Through Social Media We See, Through Social Media We Speak

In this new age with new thinkers comes a New America

By Andrew Ramirez
Published on LatinoLA: June 7, 2016

Through Social Media We See, Through Social Media We Speak

"Black women are most educated group in USA." **Goes viral**

Right after.

"White women gets free scholarship, including her family." **for going viral**

And of course a particular Black American had something to share. How it's obscure to give away free stuff. Yeah, she disliked the idea of the women's family riding alone for free too. And since shes part of the new age woke fam that loves to point things out and a "USA MTV decoder expert" her audience automatically sees her shared story like "HASHTAG #freewhitescholarship and with the decoded message behind the free scholar to white women publicity stunt "shout out to black woman and the impressive overall race percentage in education but white women there's no such thing of anti-white so get information and grab on to your privileges."

Yes I know New Age thinkers are all for the Crucial USA Culture Truth. Besides all the constant reminder how oppression is now dead, waving a Mexican flag in USA is also a part of the crucial usa culture truth!

In this new age with new thinkers comes a New America. As a Mexican American I'm not native enough to be a native American because we speak a European language.

Do we erase our indigenous native American history just because European blending didn't fail? Is this why you call us Hispanic American like we are settlers? Why is the Mexican flag within the USA border portrayed as its connected to "illegal activity" when some of the USA history consist of gaining land by over populating the natives Mexican and not agreeing with Mexican government laws.

This happened shorty of finally winning a 300 year old battle of blending the indigenous Americans, Which probably explains why the Mexican American war was short and easily won.

The Mexican flag is a reminder that we were never the settlers and need to be accepted as a native to the land of southern west of the NEW AMERICA. Or do they not agree with the 2005 apology act from California like illegal migration is something brand new?

The Mexican flag should not be viewed as a threat to America but a symbol of a genocide survivor.

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