New Makeup Line Reina Rebelde Celebrates Today's Latinas

Created by former bankruptcy lawyer and inspired by the collective Latina experience, this color cosmetics line is available now

By Lissette Rodriguez
Published on LatinoLA: January 3, 2017

New Makeup Line Reina Rebelde Celebrates Today's Latinas

Latinas love for their culture, their passionate language and their detailed beauty routine has never been more prominent than now in the United States. That unique collective Latina experience is what inspired former bankruptcy lawyer and proud Mexican-American Regina Merson to spend the last three years developing Reina Rebelde ("Rebel Queen" in English), a new makeup brand that unapologetically allows Latinas to freely celebrate the duality of their lives with products that bring out the pride in their heritage, the fierceness of their spirit and the mysteriousness of their beauty, which is now available at ReinaRebelde.com.

"Reina Rebelde was born out of something I share with all Latinas -- a passion for makeup and extreme pride for my cultural identity. I'm driven by knowing that today's mujer can't be defined or placed in just one box," says Regina Merson, founder and CEO, Reina Rebelde. "A Reina Rebelde is blessed with many choices: she speaks English y algunas veces español. She loves being Latina and American. She equally celebrates the beauty of her Reina and the fierceness of her Rebelde. Reina Rebelde aims to honor Latinas' dualities at every moment in their exquisite lives."

Reina Rebelde launches with more than 20 high-performing, highly pigmented and versatile products that pay homage to Merson's home country, Mexico, and the delicate tenacity that Latinas embody. Additionally, Reina Rebelde knows the power of a Latina's circle of friends and developed the Makeup is Money Referral program, where anyone can become a Reina Rebelde Adelita to turn their passion for makeup and love for their friends into extra money. Here, Adelitas can create a custom link where their network receives 10% off all Reina Rebelde products and the owner/creator of the link earns 15% commission in cash.

For more information, to shop the Reina Rebelde products, or to become a Reina Rebelde Adelita with the Makeup is Money Referral program visit ReinaRebelde.com. Follow Reina Rebelde on social media at @ReinaRebelde at Instagram,Reina Rebelde Cosmetics at Facebook, and @RRebeldeBeauty at Twitter.

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