The Art Life of Gladis Alejandre

My art is a celebration of life, a way to light the candle of self-empowerment and motivate the viewers to see their own light

By Gladis Alejandre
Published on LatinoLA: May 3, 2017

The Art Life of Gladis Alejandre

"Never give up, never give in, and never stop giving." This is the motto that I've embraced and that has shaped my discipline of art.

My art is a reflection of life in the community I live in. I am interested in the idea of representing optimism. I attempt to capture a moment in time in distinct ways. The primary subjects of my paintings are women. Growing up by a single mother has allowed me to see how important a women figure plays in my art. I explore a range of everyday life, iconic portrait, day of the dead figures, catrinas, Mexican orientated caras and abstract ideas. I crop and distort some images to engage the viewer to question the subject matter of the pieces and some pieces are easily recognizable to create a sense of connection drawn by the viewer. My vision incorporates cultura, mujer and contradictions.

In describing my artistic vision, themes and concepts, the imaginative blend of vibrant colors possess a magnetic hold on the viewer. I create a matrix of colors, with the context of specific themes of particular work. My art draws the viewer into the details and vibrancy of a shifting pattern of yellows, reds, magentas, blues and green which are often situated in a thematic that is entrancing, from both distance and a close view. With this palette, my work is an exploration that establishes a combination of swirls, light, shimmer and blend of blurs and whispers.

By day, I am an Educator, by night I am an Artist. This has interconnected and has allowed me to use my art as a vehicle to seek out and address awareness. The idea of cross-pollination between discipline; one informs the other and opens dialogue and discourse that helps understand our culture and its importance. The combination of art and education has unfounded a new direction in my art.

Working in the education environment allows me to teach our young generation to recognize important factors that play a major role in their lives. My art is a celebration of life, a way to lighting the candle of self-empowerment and motivate the viewers to see their own light.

About Gladis Alejandre:
Gladis Alejandre was born in Los Angeles, California. Her passion toward art started in her childhood. Gladis received her B.A. of Fine Arts from UCSB and Masters degree from APU. Since then, she works as a Freelance Artist and Educator.
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