Betos' Aviso Catorce

Radio Del Barrio

By Roberto Tijerina
Published on LatinoLA: May 19, 2017

Betos' Aviso Catorce

Betos' Aviso Catorce: Radio Del Barrio

Tijerina always wanted to do Radio since Robert was a little Chavalito listening to Express Radio out of Los Angeles, Califas. The airwaves of Express was playing a Fifties Rock N' Roll weekend and I fell in love with the music, what the disc jockey was able to do, and I learned if one calls they could request a song, find out about the song, and the artist.

Many years later, when Tijerina arrived to UC Riverside, Robert heard that one could volunteer on Radio Aztlan, KUCR 88.3fm "El Radio Del Barrio" and reached out to Darren de Leon (Aztec Parrot) in which Beto-Man invoked his right to Community Volunteerism: gave up his Friday's party scene for Radio Friday Nites, payed his dues by sitting in to learn the trade, gathering Station Identifications all over campus, announcing the News-&-Que Pasa Raza (Local events), and eventually receiving a show through an opening of the midnight hour till 2am that the previous White Disc Jockeys graduated leaving the opportunity to broadcast until dawn.

El Beto-Man has been on the Airwaves of Aztlan celebrating twenty-five years of broadcasting and loving every minute of it. Tijerina communicates with Mi Gente by being honest and wearing my heart on my sleeve. What you see is what you get and Beto is very practicable, pragmatic, and reasonable as long as one agrees by not arguing but debating our perspective, perception, & vantage point of the Chicano Experience. Tijerina weaves stories by explaining Chicano Studies: educational challenges, police harassment, and Racism in Betos' Aviso.

One has to exercise their right within an obligation of identity to represent a community because many are lost in that wilderness of Populism. It is the duty of Identity that forges the making of our gente, shapes our Raza, and grounds the Pueblo but if Chicanos lose ourselves in the Multi of Multiculturalism then we end up losing our Culture by denying that Indigenous Circle of a fifty thousand year history, unique cultural manifestation, non-gender term of Chicano representing all Indigenous people, leaving our Brown Aztec Face without a name, a gender, and invisible with some symbol on a basement door that no one will ever remember what the hell the symbol meant because it never had no history.

Multiculturalism is a great beautiful thing because we learn from various different Cultures within the United States but if one does not intimately pledge their commitment to know their own Culture then a Chicano does not know who they are, an American of Mexican descent does not understand their Ancestry, someone from Central America does not comprehend the Spanish Conquest/Amerikkkan Imperialism, a Brown looking Indigenous person does not conceptualize what they want, and that Chicano never can realize where they are going without a goal do to that Cultural Blindness of two worlds.

If one recognizes their right of Identity then within the Industry of Media Communication one can deliver a Cultural obligation in a precise, focused, positive, forceful, enlightened, and knowledgeable message sounding the Reverie Bugle cry to organize. Many times, our gente must take a long journey to find themselves which is so sad, too bad, because what one is looking for is right in front of one's Aztec Face.

Tijerina listened to many different music, artists, and genres growing up in which a five-year span (eighteen-twenty-three years old) was dedicated in listening to Bob Marley who made the Reggae genre famous. Robert loved Bob Marley because Marley's' songs were actually based on the Holy Bible, positive vibrations, and let's make love not war message. Our Raza get lost in the Reggae hype of Marijuana, sporting T-Shirts with a Bud Leaf on them, start dreading their hair, throw on the Jamaica Flag Colors, take on the language/lingo of Jah (Jehovah), marry a Jamaican woman, and leave to live on the Island which fulfills some kind of fantasy.

The word Mexican has been made into a dirty word within the United States because Mexicans are feared within the Anglo Bipolerism guilty conscious of stealing the Southwest/Aztlan, Gabacho Psychosis by making Mexicans Laborers (Nannies/Gardeners) of their own home, and Gringo Schizophrenia to just get rid of Mexicans by any means necessary in utter-&-complete panic. The White Pathology views anyone who speaks Spanish as a Mex-Eek-Can despite of where they were born, where they come from, citizen or not because the Chicano is a culmination of Three Enemies: Indigenous Continent (Aztecs), Spain (Conquistadors), and Mexico (General de Santana).

The Chicano Experience are all summed up in what is the majority of Mexicans within the United States as Chicano Studies and the defamation of Mexicans has been ongoing for two hundred and fifty years.

The problem is that if one does not know, is made to feel ashamed, and is trying to runaway/hide from their own Identity they get lost in another culture. There is nothing wrong with understanding other cultures but what grounds us from being electrified, Burned To The 3rd Degree, and lost from our own Antepasados is our comprehension that we have a beautiful Culture of our own that we need to embrace. One does not just need to have identity but reaffirm that identity by sticking to our guns (Defiant Nationalistic Political Stance) in that Community Volunteerism based in an Altruism representation of our Pueblo in that Industry of Media Communication.

