Six Tips On How To Be A Good Neighbor

State Farm releases new data highlighting generational and cultural differences of neighbors

By Andrea Minski
Published on LatinoLA: May 27, 2016

Six Tips On How To Be A Good Neighbor

The following is based on the research study: State of Neighbors Survey

• ¡Bienvenido, Vecino! Most Hispanics would like to be welcomed upon moving to a new neighborhood; however, the majority of them were not welcomed when they did. Don't be afraid to introduce yourself and welcome your new neighbors. Whether you decide to bake cookies or offer them a small gift, your new neighbors will appreciate the gesture.

• Create a Facebook Page. Social media groups are increasingly popular and Hispanics are leading the way in terms of digital communication. Take a stab and create a group with your neighbors who share the same interests. You'll find that it's the first step to feeling more personally connected.

• Be prudent. Hispanic neighbors value interaction and look for ways to connect, while at the same time valuing their privacy. It's perfectly fine to be friendly, find ways appropriate ways to interact and help one another, but it's also important to be prudent and considerate.

• Take initiative. 75% of Hispanic respondents said they would attend a neighborhood get-together if their neighborhood had them, but only 19% have actually helped organize a neighborhood event. Break the ice by organizing a neighborhood block party for a chance to socialize with your neighbors!

• Help and ask for help. More than half of Hispanic respondents consider watching out for your neighbor's property and safety, practicing parking and pet etiquette, and helping out with small favors as traits of a good neighbor. Offering to help out opens up the possibility to others doing the same, and that's a very positive thing!

• Be a good citizen! No matter your political preferences, being involved is important. Whether you decide to carpool or take turns in watching the kids, go out and vote with your neighbors. Also, don't be afraid to take part in civic conversations with your neighbors while respecting their opinions.

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