The Latinidad List: Best Latino Books of 2016

Do your part to diversify the personal libraries of your loved ones by buying them books by Latino authors this holiday season

By Marcela Landres
Published on LatinoLA: December 18, 2016

The Latinidad List: Best Latino Books of 2016

More than ever, we need diverse books. Regardless of whoever presides in the White House, books by people of every color should be on bookstore shelves, both virtual and brick-and-mortar. Do your part to diversify the personal libraries of your loved ones by buying them books by Latino authors this holiday season. For gift ideas, look no further than the Latinidad list below, my picks for the best Latino books of the year. Better yet, shop online at the Latina-owned La Casa Azul Bookstore.

The Latinidad List

Debut - The Girls in My Town by Angela Morales
Bittersweet reminiscences that adroitly pivot from humor to horror, ranging from odes to dogs loved and lost to the wisdom gained from teaching an ex-convict.

Literary Novel - The Regional Office Is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales
Thoughtful page turner which depicts the inner life of superheroes in a world in which the only certainty is uncertainty.

Short Story Collection - The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria by Carlos Hernandez
Fantastical tales that marry science, nature, and philosophy like a literary, modern-day Twilight Zone.

Poetry - Landscape with Headless Mama by Jennifer Givhan
Each poem is an elegant, elegiac ghost story haunted by the memories of mothers and children, both born and unborn.

Memoir - Chaos Monkey by Antonio Garcia Martinez
Entertaining romp through Silicon Valley replete with razor-sharp observations.

Business - Brazillionaires by Alex Cuadros
Fascinating and frightening peek at the possible economic future of the U.S., as if told by a smart pal over stiff drinks at a bar.

Self-Help - Self Made by Nely Galan
An empowering call to action by an authentically self made woman.

Young Adult - Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky
Killer combination of a pitch perfect voice, whip smart intelligence, dark humor, and an unexpectedly unreliable narrator.

Chapter Book - Juana & Lucas by Juana Medina
A plucky girl shares the many people and things she loves (and a few she strongly dislikes) as she faces her greatest challenge--learning the English.

Children's Picture Book - Mama the Alien by Rene Colato Lainez
Fun and funny story about a serious topic.

Excerpted from Latinidad® © 2003 by Marcela Landres

About Marcela Landres:
Marcela Landres is the author of the e-book How Editors Think. She is an Editorial Consultant who specializes in helping Latinos get published and was formerly an editor at Simon & Schuster.
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