We get quickly caught up with the Anglo rhetoric that we must represent everyone which is true for us Mex-Eek-Cans but never holds truth, water, and substance for the Gabacho. The Anglo always states that they represent everyone but the facts indicate that they take care of their Gabacho communities by allowing all the industry to be placed in the Barrio Community. The Gabacho quickly takes our vote for City Council but then turns around and votes to put a freeway right through the Barrio community to grease their own pockets. The Gringo votes down a park for the Barrio Community but quickly approves a Police station to patrol, harass, and lock up our gente in the Barrio.

Actions speak louder than words and we accept it after the fact without running these Yankees out of town by voting these White Representatives out. Why can a Chicano not vote for the interests of the Chicano community if that is why we voted them into office. The Chicano has always played fair but the Anglo has always played Backstabbing Crooked Politics and as gente we still have not learned the Gringos lesson.

A Chicano will represent everyone in the community, district, region but the Raza that need the most support is the disenfranchised. The problem with the Brown Nose Hispanic Representatives is that they play the Gabacho Political game and they get caught up with the same Stupefied Mentality: womanizing/sexual misconduct, substance abuse, bribes, and representing no one in that process.

Tijerina Cultural responsibility will never apologize for working, representing, and advocating El Pueblo but Tijerina will never turn down anyone, of any color, finding refuge in my quarters because the Chicano Catch Phrase: "Todo Por Mi Raza, Fuera De La Raza, Nada!" means that Mi Gente Es Primero while never excluding those who have always defended La Raza.

Tijerinas' major was Business Administration at UC Riverside because Robert always wanted to own a business and work without the White Man barking orders. When Tijerina took the Business Administration course's, the professors would talk about the underpinning ideal of Capitalism as if they were a great Objective: ravage the land, pay slave labor, and poison the water. On the left hand these Caucasian Christian Capitalist were doing great things for Third World countries by building Factories/Maquiladoras that provided jobs while on the right hand avoiding minimum wages, paying taxes, and dodging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) within the United States.

The White Superman would come in to save the day by contributing to the community a piece of Americana with some kind of Sport: baseball, football, and soccer field. Tijerina had already been in MEChA, read Chicano Studies books, watched the Chicano documentaries, marched under a one-hundred-degree temperature for Chicano rights, served as security for the Brown Berets de Aztlan, and recognized the lies imbedded in half truths.

Tijerina knew that the Maquiladoras on the left hand bring jobs, food, recreation but on the right hand deposit poison in the ground for future Children to die, pay workers pennies for slave labor, and are never provided a piece of what they produce as a complementary gracious. Which on the left hand is like a Sodapop that contains a lot of surface Candy/Sugar to kill your pancreas ravaging your body with Diabetes while on the right hand no nutritional value to sustain future generations.

The Mean-Spirited Agenda of the Republican conservative party is to deregulate protections by the Government for the people, by the people in order to put the Public Arena into private owned companies like the Barrio of Chavez Ravine which was handed over to the owner of Dodger Stadium but Dodger Stadium does nothing for free. It was 2.0 Republican President Ronald "Clown" Reagan deregulated the Fairness doctrine putting the Mom-&-Pop Minority owned Radio Stations to be sold to the highest bidder and the Mom-&-Pop Radio Stations without regard to the community that they were serving sold it right under the feet of the poor in order for the Mom-&-Pop to make their own One Million Dollar Empire walking away from a Grueling Business.

The rise of the 2.2 Conservative Talk Show Opinionated News Pundits Monopolized Radio Stations worked twenty four hours a day & seven days a week warfare campaign eroding the sentiments in the past thirty years for compassion, sympathy, & empathy of the homeless, mentally disturbed, chronically ill, immigrants, minorities, and everything else under the White Golden Sun of Racism.

All media is biased dependent upon the Anchor: personal experience, professional networks, educational training, and minority "People of Color" exposure but it is weather that bias is tolerable to stomach without gagging, vomiting, and gasping for air/I KKKan't breathe which can never be Fox Unfair/Blond-&-Unbalanced Racism News. A White man who has never been into the Barrio except for a gang bust, drive-by shooting, riot, and Drinco de Cinco Stereotyping all Mexicans as Alcoholics can report un-biased is a farce. One must decipher the truth from many different sources to receive the Panoramic Picture of reality.

The Media serves the Public only a little chunk of a full story because they only speak in the present tense without ever explaining the history that lead up to this critical juncture, horrific crime, and unforeseeable dilemma. The Corporations own the Media to control the flow of information leaving out the fundamental truths of what is plaguing the Minority communities. In order to understand where we are at in the present tense then we must dive into the depths of the past because the Corporate Media will never reveal the entire truth slurring/spinning the news to benefit the dominant White Race.

The 2.6 Fox News is Opinion news in which they sugar sprinkle a little news and swirl that venomous White Milk of opinion to spin the White Cereal bowl of truth Featuring: Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly, & Newt Gingrich. News then becomes the 2.5 Alternative Facts: fuzzy math (George Bush Junior, strategic Ambiguity (Newt Gingrich), and misinterpreted pulled numbers (Pat Buchanan). One cannot have two facts because there is only one truth which is that the environment is being polluted, the environment is dying, extinction of species, polar ice is melting at alarming rates, and beaches are going under water.

