Proyecto Akwid Reaches Platinum

Fusing urban beats of hip hop with the traditional rhythms of regional Mexican

Published on LatinoLA: November 9, 2003

Proyecto Akwid Reaches Platinum

With only four months since its release, Akwid recently received its first Platinum album ever for sales of over 200,000 units in the U.S. and Puerto Rico for the Univision Records album debut and the duo?s first Spanish effort ?Proyecto Akwid.?

In four short but impressive months saturated with an impeccable dedication and unyielding professionalism, the Latin rap duo sensation comprised of brothers Sergio and Francisco Gomez reached the coveted 200,000 unit mark in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, making them the undisputable musical phenomenon of greatest importance in the Latin music industry and the most surprising best new artist of 2003.

With their first promotional cut ?No Hay Manera? (There?s No Way), Akwid captivated thousands of Latin fans that were waiting for a new and cutting edge sound. Fusing the urban beats of hip hop with the traditional rhythms of regional Mexican music, Akwid has established itself as one of Latin music?s most pioneering and daring artists of the 21st Century.

?There is absolutely no doubt that Akwid has revolutionized Latin music by fusing two cultures and two music genres in a transcending way. We are extremely proud and most of all enthusiastic about being part of this new urban regional movement, the future of alternative Latin music in the U.S. and the rest of the world,? stated Jose Behar, President & CEO, Univision Music Group.

In addition, Akwid recently began their first promotional tour in their native Mexico, where they?re already paving the way to charting success and at an accelerated rate continue to sweep radio airplay and popularity charts in Mexico?s most important markets. This trip represents an accomplishment of great sentimental magnitude and value for the Gomez brothers, as it is the first time they return to Mexico since they left for the U.S. approximately 20 years ago.

According to specialized reporting agencies in Mexico City, Akwid continues holding strong to the top radio chart positions with the first promotional cut ?No Hay Manera? (There?s No Way). This definitely reflects the popularity and the artistic prowess of these innovative artists that has taken Mexico?s capital city by storm.

In like manner, Mexico?s second most important market, the city of Guadalajara, has reported Akwid?s first promotional cut to have landed at the #1 position for four consecutive weeks and since the track was released to radio nine weeks ago it continues to hold a stronghold on the #1 and #2 positions of radio airplay. While their radio success has come as a surprise to many, Akwid?s presence and work in Mexico has been firm and decisive, and is evidenced by the unprecedented radio requests in this city.

Mexico City and Guadalajara are perhaps Mexico?s most important markets, as they set the tone for music trends for the rest of the country. Undoubtedly, Akwid has taken the initial and most important step in possibly becoming a favorite for Mexican audiences and the first phase of a promising and successful career south of the border.

The second promotional cut in U.S. territory is titled ?Siempre Ausente? (Always Missing). The music video for this track will premiere nationally on the Univision Television Network in forthcoming weeks.

Following the initial promotional tour at the end of October in Mexico, Akwid is now gearing up to resume the second phase of their promotional work in November down south.

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