Casa 0101 Presents World Premiere of An Enemy of the Pueblo

A modern adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: October 19, 2017

Casa 0101 Presents World Premiere of An Enemy of the Pueblo

Josefina López, the award-winning playwright and screenwriter and Founding Artistic Director of the venerable CASA 0101 Theater located in Boyle Heights, CA will be celebrating a triple crown of signature events this month: the World Premiere of her latest play at CASA 0101 Theatre, AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO under the direction of Corky Dominguez; the first Art Exhibition, "Aqui Estamos Y No Nos Vamos (We Are Here and We Won't Leave): Fighting Mexican Removal Since the 1930s" at the new Boyle Heights Museum, which she co-founded, housed in the Jean Deleage Art Gallery in the lobby of CASA 0101 Theater; and the 15th Anniversary Screening and Panel Discussion of her pop culture film, REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES, to be presented by PACIFIC STANDARD TIME: LA/LA at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills, CA on Monday, October 16, 2017.

About The World Premiere of The Play, AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO

Josefina López's new dramatic play, AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO, a feminist Chicana modern adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic play, An Enemy of the People, will receive its World Premiere production at CASA 0101 Theater, 2102 East First Street (at St. Louis Street), Boyle Heights, CA 90033. Opening Night is Friday, October 20, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. Performances will be given Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 5:00 p.m., October 20 – November 12, 2017. A Discounted Preview performance will be given on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

Josefina López said, "In my adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People the main character isn't the male Dr. Thomas Stockmann, as it is in Henrik Ibsen's play, or in Arthur Miller's adaptation of Ibsen's play which was later made into a film starring Steve McQueen with a screenplay written by Alexander Jacobs. In my adaptation of Ibsen's play, the central protagonist is a Mexican woman of Apache descent who is a Midwife and Curandera (shaman woman) who discovers the water in the town has been contaminated. She has a premonition and it is her gut that tells her she is right.

AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO is a Chicana eco-feminist approach – where it is not science or logic that is the strength of the character, but her intuitive feminine self. The play is set in Milagros (Miracles), a colonial town in Mexico near the U.S. border on the brink of becoming a ghost town for healing springs that attracted American tourists for many years until the town was overrun by a drug cartel called "Los Sapos" (The Frogs). The play is set in the present and deals with immigrant issues."

Under the direction of Corky Dominguez (of Boyle Heights), Obie Award-winning actress Zilah Mendoza (of Pasadena, appearing courtesy of Actors Equity) leads a cast of 10 actors portraying 20 roles in the central role of Magdalena "Magda" Del Rio, a Mexican woman of Apache descent, a Curandera (shaman woman), Midwife and co-owner of the land where the springs are located.

Other member of the cast include: Arturo Aranda, Jr. (of Los Angeles) as Pedro Del Rio, Magdalena's younger brother, Mayor of the town and co-owner with Magda of the land where the springs are located; Laura Bravatti (of Hacienda Heights) as Petra Del Rio, Magda's daughter; Angiee Lombana (of Pomona) as Clarita Del Rio, Petra's daughter and Magda's granddaughter, and as Laura, a lady who gives birth with the assistance of Magda; William Jaramillo (of Long Beach) as O'Connor, a "gringo" Mexican of Irish decent; J.D. Mata (of North Hollywood) as Luis, a journalist who is also a founder of the town's newspaper, and as Man of the Pueblo, an ignorant man, and as Musician; Joshua Nuñez (of Rancho Cucamonga) as Laura's Husband, and as Juan José, a journalist; Paul Renteria (of East Los Angeles) as Ghost of El Sapo, the head of the drug cartel, and as Señor Reyes, one of the heads of a company in charge of renovating the springs; Javier Ronceros (of North Hollywood, appearing courtesy of SAG/AFTRA) as Eugenio/Ghost of Eugenio, a courageous and proud man, and as Padre Lazaro, the town priest who drinks too much and gossips about people when he is drunk; and Catalina Shoshan (of Encino) as Elvia, a lady who goes to Magda for psychic help, and as Doña Campeche, a mother in the town of Milagros, and as Woman of the Pueblo, an ignorant woman.

Director Corky Dominguez says, "Josefina López has written a very special piece of theatre. I am honored to be directing this particular piece of a women's heartfelt struggle to get the truth out in the open. I'm working on creating an intimate piece of theatre experience for audiences with both Josefina's text and what I perceive to be her and my vision for this intense story."

In Josefina López's AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO, a modern adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's An Enemy of the People, a Curandera (shaman woman) warns the people in the border town of Milagros (Miracles) of the poisoning of the water, but no one wants to believe her because their economic futures depend on the water in the springs attracting the "gringos" back to the town.