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) dedicates it programing during the day to educating Children by using Muppets to teach the ABC's, numbers, math, and Morals-&-Ethics through that exposure. The Republican Governor Mitt Romney wanted to kill Big Bird by literally taking the Government funding for such programs and 2.7 Presidente Trumpa is following that Dream to eliminate the truth. Republicans view PBS as the Liberal arm of media because it truly is not the Muppets that they want to Hang from their neck until they are dead but the documentaries like NOVA which inform the Public of the current environmental holocaust.

The Spin Artform by Republicans has been refined into this 2.1 Terminology Reversal: play with words, twist words, turn around words, and reverse words such as Reverse Racism which does not exist no matter how hard Dorthey clicks her heals to get back to White Confederate held Kansas.

Everyone has biases meaning that we like this more than that and one can be any color under the Rainbow to showcase those sentiments. The word Hate can go from zero to ten dependent upon the biases like I can Hate the way you dress versus I hate you with a desire to kill. In the case of Bias, we need to go back to the past to understand why some people are more inclined than others to hate but anyone can hate for Hate's Sake.

Hate is a form of Prejudism but one needs power/wealth in order to affect someone's life and the poor do not have power. The entitlement of a Corporation as an Entity provides power to that Entity to take advantage of the poor who cannot defend themselves without a lawyer. The White Entity is operated, directed, and encouraged by the Anglo CEO, Gabacho Board of Directors, and Gringo Stockholders whose greed overpowers their common sense to abide by Morals-&-Ethics to do the right thing falling back on their biases to dictate their judgement.

The Corporate media wants to Control-&-Monopolize the message, that the general public hears. They want to dumb down society because they do not need smart individuals figuring out what they are putting into foods, drinks, and snacks. They do not want individuals thinking for themselves because products need to be sold on impulse not critical thinking. By this Sodapop for two dollars each or dumb it down to two soda pops for four dollars like if it is a real deal, bargain breaker, and amazing steal.


Republican Conservative Civil War "Race" to Armageddon:

2.0 Republican President Ronald "Clown" Reagan deregulated the Fairness doctrine

2.1 Terminology Reversal: play with words, twist words, turn around words, & reverse words

2.2 Conservative Talk Show Opinion News Pundits eroding compassion, sympathy, & empathy

2.3 Us/White folks vs. Them/Minorities Xenophobic Mongering/Racial Fears (La Raza Reconquista Phantom Army)

2.4 Goldilocks Homegrown Terrorist White Militia Nazi Party Agenda

2.5 Alternative Facts: fuzzy math, strategic Ambiguity, & misinterpreted pulled numbers

2.6 Fox News: 90% Rat Poison Opinion & 10% sugar sprinkled News

2.7 Presidente Trumpa killed Minority "Yellow" Colored Big Bird/Illegal Alien Airback

2.8 Hotel Satan: Air conditioning private suite in crispy Hell Pavilion

Conservative Talk Show Radio is driving a 2.4 Goldilocks Homegrown Terrorist White Militia Nazi Party Agenda to fundamentally create a Civil Race War and it is not a curious, funny, good luck, coincidence, & serendipity moment that the Catch Phrase:
2.3 Us/White folks versus Them/Minorities Xenophobic Mongering: racial fears (La Raza Reconquista Phantom Army) is dividing the country to make that Slogan: White Amerikkka Great Again.

The majority of the time Conservative Talk Show Pundits are Racist because most of these Good Old Boys are White and if there is an Asian, Black, and Hispanic "Amerikkkan" it is because they think with a White Mentality: learning perfect diction, listening to Classical Opera, marrying White, and emulating greed. These Minorities may have the Color of the Rainbow spectrum on the outside but Chicanos call them Coconuts: Brown on the outside and White on the inside in which they have become Assimilated Automatons: Collaborators/Tokens, Sellouts/Vendidos, Uncle Tomes/Tio Tacos.

These Pendejos believe in the Bootstrap Theory fairy tale that if one only works hard then they will make it which is untrue because it is okay if one can afford a boot but what if one is so poor that they cannot afford any boots and my case-&-point is Slavery. Our Mexican parents come from struggle in which are parents are working three jobs and one is just supposed to succeed in that unreachable American Dream but are living the Amerikkkan Nightmare.

Many times, in my Betos' Aviso dialog I take the long way around to explain something because most of our listeners only have an Eighth grade education and if our Terminology is to sophisticated then they will not understand, comprehend, and conceptualize the message that we are trying to get across. We need to purposefully Kiss our way through the dialog which means "Keep It Simple Stupid." Tijerina learned when Robert was attending College of the Desert in Palm Desert, Califas that I started incorporating more sophisticated terminology/vocabulary due to the courses that I was taking but when Tijerina tried to explain something to my Homeboys they did not understand that vocabulary which taught Robert the most important lesson of them all that states do not assume anything.

