Tremendous Honesty & Integrity

Latina businesswoman launches trend-setting skincare line

By Reyna Trevino
Published on LatinoLA: November 10, 2003

Tremendous Honesty & Integrity

Tasha & Co. recently announced the launch of a revolutionary, anti-aging skin-care line designed to combine the latest technological advancements and premium ingredients with its Latin heritage to bring a new excitement to the skin-care industry.

?While the field of skin care is highly saturated, we have worked diligently over the past three years to develop a breakthrough line that helps transform the skin to its healthiest state and restores its youthful glow without the use of harsh chemicals that can irritate or damage the skin,? said Tasha Noriega, founder of the minority- and woman-owned company.

While the line of products is designed universally for people of all skin types, Noriega said she sought to capture the company?s Latin flavor in the names of each of its initial 15 products, which range from a skin lightener called Blanca to an invigorating face wash called Viva La Vida! ?We want to highlight the spirit of women, which is a reflection of an enthusiasm and excitement about life.?

The company?s clinical product line is the result of years of research under Noriega?s immediate direction working closely with a leading research chemist in the skin-care industry. ?The exclusive formulations behind our line are based on the cutting edge of today's leading anti-aging and nutritional technology. Our products are designed to not only nourish, heal, protect, firm and energize the skin -- restoring its healthy glow and natural radiance -- but also to powerfully fight the signs of aging and sun damage,? said Noriega.

The ingredients consist of the most advanced antioxidants, concentrated vitamins, botanical, marine and herbal extracts to clear, brighten, nourish and even out the skin tone. Noriega noted that the line does not include any alpha hydroxy acids or other harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin and possibly lead to sun sensitivity.

?There is tremendous honesty and integrity behind this product line. We cut no corners. There is a purpose and benefit to every ingredient. We use no oils or waxes, and our emollients are readily recognized and absorbed by the skin, providing immediate nourishment and all-day moisture,? said Noriega. ?All the scents in our products are refreshing and invigorating. They are derived from natural fruit extracts and we use no perfumes that could irritate sensitive skin.

?When people first try our products, their initial reaction is to rave about the quality of the textures, which are silky, light and refreshing,? said Noriega. ?But what makes an even more lasting impression are the changes that begin to occur. Skin feels rejuvenated and vibrant, fine lines are visibly diminished. Skin imperfections become less noticeable, reducing the need to wear as much make up. So many clients are telling me that the results not only affect how they look, they affect how they feel as well.?

Recognizing that most women are "on the go," the Pasadena-based company developed products that target multiple skin-care problems so that regimens are simplified and fewer products need be purchased and applied.

The company promotes its products via a number of select retail outlets, including fine spas, salons, boutiques, dermatologists? offices and through highly trained skin care specialists, according to Kenneth Agle, president of the company. ?As we are just launching our initial line, opportunities for tremendous growth with our company clearly exist. This is a positive, exciting time,? said Agle.

?We utilize highly trained individuals to promote awareness among their clientele of the changing needs of skin over time,? said Agle. ?As we age, our natural abilities to meet our skin?s nutritional needs diminish. The more we can teach our clients about those needs and how to replenish them, the more they will appreciate the formulations and benefits of this product line.?

Agle noted that that while women are typically the core focus of the skin-care industry, men are also taking a health-conscious approach. ?The SPF sun protection and skin cleanser are great products for men, especially golfers and others who are out in the sun. They like the light, non-oily textures and the fact that the cleanser does not dry their skin after shaving.?

Located in Pasadena, Tasha & Co. is a new minority- and woman-owned business that provides high-end skin care products. More information on the company and its product line is available through its website,

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