Waleteros Introduces a New Mobile App, a Virtual Prepaid Card

The service allows a personalized connection to Latin America relatives

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: August 25, 2017

Waleteros Introduces a New Mobile App, a Virtual Prepaid Card

The new Waleteros app is now available, allowing users to have access to financial services wherever they are.

Unlike other applications on the market, Waleteros simplifies all tasks starting with the registration process. Getting a prepaid card has never been so easy! Simply take a picture of your country's ID and snap a selfie. In a few minutes and for no fee, a ready-to-use virtual prepaid Visa card will be available right from your phone (while one waits for the physical Visa card to arrive within 10 days). Being a Waletero user means you can use Direct Deposit to receive your salary, cash checks in minutes, deposit cash, buy online, pay bills, transfer money, and, of course, buy anywhere in the world where Visa debit cards are accepted.

Etienne Gillard, a multi-cultural senior entrepreneur who graduated from Stanford, decided to found Waleteros to serve customers in a convenient, inexpensive and safe way for all of the millions of Latinos in the U.S. as well as their relatives in Latin America.

Waleteros offers a plan with no monthly maintenance fees that brings along some "wow features", such as no foreign transaction fees (other cards tend to charge up to 3% of the transaction) or the possibility of switching your card from "ON" to "OFF" with a simple click.

Waleteros offers a personalized customer service accessible in several ways (chat, text, call, email, Facebook, as well as other platforms). "As a client, I know how frustrating it is when a company does not solve my concerns or complaints," explains Paula E. Vasco, in charge of User Experience at Waleteros.

According to a report published in 2016 by the FDIC, 67 million adults in the U.S. do not have a bank account or are underserved by banking institutions. Waleteros calculates that around 30% of those are Hispanics. Consequently, on a daily basis, they depend on alternative financial services to traditional banking. Unfortunately, these options tend to be very costly, time-consuming and unsafe carrying cash around.

"The entire team at Waleteros is committed to the very same mission: to be the "M-Pesa" of the Americas by improving the quality of life of millions of people. They deserve the best financial services; they deserve to be treated with transparency and honesty", said Gillard, founder of Waleteros.

The comparison to M-Pesa is not meaningless; it is the most successful mobile wallet in the world. In less than 10 years, M-Pesa has changed the life of millions of people in Kenya (Africa). Every day, more than 22 million people are using the services provided by M-Pesa.

Since launching in the Google Play Store (iOS version coming soon), more than 10,000 people have already installed the Waleteros app on their phone. As proof of satisfaction, Waleteros' first users have already invited over 3,500 friends and families to join the Waleteros family!

If you need more information about a better financial solution, please visit www.waleteros.com.


How to send money
The cheapest, fastest, and safest way to send money is by paying your family's electricity, water, gas, television, or telephone bills online using a card that does not charge any foreign transaction fees.

How to withdraw cash
For small amounts, the most efficient way to withdraw cash is by using "cash-back" service offered by many stores when completing a purchase.

How to collect your salary
To receive your salary at no cost to you and up to 2 days earlier, the best way is to ask your employer to pay you via Direct Deposit.


Waleteros is designed by Latinos for Latinos to address the financial needs of Hispanic communities underserved by traditional banks in the United States and Latin America. Thanks to technical advances, Waleteros can offer a lower cost easy to use service which will allow its users to quickly and securely get their pay, pay for goods and services, pay bills and send money.

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