First keep it Simple. Second do not assume anything. Third break everything down and it's okay to use a Vocabulary word but define it in the process of any dialog.

One needs to find their Cadence Rhythm and there are two different methods. First is the Shoot from your Hip which means to talk by improv, speak truth to power, and be honest. Second is the Catch Phrase Memorization which means to write down things and then repeat them in order to sound smooth.

In the Shoot from your Hip Method it is like "Hands-On-Training" which is to work the Practice until it is correct working out that smooth sound. In the Catch Phrase Memorization Method, it is like sitting at a table and just memorizing a line to sound smooth which in Tijerinas opinion is dishonest because one is cheating the Artwork of Practice. I must sound the alarm about the method of Catch Phrase Memorization because the Holy Bible states that one should allow the Holy Ghost to speak through one's voice and if one memorizes everything then they are grasping on to their own Five Toes of Arrogance: Brother Ego, Sobrino Pride, Vanity Sister, Jealousy Suegra, & Daddy's Patriarch Power.

When speaking to the masses of our gente we must find an Instrumental background beat that sounds smooth without any solos in order to match up with our own Cadence Rhythm because an Instrumental background beat hypnotizes Raza to letdown there "Force Field" in order to truly Listen. The Instrumental Background Beat must be two decimals lower than the Disc Jockeys voice because the Instrumental must not overpower the Voice, the instrumental must hypnotize the listener, and the instrumental must be catchy like the Song: Solamente Una Vez." The Cadence Rhythm comes in our delivery of speech which only comes through the Artwork of Practice and will take time to develop a Persona: charm, personality, and wit.

When one develops a show, they need to think twice about the name of the show, the angle/approach, educational segment, and the delivery of the music. In consideration to our Cadence Rhythm one needs to know if they sound monotone and we need to breakout of this boring, tune out, ignore voice bye getting mad, letting lose our passion, and whispering to a pin drop silence. As a Disc Jockey/Orator one needs to make that Tonality vibrate through the body to absorb the energy of passion.

When developing a show does one want to lock themselves within one Genre or various genres. The Beto-Man locked away his Cruisin Thru Midnite Oldies show with one Genre but had options by diving into Subcategories: Chicano Vocalist, East Los Angeles Musica, Mexican Oldies En Español, Female Harmonies, Motown, Top of the Stax, Rock N' Roll, Doo-Wop Groups, Rare Hard to Find Unknown Garage Bands, and Aztlan Oldies (East Side Story Collection). As the Radio Aztlan Program Coordinator it was Tijerinas duty to substitute for other Disc Jockeys which allowed Robert to expand my Genre Horizons.

First I grew up with the Norteño Genre because my Parents were from Texas and Tijerina is related to the accordionist Guadalupe Tijerina of Los Cadetes de Linares (RIP). Second the Tejano (Tex-Mex Boarder music) Genre is only a hop-&-skip away from Norteño music because Norteño music is mainly in the Spanish Language whereas Tejano is mainly bilingual. Third the Mariachi Genre was easy for me because I grew up watching the Mexican Classic Cinema with actors/vocalist Stars as Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, and Javier Solis.

Fourth the Chicano Movimiento Genre (Protest/struggle music) came easy to me because I experienced discrimination firsthand, really listen to the lyrics of music, and always had this beaconing Pentimento: question in my soul of where was my gente, why was my Raza economically disadvantaged, and why is my Pueblo uneducated without Political power.

Fifth the Brown Eyed Soul Genre (R&B Contemporary music) was easy to learn because they are our local bands and those who have made the strides within the past like Edwardo "Lalo" Guerrero, Linda Ronstadt, and Los Lobos.

Sixth the Transmitting from Occupied Aztlan Genre (Chicano Hip-hop/Rap music) carried a positive theme that highlighted oppression, manipulation, & discrimination but in time the themes changed to Street Thug: misogyny, violence, sex, drugs, and death which I will play the former but never the latter.

Seventh the Aztlan Oldies Genre (East Side Story Collection) was music that I was introduced by my older brothers, reinforced by Armando "Mando" Martinez that sold vinyl records at the local Swap meet, and cemented as a young lad listening to Express Radio which in my young eyes was "El Radio del Barrio."

One does not need to know every Genre intimately but does need to know the fundamental groups within each Genres. One can get away with knowing the Headliners while not knowing the Sideliners (local/regional Bands) but the fans will educate the Disc Jockey upon those missing gaps of knowledge.

The musical delivery must match up with each other as in ambiance within a standard set of three which means that we should never play three different genres right after each other. The musical delivery is usually done in sets because the Segway must be smooth from a set of very slow songs to a set of fast pace songs with talking in-between to set up the next set. Beto-Man is not saying that this miss match does not occur but it never truly sounds correct.

