Quetzal Launches New and Improved Website

A look into the band?s style, song lyrics and personal journey through music creation

By Yadhira De Leon
Published on LatinoLA: November 25, 2003

Quetzal Launches New and Improved Website

Chicano band Quetzal launches their new and improved website. Filled with important information about the band and tour dates, the website offers an in-depth look into the band?s style, song lyrics and personal journey through music creation.

Noting everything from their source of inspiration to the source of sustenance, the visitor is able to enter into the world of Quetzal. "Potato or Spinach tacos, frijoles de la olla, refried beans and rice burritos, lots of chile de molcajete, calabacitas, ...are you hungy yet?" asks Quetzal Flores, acoustic guitarist and band leader.

On another page, viewers can marvel at the inner-thoughts of lead singer Gabriel Gonzalez as he comes up with lyrics to Luna Sol ?I grab a piece of paper and begin to write.. men/women women/men ...like night and day, man/woman , woman/man.... like the moon and the sun. The sun during the day ....the moon at night ......with the stars ...with its stars ...its baby stars.... together but apart ... moon ...and sun co-exist ...harmony. Still together ...but apart .?

A Message Board can be found filled with positive comments from long-time fans to grateful new listeners as well as fellow musicians. ?It is truly inspiring to be part of such a creative movement happening in music in California,? says visitor ?James from raigambre?. ?New Fan? writes ?Thank you all for an extraordinary night of beautiful music. We hope you come back soon. You have new fans in Phoenix.?

All three Quetzal albums are also on-line with music clips of each on Real Audio. Also find descriptions of the traditional instruments used throughout their repertoire. Pictures of their concerts, tours, and recordings can be found under the ?Shows? link. Biographies and personal band e-mail addresses are also listed. Don?t miss the ?Store? link where you can purchase Quetzal t-shirts on-line.

Support your local LA bands. Support Quetzal! Visit http://www.quetzalmusic.org.

About Yadhira De Leon:
Yadhira De Leon is a long-time Quetzal fan.

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