The Legacy of Malverde

Paying hip hop homage to a Mexican legend

By Reyna Trevino
Published on LatinoLA: November 29, 2003

The Legacy of Malverde

It's not a secret that symbols of faith such as legendary folk tale heroes reflect the reality of today. Just when modern day society appears to have wiped out the richness of an originally strong foundation, a mere symbol can resurrect a once lost poetic significance.

In this case the prophetic Hip-Hop artist ?Malverde?, with his innovative style has managed to rescue that poetic significance in Mexican culture that had been seemingly tossed aside. An artist that with deep respect for his name and roots has almost miraculously appeared to pay homage to a legend named Jesus Malverde.

Malverde, the Mexican legend is said to have been a Robin Hood type who stole from the rich and gave to the poor at the turn of the last century. The artist, ?Malverde? with his rich lyrics and sound loaded with long forgotten expressions of another time is giving to a culturally needy audience a most precious gift. This production recorded entirely in Spanish has been appropriately named Mi Palabra, which loosely translates to My Word.

"The story of the legend of Malverde is one that is dear to my heart because although I was born in the United States, I was raised in a Mexican household where my grandfather would tell me these stories of famous legends like Heraclio Bernal and others. My name being Jesus, I used to love to hear about the Legend of Jesus Malverde," explains the artist. "There isn't any real proof that he existed but for me it's a testament of faith. My artistic inspiration comes from and is in honor of that legend that for me represents those magical things our generation has lost such as the old tales, the expressions and sayings my grandfather used to live by. He also represents, in a heartfelt way, my grandfather and the morals he instilled in me, respect, honor, tradition and culture."

The album includes twelve cuts in Spanish. "The title track, Mi Palabra, has a lot to do with the importance of the values my grandfather taught me," adds ?Malverde?, the artist. "The importance of keeping your word, and the consequences if you do otherwise. Another track entitled Mi Corrido (My Story or Legendary Tale) covers the ups and downs of life and its experiences. The track finds a closing on what could be my Corrido."

Jesus Malverde, the artist, was born in Coachella, California. He always had an itch to express himself and evolve. Growing up in a town mostly consisting of Mexican farm laborers, opportunities weren't the best. His salvation was his education and his poetry. "As I started to develop my style," adds ?Malverde?, "my initial themes were about street life. Now my lyrical focus is more universal, about life, action and consequence."

Today after many years of development, Malverde continues to rely on the guidance and eclectic production that Brett Bouldin, known for his work with Cypress Hill, brings to the table. So prepare yourself for the launching of an album that undoubtedly will make its historic mark, Spring 2004. The Legend continues?

More at http://www.malverde.com

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