We have to ask ourselves what it is that we can offer our gente that no one else is offering. The music is great, La Raza will pay attention to the smooth sounds, some Chicanos will learn the lyrics within the songs, and others will sigh saying what an oddity of tunes. If our Pueblo do not know the music then they are not going to listen.

El Beto-Man played the rarest of the rarest oldies and a Chicana exclaimed, "it's rare because it's boring." Our gente in general want to hear what is known and not what is rare. There are a few who dive into the rare because they are looking for that next jewel, pearl, and treasure that is unique but that is not the average Joe Blow F. Coco- Mow.

The music is good entertainment but how will we solidify our commitment to feed the masses of our Raza. In Betos' Aviso I am feeding the masses of our Pueblo through education by informing them about their own Cultura: foods, terminology, indigenous background, Chicano philosophy, economic disadvantage, political circumstance, and Intellectual Spirituality. When we weave to create a show, the community activism goal is to be relevant to issues that affect the Barrio.

One should never name a show some obscure, odd, and unpronounceable name because our gente is not going to be interested in looking it up and if you have to keep repeating the definition that is not culturally based then no one will give a dam. How we name our show must be catchy and pull our Raza into the program to listen.

In the Vinyl Record collection business one hundred percent of something is nothing if we do not share it. We can hoard music in our closet locked away through various different Alarm Methods: external perimeter Doberman guard dog, electronic alarm system, heavy duty steal doors, internal fourteen Chihuahua razor sharp attack dogs, internal Alarm red sensors, and a final dead bolt on our closet but if the place burns down then we are left with one hundred percent of nothing because we were fundamentally selfish. The majority of our Pueblo just want to hear the music and it is only those Rare Collectors that want the physical Album in their hands.

The value is not in the music but in the physical rarity of the album and its pristine condition that Collectors want to hoard, keep, and save. Every Chicano Disc Jockey has a right to find the rare Artist record and play it for the masses of our gente that never had a chance to listen to that rarity. How do we highlight our own Cultura/Artists if we are being selfish by hording the music that belongs to the Pueblo.

Our Indigenous/Chicano philosophy states that we do not own anything in this world because we are only the caretakers for a limited period of our life and when we pass on through the vail of the other side of renewal the music goes on to someone else who could careless by selling it, throwing it out the door/disposing of it, and giving it away to a secondhand store. Once we provide a musical digital copy/file it is there to do with as they wish without restraint. Never, ever lend out the Vinyl Record collection because one will never get it back.

A Disc Jockey has an obligation to educate by introducing Role Models for our youth to emulate but they must learn how to keep an Interview Conversation flowing without effort. Every person interviewed reacts differently. Tijerina personally relates conversations to a Horse metaphor with respect to all my guests.

First if we have someone who is an activist then they are already an Orator because they go from a Demonstration: protest, march, and rally speaking all the time which I call a Galloping Horse. I do not interrupt these Activist because they automatically know which way to go, what to answer, what is important, and why they are there doing the interview in which all Beto-Man has to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Second the Professional/Governmental will come in prepared with notes, politically astute/inclined to respond in a fashion that will not hurt their career, and many times as stiff as a rock. These guests are hard to open up their opinions to speak freely because they fear the repercussions, do not take a stance, and hide their head in the sand until they see that it is safe. Beto-Man never pushes on any of these Horse Triggers: afraid to cross a river, will not jump a hurdle, and cannot deal with the unexpected because Tijerinas endeavor is to get an honest interview of struggle.

Third the Timid are shy, nervous, sweating, gulping dry mouth, and they only respond with a yes-&-no. This is like pulling a tooth from a horse. We need to open the conversation by doing a once over, making them relax, speak freely, and tell information from their heart in which they will open up but this is a Confused horse that is afraid of its own shadow.

Tijerina often tells Role Models that I interview that this is their interview and they can tell me what they want and if they do not want to say it then we skip it which really puts them at ease. Most of the time I guide them like a horse, nudging them, a little to the left, and a little to the right. The Horse metaphor is sometimes the best way to explain the action, energy, and vibration between the host and guest.

My responsibility as the host is to keep the conversation flowing to the best of the guest's ability to answer in any interview regardless of time limits. The most important thing in any interview is to connect with their experience, truly be interested in their story, and relate to them that they are the Role Modal to teach our Chicano youth how to avoid their mistakes.

Every Interview is a time Capsule of our Station in the United States as an occupied Pueblo. This Time Capsule is historical documentation, Cultural Nuances, and Language indicators that the historians, anthropologist, and sociologist, in one hundred years will be Analyzing: reviewing, dissecting, and interpreting. Nothing should ever be taken for granted because history marches forward and if we do not dot our I's & cross our T's then it will only befall upon our own heads that we did not preserve our own Culture for our Children and that would be a tragedy.

