Betos' Aviso Doce

Spiritual Traveled Dead-Ends

By Roberto Tijerina-Cantu
Published on LatinoLA: April 11, 2017

Betos' Aviso Doce

On a Physical Plane, our Spiritual learning experience is for us to sharpen our instincts, become political savvy smarter, keep in shape our battle-hardened development, grow biblically wiser, each time we get burned. We believe that we are the ones getting burned but on the Spiritual Realm it is the Spiritual lesson that works in reverse to figure out if, as Spiritual elders we can show the young Spirits the path of love, non-violence, peace, and wisdom. This Spiritual task is unbeknownst to our physical brain and we believe that our enemies our enjoying the fruits of life while committing dastardly deeds which makes us envious in that erroneous perception that they are basically getting away with murder without consequence but we are restrained do to our Spiritual Essence that will not allow us to tread these previously Traveled Dead Ends.

Our enemies enjoy the fruits of life because they are of this world while we who are children of God are blessed through those Crucibles that make us into Spiritual Beings of immense learning. Our enemies get to enjoy because there is no God for them and they participate in that evil debauchery that chains them to this world in which as much as gravity restrains Humanity from leaving this Planet without real effort to harness energy, build ships, and mathematically exist in the vast Ocean of Space. As Spiritual Beings, we receive the wonders of the Universe in an ability to float, fly, speed ahead because we are not chained down to those premortal negative animal instincts of repetitive cycles that never evolve.

In other words, we are taking the physical predators, to school by allowing them to burn us. We are Spiritual Elders, fool me once, fool me twice, but we only allow it so many times and then we cut it off. I taught you what I could and now you must go off to other teachers until you learn not to take advantage of others. The Predator must realize its own mechanized robotic functions in an Epiphany that fills the mind with the Holy Spirit of God transforming, metamorphosis, evolving their soul into humanity.

The Predator will keep killing because the beast has never been shown any other way but only time will wear off that premortal negativity in which the Spiritual art form is to wash away the physical negativity of the flesh converting it to Spiritual Astro positivity (the diamond in the ruff).

Imagine an Omnipotent God who sits by a fire and the psychopath, killer, predator, encroaches up on God and then without warning pounces upon God killing him, devouring his flesh, and savoring his kill sits there to enjoy the moment. Then in a flash because we are dealing with God vast power it is God that resets it a thousand times over-&-over again for the predator to kill him until the animal realizes that there is no way out of this nightmare having an Epiphany that the Predator is dealing with something grander, miraculous, and frightening. In this moment, Consciousness is born and the long road to heaven is paved with gold but not until one stops taking advantage, killing, and thinking of only their Dark Seeded Desires for God surrendered his own life as the Sacrificial Lamb to provide Humanity Illumination.

A Predator without Consciousness has no scruples about sleeping around only for the sexual gratification without regard to someone's feelings of love, infectious disease, and despite everything they have ever worked to accomplish. The Predator only wants to devour the meat of satisfaction, prize, trophy, without consequences because it is only about their Dark Seeded Desires in which God does not exist. The Toggle Switch of God has not been turned on in the Predators brain in which the Predator is only a machine of death working out the Evolutional scale of Natural Selection within their own physical manifestation despite the fact that man has left the jungle but the Spirit of the beast is brought to the city where it can evolve into Humanity.

The Spiritual person walks in life avoiding drinking the murky waters in which they pass up purposeful violence, immoral vices, and sexual depravity. All Spiritual creatures have a learning curve but we seem always in the end to gravitate to our True North. As Warriors, we choose to take a path Spiritually knowing our passed traveled dead ends and instinctively avoiding the temptations luring us straight to hell.

The Abyss of Hell resides within our own made purgatory place suspended in animation of our mental conceptualities to repeat the past Post Traumatic Stress Disorder over-&-over again until we wash away the agony, pain, & murmured suffering with tears of rebirth. The resurrection of our minds as Spiritual wonders is to Spiritually forgive all betrayals but to never physically forget because time wears on us to erase the crispy White abuses to once again repeat the vicious cycles that keep us shackled within our minds encapsulating our soul to our own made Hell Bound Prism: dark dungeon (underneath/subconscious), internalized/external State prison (Tortured/consciousness), and Ivory tower (Atheist/intellectual subterfuge) of forget me not.

