Eternal Flame

Betos' Aviso Once

By Roberto Tijerina (Beto-Man from KUCR)
Published on LatinoLA: February 21, 2017

Eternal Flame

The Spirit contained within our bodies are eternal but the Spirit must be refined from a chunk of Jagged Coal: dirty, dusty, silty rock into a Diamond: shiny, brilliant, and magnificent crystal. Our Spirit must endure extreme pressure in order to refine itself into a shining diamond that reflects like the Sun the entire beauty of the Universe. We must think out of our Physical Earth Bound: restraints Heart), corporeal anchor (brain), sequential DNA (Alitzel) in which our mental capabilities transform into a bright boiling Sun under tremendous Pressure to fend off the darkness of the Evil Knight (Satan), the empty vacuum of space (death incarnate), and that inner temptation luring us into the vastness of a swallowing abyss (Black Hole).

It is our mind of stunning thundering flashing lightning bolts providing a bubble of life to its immediate Planets/Family, imagination of knowledgeable brilliance to nearby galaxies/communities, and light of God's eminence that life exists no matter how dark the night may ravage the Universe. We are the lite of eternal love that shall always shine through despite the evil that wishes to Trump our soul into the depths of oblivion but we shall never surrender the suspended Shiny Brilliant Knight which is our Shining Star, Illuminating Sun, & Emanuel Son of God.

Our inner Spirit is born old and only with pressure does our Spirit become young ever so Precious, beautiful, and stunning. Our Spiritual Essence at the moment of birth has access to the Universal Library of Knowledge that knows all, see's all, from that beginning of time to that end of time within all eternity, dimensions, and parallel realities. The Universal Library will educate our Spiritual Existence but the Spirit shall be sent out into the World to manifest physically learning the experiences as references of that knowledge learned which is the Crushing: depths, viscosity, density, & pressure of life. We have been granted a great gift of life from God on this physical rotating, spinning, racing, screaming Earth in which weather it is the good Anglo City Cop, El bad Hombre State Detective, & the ugly Gringo Federal Agent it has always been us that wield it with our hands shaping it into our reality of what we wish it to be making mistakes, blunders, and irascible damage that cannot be undone except through sacrifice, atonement, and redemption.

There are definitely circumstances (hatred of poverty), challenges (Prejudism of disabilities), cruelty (Racism by color), regulations (inequality/unfair Kangaroo courts) that we must all hurdle but that is the struggle of life within that learning curve wearing off our ruff "Chip on our Shoulder" into multiplicity curved shaped diamond without bloodening our soul with the bodies of the meek to plunder our physical existence with luxury.

Our Spirit is Christened with the blood of birth within a mission never to shed blood learning empathy, love, humanity, and we are all made responsible in how we treat each other because despite that they may not look like us we are Them and they are Us.

Humanity is still so young because it is like a White two year toddler with a new toy that has not yet learned to share with other Colored Children of God because these White kids found the new Roman Empire Toy: conquest, colonialism, & capitalism exemplifying the psychotic Machiavellian monkey see-&-monkey do paradigm in which their immature rationalized mentality the Europiean White Pedigree have been Chosen (Manifest Destiny) over all of God's children but I tell you-&-all that God is Watching all of us play in the Kindergarten sandbox that Jesus Christ shall rein in the Stallions-&-Chariots within that infamous day.

Roberto Tijerina-Cantu © 2/17/17, 3am

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