Tijerina has a duty to inform Mi Gente that the disillusionment, doubtful, and bitter taste in "El Radio del Barrio" comes from our own Raza/Disc Jockeys that are in the industry for their own selfish reasons and not for the betterment of the Pueblo. Our Chicano Disc Jockeys commitment is as Cultural Bearers to lead gente on the path of education, direct our Raza to the righteous road, and our Pueblo away from negative Freeways: Prison Industrial Complex, substance abuse, gangs, teenage pregnancy, diabetes, and migration.

We are here to provide a goal as a representative of the gente because as a Radio Personality there are many Raza who go to the Dark side making everything about the Disc Jockey and not about the Pueblo. Many Disc Jockey's come into the industry as a stepping stone to move onto the next and bigger thing in a relentless effort to build their Empire: fame, fortune, and pot of gold. There are those Sexual Predators who have already made their own Empire who buckle down into Radio as a hobby only to use the Radio as a Target of Opportunity looking for young meat to take advantage of their naïve foolishness.

First one has to deal with other Disc Jockeys that are there for ulterior motives and it takes time to see through the vail of evil. Second these Disc Jockeys are there because they are looking for celebrity status, fame, glory, money, VIP treatment, sexual predator access to fan club, and power. Third these Disc Jockeys may seem like they are Volunteering but they are in the process of building their own Empires on the back of the Chicano community.

Fourth the Disc Jockey with Ulterior motives assumes a giant big ego that it actually blows up their head like a balloon that it is hard for them to walk through a doorway, be in the same room with other balloons/Disc Jockeys, and they cannot speak on reasonable terms if it is not about them. Fifth the radio station quickly becomes a Hostel Environment dealing with these jerks who only care about themselves and what they can get from radio. Sixth these Disc Jockeys want to emulate the Shock Jock: just want to say stupid things, be off the wall, be outrageous, and sexually explicit like Howard Sterne, Beavis-&-Butt-Head, and Jackass stunts. Seventh these Disc Jockeys desire their fifteen minutes of fame and Children are the most vulnerable because they see/hear these stupid shows and they go burn their entire body with one year of reconstruction surgery within the burn Unit to mimic that Stupefied mentality.

In Media, every Dis Jockey is bound throughout our career to some type of Censorship. Tijerina challenges anyone to walk around nekkid in a grocery store and see how quickly one gets a ticket, arrested, run out of town, and screamed at but these Disc Jockeys really believe that the higher-ups are just picking on them due to what they think is Jealousy when it is only in their own heads. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicates that Disc Jockeys cannot use Expletives: vitriol, vulgarism, profanity, foul language, & curse-&-cuss words in broadcasting.

Radio Aztlan is a family oriented show and is bound to the Morals-&-Ethics of the Chicano community. We should approach every topic, issue, and situation with a spoonful of respect, a grain of salt, and a dash of humor. As a Disc Jockey our job is not to be controversial, outrages, and derogatory in order to become that showboat, grandstander, and spotlight grabber.

Tijerina believes that Honesty is the best policy because the more one lies then the thicker the plot, the easier it becomes to get caught up, and the conspiracy quickens the cell door slamming sound. One must be Honest to themselves because one will not find happiness, contentment, and enjoyment if they are always trying to cover up their trail, justifications for others, and osmicating the truth.

As a Radio Disc Jockey, El Beto-Man Freedom of Speech will never be quieted down, Silenced, and eliminated because Tijerina does not fear that someone, someday, somewhere might do something to "Kill the Messenger" but no one can ever kill the message brought forth by our Lord-&-Savior. Many great Orators like the Four Chicano Horsemen: Reies Lopez Tijerina (La Alianza Federal de Mercedes), Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales (Crusade for Justice), Jose Angel Gutierrez (La Raza Unida), & César E. Chavez (United Farm Workers of America) would have never said a word if they were not called upon as a Spiritual mission to say those things that needed to be said. One cannot allow fear to take over our kinetic energy, possess our mind, and decapitate our Spirit.

We do things every day and we should all have fear in driving an automobile but we all accept the inevitable collision, mangled deformity, and death from that consequence of driving. We all have fear that we can die tomorrow but it is how we choose to die in Sacrifice for others versus becoming Martyrs within a Radical selfish idea that our name will live forever because God does not reward hate, violence, murder, and death while Satan will provide a 2.8 accommodating room with air conditioning in Hell.

What will you do in that moment of crises, how will you react, will you become paralyzed, can you asses which way to move, and can you make a quick Decisive Decision. It is not whether we have fear or not because it is whether the Fear Factor paralyzes our actions from doing what we need to do despite the menacing Gringo Face of Death.

The Radio Aztlan program Differs from all others because we do not shy away from our Indigenous DNA First Nation Rights. The Radio must be used as a machine, a mechanism, and manifestation to bring forward to our present those long ago forgotten five hundred years of conquest, annihilation, and holocaust, that still reside, dwell, and haunt the recesses of our minds with Psychological Trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Only by listening can we physically mourn our Antepasados tragedy in a mental Catharsis of Spiritual renewal.

