The Gift of True Love

A romantic Christmas poem

By Frank Solis
Published on LatinoLA: December 18, 2017

The Gift of True Love

The sights and sounds of Christmas

seem to always remind me of you,

and how much I miss you when were


Even as I watch my abuela chase

abuelo out the door with a broom,

I know that in the end love conquers


I just can't wait until I feel your arms

around me and taste a kiss as sweet

as a raspa on a hot summers day.

And I long for your embrace, while

waiting by the window staring at the

cold unfeeling rain. As children shake

their presents trying to find out what's

inside, I listen to the radio's serenade.

One of the kids asks, "Why is abuela

chasing abuelo with the broom?"

I reply, "It's called true love." Then

one of the kids replies, "I'll never get

married because love makes you do

crazy things!"

"True," I reply. "Like always wanting

to be with the one you love." The

fireplace is now lit and the table is set

as abuela finally lets abuelo back

inside, even though he'll probably sleep

on the sofa tonight.

The car lights passing by upon the

gray barrio Streets make my heart

skip a beat as each time I think it's


So I'll wait, until I stare into your

eyes once more, because each and

every Christmas, I ask for only one

thing, which is to have you by my

side, for there is no greater gift in

the entire world, than true love.

Frank Solis Copyright 2017

All Rights Reserved

About Frank Solis:
The author strives to inspire Mexican American youth to reach for the stars and get an education.
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