Another New Year's Resolution

Where do go from here?

By Frank Solis
Published on LatinoLA: December 30, 2017

Another New Year's Resolution

Around this time of the year many
of us become very excited. It's a
brand New Year and the stars are
in alignment for us to become wildly

Well, at least that's what the local
psychic said. The psychic was also
nice enough to take off our hands
the fifty dollar bill we had stashed
away in return for us putting our
faith in the crystal ball she bought
at the dollar store.

So, after consulting the psychic, we
read our horoscope which informed
us that an astute person would soon
separate us from our hard earned
money, however that this New Year
we would become rich beyond our
wildest dreams.

Armed with such knowledge we
embark on a major spending spree.
lavish dinning, champagne, a trip to
Vegas with some special friends,
nothing is too good for a future
millionaire, right?

So on New Year's Eve, we kiss the
honey bunny at midnight for good
luck, eat our twelve grapes, and wolf
down an extra helping of black eyed
peas for good measure.

When the clock strikes twelve our
hearts soar like New Year's Eve
fireworks. After this we wait, and
wait, and wait. Suddenly three months
have passed and this New Year starts
to look a lot like last year. Just what
went wrong.

The truth is, that most people who
achieve wonderful things each New
Year is because they make plans to
get what they desire. These people
also take action on making their plans
a reality. Finally, these people never
give up, and they keep on trying until
they reach their goals.

So, don't be surprised if you happen to
pass by some nice restaurant and see
a psychic enjoying a nice steak dinner.
You see, they saw that steak dinner
coming the minute you walked
through the door!

Frank Solis Copyright 2017
All Rights Reserved

About Frank Solis:
The author strives to inspire Mexican American youth to achieve their dreams through a higher education
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