First the Traditional Music we broadcast/air on Radio Aztlan reflects our Chicano: history, culture, & language. The White educational system Teaches: inculcated, indoctrinated, & assimilated the Racist "English Only" ideal discouraging our Chicano youth to Speak Spanish from kindergarten through twelfth grade while those who are real fortunate arriving at the University are informed that Chicanos need a second language which is Anglo hypocrisy, Gabacho contradiction, and Gringo maliciousness creating unforgivable damage to disconnect our Raza from our Cultura, traditional music, and communicating/speaking with our own Abuelitos/Grandparents, Primos/cousins, and Pisano's/Countrymen.

Radio Aztlan reinforces our Chicano community via music that is in Spanish, bilingual, and English indicating to our youth that it is okay to speak in a unique Codeswitching Triple language ability which can be compared to a triple athletic summersault that questions the Stupefied Mentality of those Handicapped English "Only" monolingual inability to keep up. The Codeswitching Triple language is like juggling three objects with two hands while the Handicapped English "Only" monolingual inability is due to only using one hand with no disrespect to my Handicap community. The triple athletic summersault and juggling three objects to describe what Chicanos are able to accomplish within the action of physically fluently speaking, mentally translating, and spiritually delivering a DNA Indigenous message over time-&-space is amazing.

Traditional music is important because the fundamental lyrics are about life, struggle, love, and sacrifice. Romances are featured within the lyrics in which Spanish is a language that was developed to be poetic, roll off the tongue, sensual, express emotion, and easy to learn/spell. The Indigenous manner of speaking was poetry which is captured in some songs/phrases within the Caló: Aztec Nauatal & Gypsy Spanish Language that represents the Mexican Cultura Thru Music.

The song: "Grita me Piardas del Campo" roughly translated means "the stones/rocks of the field scream at me." If the stones are listening and then screaming at you then what is it that they are trying to tell us. The atoms within a stone are moving/vibrating despite the fact that we see the rock without motion on the micro level just like we cannot see the Earth moving underneath our feet at one thousand miles per hour around our Sun on the Macro level.

Science informs us that the rock is dead but the evidence is that the rock contains breath because when one burns the rock the Stone releases thousands of years of historical facts. Any Colored Stone that is sealed off from air starts to lose their color because we are depriving it of its breath in which we are slowly strangling it to death. Our Antepasados comprehended that everything around us is alive and when we get into this Indigenous Catch Phrase then we are forced to contemplate, meditate, & reflect upon the meaning of that phrase within a song reminding us of our Indigenous First Nation Rights within our DNA.

Our Antepasados whispers, echoes, and shadows live among the Monumental Templos left behind five hundred years ago with their own writing on the walls which is that Interview with our own Antepasados. In our understanding of that Ancient Interview it is our Indigenous Right to relearn the Nahuatl Language to regain that Indigenous perspective, interpret our own history from our own perception, and reclaim our own vantage point oral tradition to tell our stories. If you do not care about these interviews then who will care to listen to your voice when you are old-&-gray because what goes around does come around within that marry-go-round three ring circus.

Second for the most part we approach Political affiliation from a disadvantaged, disenfranchised, and discriminated community. The Democratic Party are Gabachos who in less than a microsecond will backstab us for their Corporate advancement. The Republican Party are Racist Gringo Fascist who do not give a dam if Chicanos were born within the United States because these Racist would like to throw every Wetback regardless of what Third World country across the U.S. (Us White people only) border due to their brown complexion, continue to speak Spanish, pray to a Catholic Jesus Christ/Cruz, inherently gangbangers, and keep popping out Brown babies.

Radio Aztlan focuses in on the Barrio Issues: Prison Industrial Complex, substance abuse, gangs, teenage pregnancy, diabetes, and migration. The Chicano community will always face an "Immigration" Defamatory Policy that uses are Pueblo as the scapegoat of White Color Crime on Wall Street. Any time the United States finds themselves in a crisis the corporations turn around to blame Mi Gente who are the poorest of the poor, La Raza who cannot defend themselves, the invisible Pueblo without a voice.

The Scapegoat Us-&-Them Doctrine: "If you get rid of them then Us will be better" but the Scapegoated do not control minimum wage, corporate tax evasion, rising gasoline prices, pharmaceutical gouging, and the Housing Bubbles that seem to appear every twenty years to fleece the Middle class. The hardcore White Racist Nazi Party has always wanted to build a wall across the Arizona-&-Texas border in order to keep Mex-Eek-Cans out but the Republican excuse to justify the White Racist endeavor is used to claim that the Narco Traficante Drug Cartels are killing the Goldilocks children but it is the pharmaceutical companies that have everyone hooked on Opiates: pain killers, constipated, and mad as hell. Republican Conservative Talk Show Pundits conveniently spin the truth blaming the Narco Cartels but the fact is that the Goldilocks Children demand the high to escape their White Privilege.

