It's OK to say Christmas 2017

Still not offended by Christmas

By Edie J. Adler
Published on LatinoLA: December 18, 2017

It's OK to say Christmas 2017

I have been writing about this topic for several years; I honestly never thought I would write more than one opinion piece about this when I started. Sadly, every year it seems to get worse.

When I was little I played the main character in "Alice in Wonderland"; I never thought I would be living in a real upside down world. When did it start? I honestly don't know.

Growing up in my beloved Mexico City, December was always a festive time; lights and decorations all throughout the city. Santa's and the Three Wise Men's assistants walking around down town so us kids could get our picture taken with them. (Papito explained to me that those were not the real thing, but rather their helpers – made perfect sense to me why there were so many of them!)

The music, the Posadas, the piñatas, flavors and smells of the season are still a treasured memory for yours truly.

Everyone wished one another "Feliz Navidad!" even strangers on the street; no one ever gave it a second thought.

And when my parents moved back to LA in 1977, things here were very similar around Christmas time.

People walked around happy. I started working as a receptionist at KMEX when I was 15. Our company party was referred to as the Christmas party. Additionally, we had our own smaller parties by department, Programming, News, Traffic, Sales, etc. They were always Christmas parties! We exchanged secret Santa gifts, shared amazing potlucks, and had a wonderful time. Everyone walked around with smiles on their faces.

But sometime during the 80's things started to change. Now it was no longer Merry Christmas, but "happy holidays" and those eagerly awaited parties became winter celebrations.

You might think that the political correctness running amok is OK, but it really isn't. Little by little we are losing our freedom of speech. People can still say what's on their mind, as long as it doesn't offend anyone – that's not freedom of speech, that is controlled speech.

One of my favorite episodes of Star Trek Voyager is titled "Random Thoughts"; the crew lands on a planet where B'elanna Torres is arrested for having an "evil" thought. She's put on trial and sentenced to have her brain purged of any negative thoughts. This will affect her brain, memories, and personality, but it's the only way to ensure she is punished for being annoyed when someone bumps into her, and as a result she has a forbidden thought, which by the way lasted less than a minute. Fascinating episode…science fiction? Maybe not so much anymore.

Christmas is a beautiful time where people should feel just a little friendlier, smile a little more, be a bit more generous. Saying Merry Christmas is a wonderful gesture, and by the way, is the appropriate greeting. Those of us who are not Christian, are not offended! And if someone is, then that person should probably seek professional help. Would they be offended if someone says good morning to them, when their day is not going well?

Life is short. Before you know it, it's over. So go ahead, don't be such a Scrooge, enjoy the beauty of the season and join the Christmas celebration, even if you're not Christian!

Once again I will recommend you join the campaign started by my dear friend Amalia Gonzalez: the next time a store employee wishes you happy holidays, give them your best smile, and say "a Merry Christmas to you to!" You'll be surprised how many smiles you get back!

About Edie J. Adler:
Edie J. is an actress, author, and advocate for people suffering from Alzheimer's and their caregivers.
She and her husband live in the Valley with their 5 dogs, 4 1/2 cats, 3 parrots, 1 turtle and a flying reindeer.
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