Nobody wants to be forgotten and the screams can be heard from the echoing chambers of our atoms. Our Antepasados call out from the past to remember them as much as we ask in the present for gente to accept us for who we are with all our frailties, quarks, and disabilities. As Spiritual beings in the middle of our night we can hear our Antepasados screams, agony, and pain never realizing why we cry in the dark thinking instead that there must be something wrong with us.

We believe in Doctors relaying to them of our sleepless nites but these medical heretics only say that we are anxious, depressed, anxiety, driven, drained but those sold-out doctors will never cure our ills but only heal the problem with a superficial coat of "Forget me Not" pills pushed by the Pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceuticals demand to numb our minds with those "Forget me Not" pills in order to shuffle the Spiritual around like cattle led to the slaughter. The blinding of our Spiritual Third Eye cuts us off from hearing the echoes of the past, our present medicine bundle, and futures healing feathers for those generations yet to be born.

There is nothing wrong with feeling cheated from the depravity of physical life but the Spiritual must always ask the question if that path would have been good for me while looking back with hindsight was it truly an ambush of temptation. The Spiritual must be honing the positive of discipline, balance, determination with will in order to shape the world according to the manifestation of our own magical hands to transform this world into something better while knowing that the evil projectiles will be launched on a regular interval to pinpoint our destruction. The Crucible is to walk through the ring of Fire without getting "Burned To The 3rd Degree" with the ravishes of bitterness, hatred, and revenge which is gifted to sharpen our Obsidian weapon of the mind.

The Spiritual person commits to one person giving away their heart but that act is nullified if the loved one turns around and gives our heart to someone else without protecting their own home to allow a wolf to devour everything rightfully earned. If one's life has not turned out quite as we wanted it to it is because life never turns out like our plans, schemes, and fantasies. We think that our enemies our thriving but that is also an illusion because their lives are so full of smoke-&-mirrors created by their own wickedness that they do not even know where that Edge of Reality resides and fiction begins.

Let us take for instance as a prime example Mr. Martinez whose story everybody loves because it is that Barrio poor boy, went to college, married an educated Chicana, healthy children, became a lawyer, and then a Judge. What people do not see is that his childhood was filled with molestation, carries around that demon (post Traumatic Stress Disorder), must sexually dominate to prove his manhood in order to disguise his own childhood molestation, his own children dislike him, his wife divorced him due to thirty years of cheating, which means that he is not a stable person, he cannot hold a relationship without lying, lack of confidence, inflicted with a debilitating disease most likely due to his own guilt, and being a Judge is not glamourous because the vial things men do to each other are all displayed in court. We seem to forget that the title of being a Judge is what is glamourous because of the prestige, money, and networks but the humdrum job stinks. We seem to see only the Star Struck Pixy dust and never the stained underwear that the wife must wash away with only her tears.

One needs to determine what they are in life in which they are a worker, foot soldier, organizer, & leader or what combination of those four traits do they showcase. What is your talent and as long as one is where they are not definite, insecure, and striving for something that one is not then one will always be off balance. What one thinks one is and what they are is two different realities.

The major problem is that sexual depravity has entrenched the Dark Seeded Desires of evil within our brain and those weeds choke off our Spirituality. When a Seventy-year-old man cannot restrain those Dark Seeded Desires to embark sexual relations with a twenty-year-old woman then that is because they have never matured and their Five Toes of Arrogance has run amuck. We must cleanse our minds by seeking Wisdom which is the idea to seek the Lord without the distractions of material wealth, self-indulgence of the flesh, and scapegoating of the other.

One can go to Church but it is a repetitive act of spinning an exercise bike pedaling forever and do not misinterpret my words because Church is good for the soul. Any Church is headed to Nowheresville because Religion is like our Educational system where each Church is a different grade level and that is why most often our Raza move from church trying to find the next appropriate level of learning in which the miraculous transformation is only the beginning of a Spiritual Road.

The act is to Search the four corners of religion, turning over every stone of scripture, and using a microscope to magnify the Micro into the Macro Cosmic Universe. The Spiritual must go on a Pilgrimage to ancient sites not to worship but to appreciate our history, culture, language, Antepasados, & Intellectual Spirituality because it becomes our jobs to wash away our Antepasados screams in a reaffirmation that we are the descendants of a great past yet to be explored never forgetting, always thriving, and endlessly evolving.