A Discounted Preview Performance will be presented on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. for $10.00 per person. Opening Night is Friday, October 20, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. The play will be presented for a four-week run on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 5:00 p.m. from October 20 – November 12, 2017 at CASA 0101 Theater, 2012 East First Street (at St. Louis Street across the street from the Hollenbeck Police Station), Boyle Heights, CA 90033.

Tickets during the four-week run are $20 per person for General Admission; $17 per person for Students and Seniors; and $15 per person for Boyle Heights residents. Discounts for Groups of 10 or more will be available at $15 per person. This show is recommended for all audiences. Advance reservations are highly recommended.

Free Parking is available on several streets surrounding the theatre. Free Parking is also available on Fridays and Saturdays only at the Boyle Heights City Hall Parking Lot located at 2130 East First Street (at Chicago Street) by entering the lot from Chicago Street; the lot is closed on Sundays. For tickets, please call the CASA 0101 Theater Box Office at 323-263-7684, E-mail, or buy online at Join the conversation on Facebook @CASA0101Theater; on Twitter @CASA0101 and on YouTUBE at

This production is made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles.

The production team for the World Premiere production of Josefina Lopez's AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO includes: Josefina López (of Silver Lake), Founding Artistic Director, CASA 0101 Theater, Playwright; Emmanuel Deleage (of Silver Lake), Executive Director, CASA 0101 Theater, Producer; Edward Padilla (of Boyle Heights) Board President, CASA 0101 Theater, Producer, Casting Director; Marco De Leon (of Los Angeles) Scenic Designer; Abel Alvarado (of Silver Lake) Costume Designer; Kevin Eduardo Vasquez (of Van Nuys) Lighting Designer; Vincent A. Sanchez (of Commerce) Sound Designer; Sohail e. Najafi (of Culver City) Technical Director; Masha Taraintsev (of Los Angeles) Production Designer; Laurien Allmon (of Canoga Park) Stage Manager; Gabriela Pérez (of Los Angeles) Assistant Stage Manager; Jorge Villanueva (of Boyle Heights) Light Board Operator; Lupe Arellanes (of Los Angeles) Graphic Designer; Mark Kraus (of Los Angeles), Webmaster; Gabriela López de Dennis, Soap Design Co. (of Los Angeles), Program; Ed Krieger (of La Crescenta), Production Photographer and Steve Moyer Public Relations (of Los Angeles), Press Representative.

Josefina López (Playwright, AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO; Founding Artistic Director, CASA 0101 Theater, Producer, Screenwriter, Author, Restaurateur, Activist) is best known for authoring the play and co-authoring the film Real Women Have Curves, a coming-of-age story about Ana, a first-generation Chicana torn between pursuing her college ambitions, a personal goal and securing employment, which is a family expectation. Along the way, Ana confronts a host of cultural assumptions about beauty, marriage and a woman's role in society. Although Real Women Have Curves is López's most recognized work it is only one of many literary and artistic works she has created since her artistic career began at 17. Born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico to Catalina and Rosendo López, on March 19, 1969, Josefina López was five-years-old when she and her family immigrated to the United States and settled in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Boyle Heights. She graduated in the first class from the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts in 1987. López was undocumented for 13 years before she received Amnesty in 1987 and eventually became a U.S. Citizen in 1995.

López has been an activist and has been doing public speaking for over 20 years. She has lectured on various topics including Chicano Theater, Women's History Issues and Minority representation in Cinema at over 200 universities such as Yale, Darmouth, and University of Southern California. She has been the subject of countless television and radio interviews in which she has passionately discussed immigration issues and other controversial subjects concerning women and minorities.

López is the recipient of a number of other awards and accolades, including a formal recognition from U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer's 7th Annual "Women Making History" banquet in 1998; and a screenwriting fellowship from the California Arts Council in 2001. She and Real Women Have Curves film co-author George LaVoo won the Humanitas Prize for Screenwriting in 2002, The Gabriel Garcia Marquez Award from Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn in 2003, the Artist-in-Residency grant from the National Endowment for the Arts/Theatre Communications Group for 2007 and a grant from The California Endowment in 2013.

In October of 2013 Josefina López executive produced the film, Detained in the Desert, an adaptation of her play of the same name, through her production shingle, Real Women Have Curves Studio. The film received its World Premiere screenings at TCL 6 Chinese Theatre (formerly Grauman's Chinese Theatre and Mann's Chinese Theatre) as part of the 16th Annual Los Angeles Latino Film Festival. Since then the film has been screened in the 9th Annual Los Angeles International Women's Film Festival in Burbank, CA (2014, where it won Best Feature Film), the 21st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival (2014), the 30th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival (2014), the 11th Annual Reel Rasquache Art & Film Festival in Boyle Heights, CA (2014) and at Museum of Art and the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia (2014).

