing high school and entering college. I wish you the best in everything in life. Thanks, for always inspiring dad to be a good and loving person.

To everyone that supports Sabor Latino, none of this would be possible, without every ones love and support. I hope my new book; will inspire everyone to continue in the right path in life. God bless everyone.

Roberto Torres/Sabor Latino

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