Arturo Castro Lead in Romantic Comedy with Aya Cash, Josh Brener

Brand New Old Love with release on iTunes February 13th

By Catherine Rhinehart
Published on LatinoLA: November 11, 2017

Arturo Castro Lead in Romantic Comedy with Aya Cash, Josh Brener

Brand New Old Love, an independent romantic comedy, written and directed by Cat Rhinehart has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for self-distribution. The film, which stars Arturo Castro (Broad City, Narcos), Aya Cash (You're the Worst), and Josh Brener (Silicon Valley), tells the story of two former high school friends who run into each other years later and drunkenly decide to make good on their promise to marry each other if they're both still single by 30.

Along with the film's executive producer, Robert A. Compton, and producer Jim Wareck, Rhinehart has made the decision to self-distribute

"If you look at the data, typically an indie will get offered very little if anything at all out of a top-tier film festival. It can be good for the filmmaker to get exposure but it's a terrible business investment. We are out to prove you can make an indie and make your money back at the same time," says Rhinehart.

"The beauty of the time we're in now is that we don't need a distributor. We can put this on iTunes ourselves if we have the funds to market it."
Brand New Old Love, from pre-production to the punk-themed soundtrack featuring songs from The Descendents and The Queers, through post, has been a DIY movie.

"I love that we are carrying over the DIY theme to how we are distributing the film," Rhinehart added. "The industry is completely polarized right now. There is either multi-million dollar superhero studio franchises or Netflix productions. Where do the true indies go? We can't just continue making movies for a few hundred grand and selling at a loss hoping things will somehow change. We have to be that change."

The Brand New Old Love team is hoping to raise at least 25k to market the film. With a Latino lead, a female writer/director, an African-American cinematographer, and an above-average number of female crew-members, the film is hoping to find support in niche markets. "It's a really fun movie with an amazing and diverse cast and crew. I'm really proud of that."

Brand New Old Love releases on iTunes February 13th.

Find more about the project here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/brand-new-old-love-diy-distro-campaign/x/14353469#/

About Catherine Rhinehart:
Cat Rhinehart is a Los Angeles-based writer and director.
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