In June 2013 López appeared as the Commencement Address Keynote Speaker at the Los Angeles High School for the Arts (LACHSA) Graduation Exercises at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. At the same time, she started the Lupe Ontiveros Memorial Scholarship in Theatre at LACHSA and bestowed the award upon the first winning recipient at the graduation ceremony.

López has had more than 80 productions of her plays throughout the United States. In addition, she also paints, writes poetry, performs and designs. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of CASA 0101 Theater in Boyle Heights, CA (founded in 2000). At CASA 0101 her commitment is to teach screenwriting and playwriting and nurture a new generation of Latino artists. López is actively working to create an Artist District in Boyle Heights where theater, arts and music can flourish and create opportunities for the many talented artists who reside in Boyle Heights or grew up in Boyle Heights and want to return to contribute.

López is developing the musical version of Real Women Have Curves for Broadway. Her first novel titled Hungry Woman in Paris came out in 2009. She wrote a play to protest SB1070 titled Detained in the Desert, which won her many awards and which she turned into a film of the same name. She is working on numerous writing projects for the stage, screen and for print.

López's screenplays include: Immigrant Anthology (1993 – Feature for HBO), No Place Like Home (2000 – Feature for New Line Cinema), Real Women Have Curves (1990 – Feature for Warner Bros; 2002 – co-written with George LaVoo as a Feature for HBO); ADD Me to the Party (2003 – Feature for Four Color Prods.), Lotería for Juarez (2003 – Feature for HBO), Baby Boom (2004 – Short Film for Chispas Prods.; admitted into Outfest); Lola Goes To Roma (2006 – Feature for Medusa); Ali Q. (2007 – Feature for Cinemalab); Once Upon A Quinceañera (2009 – Feature for SONY Studios); Tulip (2010 – On Spec), Foursome (2010 – On Spec with film director Gabriela Tagliavini), The Tamale Lesson (2011 – Short film for USC Film School) and the horror film Fifty One Fifty (2012).

Her Television credits include: Culture Class Show (1993 – Variety and Sketch Comedy for Fox); In Living Color (1993 – Sit-Com for Warner Bros.); La Fiesta de Ha Ha (1994 – Variety & Sketch Comedy for UPN); The Chavez Family (1995 – Pilot for ABC); L.A. Arts High (1995 – Pilot for NBC); McArthur Park (2003 – Pilot for Showtime); And Baby Makes Three (2003 – Pilot for CBS); El Nino (2004 – Segment for CBS); The Cleaning Lady (2004 – On Spec), Las Quatro (2007 – Pilot for ABC Family) and The Fabulous Fernandez Sisters – 2015 – Pilot for ABC).

As a playwright, Josefina López's canon of full-length plays includes: Real Women Have Curves (1992); Unconquered Spirits (1995); No Place Like Home (1999); Queen of the Rumba (2000); The Cleaning Lady (2009); Baby Boom (2005); When Nature Calls (2007); Boyle Heights (2008); Detained in the Desert (2008); Lola Goes To Roma (2011); Hungry Woman (2012); Trío Los Machos (2012); A Cat Named Mercy (2013); Piñata Dreams (2014); Clean Start, co-written with Kathy Fischer (2014); and Hipsteria for Bad For The Community, co-written with Oscar Arguello (2016). In October 2017 CASA 0101 Theater will present the World Premiere of Josefina López's An Enemy of the Pueblo, an adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic play, An Enemy of the People.

Her One-Act Plays include: Simply Maria, or The American Dream (1996); Confessions of Women from East L.A. (1996); La Pinta (1998); Pastorela Baby (2006); American Green (2006); Food For The Dead (2010); The Gay Ghost Whisperer (2012), 2049 (2015) and Killing Frida (2017). López is also the Founder of P.M.S. (The Pinche Mentirosa Sisters), a sketch comedy group performing cutting edge sketches that challenge stereotypes of Latinas, which she is developing as a webseries.

Published works include her first novel, Hungry Woman In Paris (2009), Grand Central Publishing; Real Women Have Curves and Other Plays (2011), WPR Books: Latino Insights; and Volume 2 of The Essential Latino Play Series: Detained in the Desert and Other Plays (2011), WPR Books: Latino Insights.

Josefina López is married to Emmanuel Deleage, the Executive Director of CASA 0101 Theater. The couple lives in Silver Lake, CA with their two sons, Etienne and Sebastian. To learn more about Josefina López, please visit On Cinco de Mayo, May 5, 2017, Josefina López added the title of Restauranteur to her Résumé by opening CASA FINA Restaurant & Cantina, Calendario, which is located at 1842 1st Street, Boyle Heights, CA 90033, just a few blocks away from CASA 0101 Theater. Her business partners include Augustin Alvarez, Executive Chef, and Co-Owners, Alonzo Ricardo and Emmanuel Deleage. On October 1, 2017 she co-founded the Boyle Heights Museum along with Dr. George J. Sanchez, a USC Professor of History and American Studies. The Boyle Heights Museum is housed in the Jean Deleage Gallery located in the lobby of CASA 0101 Theater.