The United States can build the highest wall but the Narco Cartels will find a way underneath, over, around, and through any Barrier because they got the money, resources, and time to find a way. The Narco Cartels will bribe top Anglo politicians, Gabacho border patrol agents, Gringo police officers, and the average uneducated hillbilly Joe Plumber to look the other way. A Wall will only stop the poor, refugees, and persecuted which in fact the Holy Bible in their full Christian values must uphold but White Republicans seem to forget about Jesus Christ/Cruz.

The only reasonable method is to "Legalize Drugs" because the ultimate problem is our own Goldilocks children and the Wall is a Myth in which it is like putting on a Band-Aid on a gushing wound. The Anglo do not understand the Indigenous fifty thousand years of history, the Gabacho do not want to comprehend the Chicano First Nation Right of Inheritance truth, and the Gringo refuse the Chicano Studies researched perspective because it challenges the Lies imbedded in White Truths.

Third our obligation is to educate our gente, Raza, & Pueblo on their own Historical Perspective. Our Chicano identity is express through our Traditional music by reaching back to our past displaying our culture, showcasing the Chicano Iconography, and work Diligently: reclaim, reinstall, & reinforce the Chicano Brown pride within our Cultura before our gente lose that background aspect of Indigenous identity.

Fourth the Cultural Nuances is a reflection of the Chicano Experience that every Indigenous group will experience regardless of time-&-Space. Fifth our Interviews of Role Models provides the Chicano youth to visualize their future by others experiences. Radio Aztlan has the privilege to introduce interviews with prominent local/professional role models to inform our community.

The message interwoven within the interviews is directly delivered by our own Elders/Role Models informing the next generation that life is a Roller Coaster Ride with its ups-&-downs in which no one gives you anything because we need to work hard in order to receive those benefits of life. The point is that our youth need to hear it from our Elders that are detached personally from the youth but care about their wellbeing. We all do dumb things in our lives getting caught up in mischief but there is maturity, redemption, and a light at the end of the tunnel.

Sixth we consistently advocate by airing Chicano Documentaries, speeches, and book/movie reviews. Seventh we are providing Barrio Announcements that are occurring in our communities. Eighth when we were collecting the news from Main Stream it was Radio Aztlan who highlighted the positive stories not that the negative does not exist but the Main Stream magnified the negative stories: gangbanging, violence, and death with defamatory coverage.

Radio Aztlan only featured positive news that was uplifting, inspiring, and hopeful ciphering through regular news being very choosy about what we re-aired. We challenged the Media Status Quo of that Catch phrase: "If it does not bleed, it does not lead."

Ninth Radio Aztlan is a program on KUCR who does not cater to corporations, commercials, and donations allowing our program to be independent of those restrictions. Radio Aztlan is culturally based meaning that we do Cultural Chicano Alternative Programing: traditional music, instill pride, and encourage education because our message is locked out, invisible, and non-existent from main stream media. In Media, it is all projection: how one looks, how one addresses the crowd, how one uses their Cadence Rhythm, and how one implements their quick-on-feet Witticism.

What one receives out of listening to the Radio Aztlan program on KUCR 88.3fm is attitude, charisma, personality, ambience, and charm. We deliver a unique positive inspiring message that can never be matched by Commercial Radio.

Tenth we provide Exposure to local bands and feature their talent at our Annual Radio Aztlan Music Festival but it is always truly a struggle because we have no real funding for publicity, backing of donors, and National syndication. Our Radio Aztlan Music Festival will be on its Twentieth Anniversary featuring local bands and one headliner. A Headliner would be a well establish musical act but are too expensive within our funding range.

The difficulty comes from paying a Headliner that is well deserved, earned, and respected but to raise the money is too difficult while having a Concert that is affordable to our community.

Local bands, artists, and community activists never get any coverage from Main Stream Media. Main Stream Radio is about selling a product because they are not about introducing a new band, artist, and community activists event. There are many local bands but unless they hit a certain popularity mark, are produced by a big industry record company, and their image is produced by an agent then these individuals get nothing.

Eleventh the Impact of Radio Aztlan on the community is that Main Stream Media listens very closely to Non-Profit, Non-Commercial Educational Radio Stations because the Radio Aztlan program has full control of the horse's reins being able to try new shows, Genres, and music. The youth is highly influenced by the music that we play, encouragement in higher education, and a well-rounded historical perspective that they tune into their own Identity because Radio Aztlan has paved the road for them.

We have individuals that become fans Juanita Rivera Morales who is Ninety years old from Puerto Rico to Pricilla Garcia who was Six years old when she started listening but is currently Eighteen Years old from Mira Loma, Califas that are dedicated listeners.

Juanita Rivera Morales, an educator/teacher, would come to hear Tijerina speak at my Brown Pride workshop for the Chicano Youth Conference held at UC Riverside because she enjoyed my positive message. Juanita Rivera Morales uses a wheel chair and her son, Francisco Sola, brings her to all the events.

Pricilla Garcia is attending a University due directly because of Betos' Aviso Encouragement: achieving an education, the challenges of attending college, and describing the different types of Financial Aid.

Roberto Tijerina-Cantu © 5/19/17, 6am

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