Donald's Mad Presidential Run

Why does Trump hate humanity so much?

By Kat Avila
Published on LatinoLA: March 28, 2016

Donald's Mad Presidential Run

Donald "Drumpf-dump" Trump, why do you hate humanity so much? More important, why are there so many apologists for his cruel and violent rhetoric? To these ignoramuses among us, Trump is a great savior. Yes, an angel who hides a face hideously contorted with rage behind a mask of gold.

Trump's playground bully insults diminish minority groups and groups with limited socioeconomic power in the United States: Mexicans are criminals and rapists, Vietnam-era POWs are not heroes, Muslims are terrorists, women are dogs and sluts, and so on with the slimy lies.

Spoiled and overprivileged, this contemptuous man treats America like a public toilet. His wealth and Secret Service-agent bodyguards insulate him from the urban peasants' blowback of spit and tomatoes.

I wish every fruit and vegetable picked by a migrant Mexican farmworker that reaches Trump's dinner table and the tables of his supporters spoils and rots before it reaches their mouths.

I wish Trump was forced to wash and polish every headstone at the nearest veterans cemetery, and to apologize to every American POW that was ever held and tortured. Trump received multiple deferments to not serve in Vietnam. The draft dodger is enjoying a life of luxury on top of the sacrifices and suffering of soldiers and their families of every stripe and color.

I wish Trump had to see a Muslim American doctor, dentist, and optometrist in an emergency. They are just as good as any Christian, or Buddhist, or Hindu healthcare professional. A person's religion doesn't make them a terrorist. It's ignorance and blind adherence to an exclusive ideology like Trump's KKK supporters and intolerant Christian zealots.

I want Hillary Clinton to become our next President of the United States and our first woman president. And then with her perfectly manicured feet in spiked heels, she can kick Trump's bad hair and gold back into the selfish hell they came from.

About Kat Avila:
Kat Avila is a longtime bus rider who wants OCTA to know that bus riders are taxpayers, too. And bus-riding college students and immigrant Americans do vote.

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