The Christian narrative claiming that everything in the Holy Bible is unique and any variations of every major religion is a fake because the Devil manipulated all Societies due to the fact that Satin can see into the future knowing that Jesus Christ would be born implanting similar creation stories to fool all mankind is an excuse not to search for God when in fact the Christians went around the world accumulating, incorporating, and passing off Saints as their own. Tijerina truly believes there is only one God but to excuse every creation story as fake is to Barry our heads in the sand in mankind search for God. Somewhere in the middle of balance is truth in which mankind cannot deny the existence of God because it is exponentially, mathematically, and scientifically impossible even if they try to say it is not so.

The greatest misunderstanding has been the Christian Prejudism inflaming different conceptualities of God as heathen, multiple gods, and non-violent peaceful religions as unworthy because they used the Roman Empire Conquest Map of approval is a crime to humanity. No one could have ever understood the American Indigenous concepts of naming energies, respecting those energies of life-&-death, and mapping out those energies in its magnificent wonder of infinity. Instead the White Man saw multiple god praising deciding to burn Humanities Spiritual Accumulated Knowledge to a crispy Brown setting the world back Fifty millenniums.

The only thing that can really ground us to our Culture is our Indigenous American Continent ancestry providing direction, clarity, focus, determination, and Spirituality. The Pilgrimage is an anchor to our museums, temples, and Festivals that might inspire, spark an Epiphany, and forever ground our being too Blind Faith.

The Spiritual are in charge of always doing the things the right way, a favor in making a phone call is not an obligation but our responsibility as representatives, fend off Nepotism by encouraging family members to get their higher education, no underhanded movidas, and treat our gente with respect. Anyone who comes for help despite their color, nationality, and race provide a lending hand with some direction pointing them to the right channels but for God's sake do not take advantage of them choosing them as a "Target of Opportunity" because they are grateful. Leave it up to those channels to take care of them but follow through by consistently checking to see if their concerns were addressed.

Beto-Man did what I could, Roberto made the phone calls, do not be upset with Robert, and if those channels told you no then that is not Tijerina's fault. We have to follow procedure, whether you like it or not, because that is the way it is within the law. The Spiritual cannot be held responsible and must wash away the hands clean of any wrong doing just like the Roman Pontius Pilot who turned over Jesus Christ to those daze jealous heretics.

If those who have reached out are rewarded from the Spirituals efforts, they will bless, provide thanks, and will be beholding to kindness. If they get nothing, then it is not Tijerina's fault but never ignore a plea for help because only our effort can lift our brother up to the unbound skies or tumbling them to the depths of hell. The Spiritual is my Brother's Keeper but not their physical keeper.

The Spiritual do not enjoy playing games and would rather pass up all the window dressing because of a deep seeded belief that one must be who they are in which our Raza need to accept others for their Spiritual Essence. This is the Spiritual definition to be as pure as one can without the lies, games, and subterfuge. Unfortunately, the Spiritual lose because the world is based upon those evil traits that are applauded, revered, and exulted in that dispossessing from the stranger/gente, foreigner/Raza, alien/Pueblo to provide for their own.

Humanity is but a loosely fabricated word in which the humble, meek, infirm, disabled, get stomped by the hoofs of invading forces that care about nothing except themselves without regard to any rights, justice, and entitlement to life. The Spiritual lose because they refuse to play in the Roman Coliseum Death Defying Games. The well-intended lose because of that refusal to shed innocent blood with, threw, by the hands of God because the Spiritual are those representatives of God.

The Spiritual only fight to defend the other, take a humble stance, and the Crusade of Righteousness in front of the Lord but we lose nothing in this world because it was never ours to begin with once we lost it to physical sin, Spiritual abominations, and Satins gambling hands. The Spiritual Lose in that inevitable decision to lose from that day we were born because the golden rule teaches, he who is less of you shall be more than you upon the other side of the vail.

If the Spiritual minded are bound to lose the physical battles upon the world and mind you not all battles then it is to fortify our souls upon this Physical Plane to continuously figure out how to win, create innovative strategies, and exercising our muscles to win the Spiritual War. The Spiritual get caught up in the day-to-day struggles that they sometimes forget that the Spiritual War rages on within the Spiritual Realm and when that time comes the Spiritual shall be ready because those of this world never went to war head-on, were lazy sending their minions, and so entrenched in their debauchery that they became fat, old, and feeble. The Spiritual works in reverse because the mathematical equation of material wealth will never add up to the Spiritual wealth of knowledge that can cheaply make gold paved streets out of thin air.

Roberto Tijerina-Cantu © 4/7/17, 5:26am

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