Nat Geo Mundo Presents Escuelas Insolitas

New series highlights the most specialized schools and training around the world

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: January 8, 2016

Nat Geo Mundo Presents Escuelas Insolitas

What is your wildest dream? To be a movie star? A stunt double, Kung Fu fighter or butler? How about spending a year on a sailing ship or breaking-in Spanish thoroughbreds? If you had to choose fame, fortune or passion, which would you pick? No matter the profession, success requires hard work, dedication and training and Nat Geo Mundo is giving you an exclusive look into the lives of people who are doing what it takes to succeed in the new documentary series, Escuelas Ins??litas

Premiering on Friday, Jan. 15th at 7 p.m. ET/PT, Escuelas Ins??litas explores how and where people can get the best specialized education in the world. From the Beijing Opera and the Royal Military Academy of Belgium to the Slow Food movement's University of Gastronomic Sciences, the series paints a portrait of the up-and-coming generation of experts and the world in which they are growing.

In each of the 12 hour-long episodes, Escuelas Ins??litas reveals the secrets of two schools through the eyes of the students, parents, teachers and founders. Witness how these schools are providing their students with the necessary skills to help launch their careers in what can be considered unique or non-traditional industries.

Premiere episodes include:

World Heritage Friday, Jan. 15th at 7 p.m. ET/PT
In Spain, we explore the elegant art of equestrian dressage. In dressage, the communication between horse and rider seems fluid and easy, but mastering this skill is much harder than you think. And in South Africa, we'll look at students who are working to preserve the incredible local biodiversity. See how these students prepare to become guardians of World Heritage by attending schools like no others.

Life and Death Friday, Jan. 22nd at 7 ET/PT
Future humanitarian workers exercise their skills in saving lives at a school in France, and in Germany, apprentices' morticians are training to look at death straight in the face.

Little Miracles Friday, Jan. 29th at 7 ET/PT
What does a Parisian school for the gifted and a New York school for the autistic have in common? An education created to respect difference. This episode looks at how these two schools build on the progress of science to reinvent itself, and make miracles happen.

Gaming Friday, Feb. 5th at 7 ET/PT
Think entertaining people is a breeze? Not for these future English jockeys and apprentices of Belgian croupiers. These schools teach them that they must leave nothing to chance to succeed in the professional world of gaming.

Warriors Friday, Feb. 12th at 7 ET/PT
For these Kung Fu students in China and future officers of the Belgian army, the first battle to be fought is their own. They see courage and dedication as essential when the image of the warrior is no longer popular.

Senses Friday, Feb. 19th at 7 ET/PT
Our senses are used every day without really thinking about it, but some schools around the world teach students to refine their senses to the point where it becomes a profession. Perfumery in France to Slow Food in Italy...this episode is an awakening of the senses!

Good Manners Friday, Feb. 26th at 7 ET/PT
The students in this episode find importance in polishing both silverware and manners. In this era of globalization, where cultures intersect and location pins are lost, a Swiss school and Dutch school still believe that the key to harmony lies in etiquette.

Dream Friday, Mar. 4th at 7 ET/PT
Whether their dream is to make it to the Peking Opera or to star in Bollywood productions, these aspiring artists push their limits to achieve fame.

Illusion Friday, Mar. 11th at 7 ET/PT
In movie stunts as in wrestling, the action must be perfectly executed to generate thrills. We'll look at two schools that train their students on the science of illusion and its spectacular results.

21st Century Friday, Mar. 18th at 7 ET/PT
In the 21st century, schools are exploring innovative, fresh ways to reinvent themselves and the learning process. From teaching on a sailboat, to taking advantage of the infinite wisdom of transcendental meditation, school achieves its essential mission: opening horizons.

Green Friday, Mar. 25th at 7 ET/PT
Discover how students from two schools are learning how to innovate today's culture and promote a sustainable way oflife without having negative impact on the environment. It is in these "green" schools that are forming the eco-responsible leaders of tomorrow!

Women Friday, Apr. 1st at 7 ET/PT
In many countries around the world, professional development remains elusive for many women. In Russia and India, two schools offer female students the tools to allow them to change their destinies.

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