A Beautiful Success!

Believe in yourself and you can do it

By Cindy
Published on LatinoLA: November 20, 2003

A Beautiful Success!

My story is about a girl living in Los Angeles, California. I've known her since she was born in the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. She began kindergarden in a school where she did not fit in because she did not speak a word of English. As she went on through elementary, her English beceme better and better. She always did excellent in school and even had lots of friends. When she went on to junior high she started hanging around with the "popular crowd" which was made up of pretty looking girls. Junior high for her was her best years of her life because she had all of the friends that she wanted and dated any guy that she wanted.

As she went on to high school she didn't have any friends except for four girls whose life was just to sleep with different guys and go out all the time. She didn't go out because she didn't have any boyfriend and by this time her looks had changed so no guys liked her anymore. That was until she met a guy named "Vidal" who at first she didn't like but after time they began to see each other more often. After a while had past they became boyfriend and girlfriend. She was 14 at the time. She began to be intimate with him and she stopped talking to all of her friends. Pretty soon it was only her and her beloved "Vidal". After months of almost every day of sexual intercourse with him, she became pregnant at 15.

At first she became confused. She told her parents that she was pregnant and she disappointed them really bad. But they never turned their backs on her. Her father was especially supportive after a week when she had gone for her first doctor visit. So was her mother and her only sister. She was still with her baby's dad but they did not live together because she promised her parents that she would not make the same mistake of having sex and disrespecting her family and values once more. Not to mention she never quit going to school. Since she found out she was pregnant, she still went to school every day. People pointed at her, especially teachers, even though she was not the first to get pregnant so young.

When she was going to start her junior year in high school she was seven months pregnant and she transfered to another high school which had a program especially for teen moms. She started going to that program and met lots of girls in her same situation. Her teacher there was excellent. She finally gave birth to her baby boy at 16. She was so happy. You could see it in her eyes. She began taking her baby to her school, to the daycare they provided while she was in the room next door doing all of her classes. She was doing really good in school, even better than before. For holidays the girls would make arts and crafts that would keep them motivated.

Finally her senior year in high school. This year she really wanted to start going out with friends to enjoy her senior year. But she never did. The girls there were just too much for her. She'd never been out before like to a night club or anything. She never had those kinds of chances, even before she got preagnant. As the months went by she began to get really into her school work. She ended up finishing all of her high school credits, one semester before everyone. She was the first graduate from the teen parent program for that year (2003). She didn't have to go to school anymore because she was done. Now she just had to wait for graduation day to walk with her class. In the free semester that she had she joined the local police department Explorers.

Towards graduation, she began earning alot of scholarships that her teacher and counselor had signed her up for. She got a scholarship from the internationally known YWCA Women of Achievement scholarships. And also received a recognition from the County of Los Angeles for her hard effort and motivation. She was just best all around. Graduation Day finally came and she graduated with her class. After that she began going to a community college to pursue a career in psychology and social work. She will transfer to a university pretty soon. She is very encouraged and special because she loves herself. She is one of a kind just like alot of other teen parents out there.

She knows how hard it is to be a parent at such a young age and how hard it is to give up everything for her son.

I know this girl really good because this girl is me .... Cinthia... I saw alot of girls in my teen parent program in and out of trouble, in and out of school, but yet I kept my self up. Alot of the girls made it and will make it with me. Others dropped out and I never heard of them again.

To all the girls with babies that are young that I encourage you not to give up...ever...You'll see the rewards thet come with even the slightest touch of effort.

Believe in youre selves and you can do it!!!!!!!

To my two year old son...Adrian. I love you !!

About Cindy:
Art: Detail from "Flor de Juventud" by Irene Carranza

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