R.A.W is Dead

Commemorating 10 years of jungle

By Marisol Arteaga
Published on LatinoLA: November 25, 2003

R.A.W is Dead

One of the United States? most influential DJ?s, R.A.W. re-releases his most notorious mix R.A.W. is Dead on (((listen))). Originally a best-selling double mix tape, R.A.W. has re-mastered and re-mixed this epic CD that has influenced a generation of DJs and dance music aficionados. This re-release represents 10 years of R.A.W.?s successful DJ career and his influence in the US dance music world. Consisting of two CDs, R.A.W. is Dead and Who Wants to Battle?, no other classic jungle mix rivals this landmark release in breadth of influence and popularity.

R.A.W. has been a legend in the Los Angeles dance music scene for the last 15 years. Originally a hip-hop DJ and producer, his career has spanned the current history of dance music from electro to drum and bass. With over 30 vinyl releases, nine CD releases, and countless mix-tape sales, R.A.W. continues to be one of the most influential and sought after turntable technicians and producers.

To commemorate his reign over the US drum and bass legacy, this highly anticipated re-issue of R.A.W.?s legendary hardcore jungle mix is to be released on the LA mix label (((listen))). This release captures the intense energy and style R.A.W. has become known for around the globe and is a snapshot of the history of American dance music.

When you hear ?Who Wants to Battle R.A.W.?? you know he still challenges DJs out there to step up to the extraordinary expertise and confidence he exemplifies on the turntables.

R.A.W. represents the best of LA?s underground music scene and R.A.W. Is Dead marks a milestone in his long and influential career.

R.A.W. is Raoul Gonzalez.

(((listen))) to R.A.W. IS DEAD at

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