Rosie's Mission: All You Need is Ganas

First, Rosie Clue motivated her husband to get fit for his health. Now, she runs a growing fitness apparel business

By Jorge Clue, El Esposo
Published on LatinoLA: February 5, 2017

Rosie's Mission: All You Need is <i>Ganas</i>

I am writing you to tell you a story about a beautiful, intelligent small business owner, who happens to be my wife. The story starts about four years ago, when a tragedy took place. A General Manager at a sister store, had a heart attack and passed away. A General Manager for an Auto dealership is a very stressful, hour intensive job. I should know because I am a General Manager and have been one for over 10 years. Although this job keeps me and my family very financially secure, it does take me away from them, causes many fights and ultimately I know it is taking days off my life.

After my coworker's passing, my wife more or less freaked out and insisted I have a checkup. I told her it wasn't necessary, but she insisted. So we went to see our doctor and he said I was fine, Wrong…he said I was messed up. He said something like: Overweight, pre-diabetic, walking heart attack, high cholesterol and some other scary stuff. The part my wife heard was either "change your job, get in shape or prepare a will." Needless to say, my wife left very concerned, I felt I was fine, I didn't feel any different than I had for the past few years. But this meeting put my wife on a mission.

The following day, we went and met with 4 different private gyms. LA Fitness was a no go because we had been members for over 15 years and I never lost a pound, probably because I hardly ever went. Our last stop was with a guy named Sam, from The Camp. He had a small gym which offered a boot camp style workout.

I wasn't going to sign up until he told me he wouldn't take me as a client because I would not make it through one class. When I asked why, he said, "You are overweight, you won't make it through the whole class, your wife can sign up but you need to do a weight loss program before I sign you." This little muscle head didn't know who he was talking to. Speak to me, Jorge, Superstar GM, Superstar salesman, like this, especially in front of my wife? I wasn't having it. I insisted on signing up just to prove his little muscle head wrong. I found out later he spoke to me like this, just to sign me up, guess he was a better Superstar salesman than me.

So it began, my wife would get me up every morning at 4 AM. This was the only time I could go due to my work schedule. My wife would come with me to make sure I would go and to make sure I would listen to the little trainers barking out orders. So I went and went and went. I lost 67 lbs. to date. I now know it isn't normal to struggle to get out of bed. How it felt to last the whole day at Disneyland. But my wife wasn't done. She wanted me out of the car biz. I told her I would consider it if we could do something else where we made the same amount of $$$. Now $$$ is not the most important thing to us, but keeping our little ones happy and secure is.

So this put my wife on a mission to get me to leave my chosen profession. She made up her mind to start working again and try to retire me or get me to do something else. She was actually my boss a long time ago, but we decided to retire her when we started having babies. She wanted to do something related to fitness to keep us both still involved. We thought about opening a gym with our now close friend Sam, but decided to do something else. My wife has always been into fashion, especially Fitness fashion.

When we jumped into this lifestyle, I went to the nearest Big 5 and bought some shorts and t-shirts. My wife had to have the latest, most expensive, cutest stuff. We would go to multiple stores just to find one tank top she saw someone wearing at the gym. This is how and why Squats Fitness Apparel was born.

We started with hats, then bags, and then fitness tanks. We could not keep anything in stock. My wife would attend fitness expos, Fitness competitions, gym appreciation nights, anywhere she could sell and promote her stuff. Guess she was a "Superstar Salesmen," too. Our business Social Media sites went from a few hundred followers to now having over 100k followers. She then decided to open a Kiosk in a close-by mall. The kiosk is doing great; the only problem we have is we are constantly running out of merchandise. She enjoys her days there not only selling motivational Gear, but also giving fitness advise to anyone that asks. I enjoy seeing my wife do something she loves ... All of this to try to get me to leave my Job.

Fast forward close to two years, my wife's mission is almost complete. We have fitness vendors she was once in awe of, now asking us to sell their product. She is doing very well, hence this letter.

I understood, or at least I thought I understood, being a Black General Manager, that the business world isn't always fare with minorities. My wife never let any of these feelings interfere with her intentions. She has what she calls "Ganas", she says that is all she needs. She moved or destroyed everything that got in her way. I am very proud of her. She is no longer Rosie, "The GM's" wife. She is now "Rosie" Squats CEO. I am now affectionately called "the husband"

I am writing you to see if you would be kind enough to write an article about her and her mission. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. I feel like my life became real when she married me and now her mission to keep me healthy should be noted. Don't get me wrong, our marriage is far from perfect. We have had our share of issues, but this journey has not only brought us closer, but has made the whole family healthier.

She does not know this, but our projections show, at the rate we are going, I will be able to join her full time by Oct/Nov 2017. It's funny, but I feel like my wife made my life when she married me and she now extended it, by keeping me healthy. There is nothing I wouldn't do for her…

Thank you for your time,

Jorge Clue

Rosie Clue:

My Beautiful wife, mother of 6, grandmother, entrepreneur, business owner, and fitness bikini & figure competitor


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