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Creating Home Wall Decor for the Spanish Speaker

Because Spanish is beautiful

By Susana Hernandez
Published on LatinoLA: June 29, 2016

Creating Home Wall Decor for the Spanish Speaker

Do you as a Latino and Spanish speaker ever feel like you are ignored or underrepresented? Do you ever feel like other cultures and their languages are looked at more positively and actually celebrated more than those of the Latin culture that speak Spanish.

With all the talk of immigration and walls and rounding up people and sending them back, there has been created, and has existed for a long time, a very negative connotation of Latinos and those that speak Spanish. In fact, we are a great group of people.

For me, and the many many Latinos that are a part of my social circle, we are very proud to call ourselves Latino. Some of us speak Spanish and some do not, but all in all, we are proud of our culture and the language of our ancestors – Spanish – a beautiful language many grew up hearing and speaking at home and still continue to speak today.

With this pride of my culture and language in mind and because I have felt underrepresented as a Latino in the stores when it comes to buying wall décor for my home, I have created a new business called Decorro Designs located in Los Angeles, CA.

Through Decorro Designs I create wall décor for all rooms in the home using the Spanish language. The designs I create are intended to make wall décor available that is not currently being sold for your home, in case you are looking for something with even just a hint of the Spanish language. It is intended to help you put something in your home that is familiar and brings back great memories and allows you to decorate with affordable wall art that you are proud to have in your home to share with family and friends.

I am on a mission, to bring pride of language and culture to homes across the country. I am on a mission to bring out the beauty of the Spanish language. I am on a mission to help Latinos feel represented when they look for wall décor for their homes. No longer will they have to settle for French or Italian to decorate their walls because they cannot find Spanish – that is unless they want French or Italian.

Visit our website to see what I offer you. This is just the beginning. There are many more designs to come. Follow us on Facebook and tell your friends about us. Tell them about our mission. We need your voice. I hope you like what you see.

About Susana Hernandez:
Susana Hernandez is the owner, creator, and designer for Decorro Designs. Susana resides in San Gabriel California with her husband and was born in the United States. She is a wife, mother of three and grandmother of eight.
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