What Great Magic Has Lived Here

I have lived a thousand lives

By Ricardo Reyes
Published on LatinoLA: June 29, 2017

What Great Magic Has Lived Here

I think about my life
As I am a living
Surging wing of the skies
An accidental eagle
Who discovered his wings
And Who began flying
Through writing
In the sky of the world
One day I sat
Pen in hand
Scratching out the joys and pains
Of my life
When suddenly
My home and all my friends
Shrank into small lines and then disappeared
As up I went
And somehow I drifted
Sailed and climbed
Up into the clouds
And dreamt what I might
Of other skies
In other worlds
And soon found
That I could fly
To those places too
What boundless, timeless joy!
And what great magic has happened here!
In the world of the mind
Writing-swimming above all things!
I have seen
Booming thunder which crackled the sky
Blinding lighting which blazed the human spaces below
I've seen faraway lands and distant peoples
Who waved to me
From mountains shooting Fire
And Deserts of Ice
I sought my adventure
Across unknown vast expanses
With no guarantees
No promises at all
In search of great treasure
But alas
I had to travel
So alone
And when I felt my aloneness
That is when the black of night-space appeared
And ate all the sound
But allowed the view of stars
And when I saw the beauty of those stars
I realized
That many of life's truths
Must be fought out
While alone
So on I sailed across
Blue-blown clouds
Countless continents
I wrote
I felt
I tore myself apart
In new beginnings of new writings
I held immense passion
Ideas and dreams
What incredible dreams one can have
While dancing with clouds
Across surging oceans
And green padded valleys
And charcoal twisted mountains
But now I see
That my life
This Sail, my living soul's vessel
Is going to fly a while longer
So I choose
To chart my course
To consider this Epic
And measure the universe
Against my soul
As I write and soar
As a living
Breathing wing of wonder
I live the winged eagle of life's desire
For only so long
But what magic has lived here!
What incredible shouts of magic lived and died here!
What fire!
What torrents of rain!
What triumphs and disasters!
What joys and sorrows!
They have carried me above the world
And smashed me upon the cold, muddy earth
So many times, I cannot count
This place
This life
Oh Death-defying adventure
Oh life of unbelievable feats
I have lived a thousand lives
I have survived the crushing blows
And I am still alive!
What great magic has lived here!

Copyright Ricardo Reyes © 2017. All Rights Reserved.

About Ricardo Reyes:
Ricardo Reyes lives locally with his dogs in Glendora. Ricardo is a local writer about to publish his book. He will be offering it here for sale on this website soon.
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