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Acclaimed Chefs and Got Milk? Spice Up the Taco Scene

Introducing the new milk pairing trend in California

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: April 20, 2016

Acclaimed Chefs and Got Milk? Spice Up the Taco Scene

Eating trends are born in California. When California moves towards a healthier and spicier diet, the rest of the nation follows. In recognition of the spicy food trend and California's love affair with tacos, the California Milk Processor Board (CMPB), creator of the iconic got milk? campaign, has launched a new statewide campaign titled, "Spicy Loves Milk," which joins together Californians' love of tacos and America's fascination with spicy foods while highlighting milk's essential role in spicy food pairing. Got milk? embarked on a journey to bring you the hottest tacos that are setting trends across the state. Seven popular chefs across California have each created a taco recipe that is true to their city's culture, personality and taste, while showcasing milk's versatility and unique ability to complement exciting spicy flavors and tone down the heat.

With a wide range of culinary backgrounds, these California chefs created milk and taco pairings that include the Crispy Lechón al Tomatillo from Evan Kidera and Gil Payumo of San Francisco's Señor Sisig; a Citrus Pork Taco with Quemada Sauce from Palm Springs' Las Casuelas Terraza; and the Grilled Asado with Pepita Pesto from Los Angeles' Trejo's Tacos, a new establishment opened by actor turned restaurateur, Danny Trejo.

Each and every chef selected brings something unique, bold and exciting to the table. Whether it's with their unusual ingredients, unique cooking techniques, or alluring spices; they have all succeeded in taking the hottest food trends and integrated them into the taco.

"With milk's inherent properties and quick ability to cool the tongue after eating spicy food, this food pairing couldn't have been more perfect," said Steve James executive director of the CMPB. The "Spicy Loves Milk" campaign will combine California Cuisine with our state's freshest ingredients, exotic spices, and showcase diverse food offerings found only in California. "We are excited for taco lovers to try the varying flavor combinations which will be further enhanced by a milk pairing," said Steve James.

The new generation of consumers in California and the rest of the nation seek flavor innovations and a growing desire for spicy foods. We are experiencing what is called, "The Sriracha Effect" as explained by Technomic. Technomic discovered that Sriracha can add an instant ethnic taste to something that may not be ethnic otherwise, for example a sandwich. Due to this effect, chefs are searching far and wide to find other assertive flavorings and spices that can be enjoyed the same way as Sriracha. Spicy foods not only arouse our taste buds but they offer health benefits as well . Spicy peppers contain capsaicinoids which have been found to help prevent chronic diseases and they also have high concentrations of vitamins and antioxidants. Among the health benefits linked to eating spicy foods is weight loss, and heart health to name a few.

For all of the spicy taco recipes created exclusively for got milk?, visit: and follow got milk? via social media on Facebook/ Twitter @gotmilk and Instagram @officialgotmilk.

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