Latinx Duo Breaks New Ground with Interactive Online Series

LA-based writer/director and actress reunite for The Thread

By Jennifer Fischer
Published on LatinoLA: September 26, 2017

Latinx Duo Breaks New Ground with Interactive Online Series

Dominican-American filmmaker Ramon Hamilton and Mexican-American actress Denisse Bon are going big by going small in The Thread, which viewers are describing as a modern day War of the Worlds. The online experience is unlike anything social media users have seen before. The Thread is part one-woman show and part serialized crime drama as it engages the audience through a real-life simulation on social media.

Independent filmmaker and Think Ten Media Group Co-Founder, Ramon Hamilton launched his company with SMUGGLED, a multi-award winning feature film that told the story of a 9 year-old boy and his mother being smuggled into the U.S. in a hidden compartment beneath a bus. The film went on to garner several festival awards and has screened at more than 50 university campuses across the U.S. with continued interest, even 5 years later, given the relevance of the film's subject. Now, he's reunited with the lead actress from the film, Denisse Bon, in this innovative new series, The Thread.

"With The Thread," Hamilton explains, "I am utilizing social media to tell a story in a more intimate manner than one would find with traditional television shows and movies. At its core, The Thread is a mystery, but the first-person storytelling, coupled with the mystery being told through what feels like a person's social media profile, allows the audience to feel a deeper connection to the storyteller, who is inviting them into their personal world and sharing some of the most intimate aspects of their life's journey."

"With this project, there are no edits," Hamilton emphasizes. "Everything needed to be done in single takes and the actress had to film herself while she was performing. There were also some fairly long performances that required a lot of raw emotion. I knew I needed an actress that was incredibly talented. Bon immediately came to mind. I'd worked with her before and we had built a great professional relationship based on complete trust when we made SMUGGLED. It was just natural to work with her again."

Bon was eager to reunite with Hamilton and to hone her craft as this project required a slightly different skill set than typical film and television projects. "It was a fun and challenging experience filming in a non-traditional way," Bon shares.

Her performance is gripping and the intimacy of the project is what makes the experience so engaging.

Social media users are now able to immerse themselves in this interactive mystery series that went live on Facebook on September 20th and already includes 23 video posts, all with opportunities for the audience to engage with the lead character directly as they help her unravel the mystery.

To watch THE THREAD like/follow @TTMGPresents on Facebook.

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