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The Road to Mexico

Rick Stein does again masterfully in his six-part series for the BBC, stating how much the U.S. needs Mexico and Mexicans

By Daniel Otero
Published on LatinoLA: February 9, 2018

The Road to Mexico

Once again, Rick Stein has hit the mark with his latest show. As he hits the road on his way to Mexico, this sensitive-English Chef will start his journey in the United States.

And what better city to begin than San Francisco, California. He's in a search, a wanderlust for great food and culture. Especially when speaking about Frisco and its city of immigrants. With perfect timing, he'll begin with Chinatown and focusing on America's first Chinatown.

Because once he gets started, you'll see what immigrants have done for the American culture and how they have blended into this city in nearly 180 years.

Taking the viewer into an Italian and Irish foodie adventure.

All these cuisines have helped shape America.

Rick moved in his briskly fashion from Chinatown to Castro and ending up in Haight-Ashbury.

Moving further south into Napa Valley, Monterey and later with Los Angeles (City of Angels).

Once in L.A., Rick focuses his attention on this very important issue. Today affecting most of America; moreover, it affects Mexicans. A community which has been here for 500 years thanks to the Spanish influence.

The issue this Chef exposes is the immigrant problem and not like most shows which expose it indirectly with the showing of Mexican products like: Tecate, Dos XX and Tres XxX beers. No, Rick will sit down with his Corona beer and mention it rather bluntly, that Mexicans are the essence to these lands. What's exceptional, he'll do it without any apologies or getting too political.

Yes, California holds the best of best in taste and Mr. Stein showcases how Mexican culture has spread throughout the south and mid-western states of the U.S.

He then shows briskly, as the camera pan's out with every scene how to cook these succulent elements at his home in Padstow, U.K. and place them together easily. Well, at least he makes so in a masterful way.

Showcasing the the rich platters like: barbecues, tacos, burritos, carnitas (little meats), mole and enchiladas. From the Tex-Mex elements, when he uses 'pico de gallo' (literally means, 'rooster's beak'; however, it's known in English as Mexican sauce) or guacamole to enhance the taste of the tortillas he's about to devour with lovely satisfaction.

Reflecting on the historical and ever-present relationship between the United States and Mexico, and what should each mean to one another.

Rick other than exploration and preparation of foods, will reflect on the contemporary social issue at the moment: trying to say, no walls or super imposed borders can keep these two nations apart in their long standing and bumpy history.

After, driving in his wonderful-blue Mustang from L.A. into San Diego; he'll soon cross the border into Tijuana, Mexico. Once into Baja (Lower) California, he'll stop along places like coastal Ensenada, popular beach town for surfers and to enjoy from a snapper to delicious platters of 'surf and turf'.

Leaving Ensenada, he'll go further south through central Mexico. Stopping along the way in his tour to bask in places like Guadalajara, Mexico City, Puebla, Veracruz and to end his journey in the Yucatan Peninsula with the pyramids. Made not only famous for its Aztec culture and empire, but also Mayan.

The Native Peoples of these areas where the first to discover and harvest the cacao bean. Later making it into the delicious chocolate.

Rick doesn't disappoint upon his return to California and Mexico after 50 years. And in his literal walkabout, he discovers new flavors for the palate to gloriously feast away!

You can't beat this gorgeous, well produced six-part series. One is for the culture, another is for mindful education, sensibilities and the last is for the sense of taste.

About Daniel Otero:
I'm a freelance writer for the Beijing Global Times Metro and Future Handling Hong Kong. Further, I'm an ESL teacher for the past eight years in China. Frequently teaching children and University students.
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