"I too have a dream that one day women will be judged by the content of their character, their creative and intellectual contributions to society, rather than by the color of their hair, the size of their waist or the perkiness of their breasts." – Josefina López

Corky Dominguez (Director, AN ENEMY OF THE PUEBLO) has directed the World Premiere productions of Josefina López's plays, Hungry Woman and Piñata Dreams. He has also directed Dyanne Asimow's play Day of the Dead at Olvera Street's Pico House and at the Breed Street Shul in Boyle Heights. He directed the critical acclaimed production of Anna In The Tropics at Sierra Madre Playhouse, several productions at CASA 0101 Theater including their 20-year anniversary production of Josefina López's Real Women Have Curves, as well as play productions at Miles Memorial Playhouse, The Inglewood Playhouse, Highways Performance Space, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Bitter Truth Theater, Barnsdall Theatre, and the Ivar Theatre. He served as one of the directors for the Los Angeles One-Minute Play Festival, John Lion New Plays Festival, Company of Angels New Play Festival and Ojai Playwrights Conference. His devised theatre piece titled This Land was performed at Stramash '95, West Lothian, Scotland, and at the Cockpit Theater, London, England. He is an Associate Artist with Cornerstone Theater and has served as an Assistant Director on several productions at Center Theatre Group.

Zilah Mendoza (Actress playing Magdalena "Magda" Del Rio, AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE) originated several roles in contemporary theatre including Ana in Lisa Loomer's hit play, Living Out at The Mark Taper Forum and 2nd Stage New York; Matilde in Sara Ruhl's Pulitzer Prize nominated The Clean House at Yale Repertory Theatre, Electricidad in Luis Alfaro's Electricidad at The Mark Taper Forum and Perla in Juliette Carrillo's Plumas Negras with Cornerstone Theater Company, to name a few.

She recently performed at the Getty Villa in Luis Alfaro's Mojada and at Theatre Works in Quiara Alegria Hudes Pulitzer Prize winning play, Water by the Spoonful. She has garnered national recognition for her New York performances, being the first Chicana to receive an Obie Award, as well as a Garland Award, and a Lucille Lortel nod, for her work in Living Out. She has received numerous backstage awards for her work in Los Angeles.

A resident of Pasadena, CA, Mendoza has had recurring and guest starring roles on such shows as The King of Queens, MAD TV, Law & Order, Medium, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Grey's Anatomy, 24, Nip/Tuck, The Closer and Modern Family. She is a community activist and is co-producer and associate artist for the Mentor Artists-MAPP. MAPP partners with schools, tribal councils, not-for-profit community development organizations, human rights and social justice advocates, and colleges and universities, to bring unique creative workshops, arts programming, and live presentations to marginalized communities.

About The New Boyle Heights Museum:

Concurrently with the run of Josefina López's AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE, the first Art Exhibition in the new Boyle Heights Museum co-founded by Josefina López and Dr. George J. Sanchez, a USC Professor of History and American Studies. The exhibit, curated by Dr. Sanchez, is entitled, "Aqui Estamos Y No Nos Vamos (We Are Here and We Won't Leave): Fighting Mexican Removal Since the 1930s." The Art Exhibit is in the Jean Deleage Art Gallery in the lobby of CASA 0101 Theater. The exhibit can be viewed Mondays through Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Fridays from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., Saturdays from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. and Sundays from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. All other times are by appointment only. To learn more please visit

Josefina López says, "A museum about Boyle Heights is important and necessary because young people in this community have very little knowledge of the rich immigrant history of this community because it had always been portrayed as a ghetto by the mainstream media. The Boyle Heights Museum housed at CASA 0101 Theater is a powerful partnership because theater can make history come alive. Theatergoers will discover Boyle Heights history while history buffs will discover the magic of theater. It's a winning combination. The Boyle Heights Museum will also serve as an affirmation of the contribution Mexican-Americans have made to this country. We want young people in our community to have pride in their community and we want new residents of Boyle Heights to have a powerful context so they appreciate the long and varied culture and history of this community."

Dr. George J. Sanchez says, "The history of Boyle Heights has long been recognized as one of the most important in defining a new American reality of life in a diverse, working class community in the United States. The Boyle Heights Museum will bring this rich history to life for people living in the community, as well as a broader audience of Angelinos interested in how people fought to have immigrants and people of all backgrounds living together. It will also show that groups and individuals from Boyle Heights have learned to fight for their rights amidst often, hostile surroundings and forces wanting to tear the community apart. We are delighted to have the opportunity to bring the stories of the past to current residents through this exciting partnership with CASA 0101 Theater."

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