Latino Strike Blues

Who says we are a people?

By Jezli Pacheco
Published on LatinoLA: December 13, 2003

Latino Strike Blues

Who says we are a people when we refuse to integrate?

We are unable to accept the difference in ourselves yet; to work together well.

What many cannot understand, that even among us we are a group of groups.

With difference in ethnic backgrounds as well as racial profiles.

I'm not Mexican, yet when being addressed it's assumed I am.

Even when I was fighting the name "Mexican" came out, as an expletive against me.

The strikers may have good intentions at heart, but the truth is that giving our undocumented neighbors their license to drive won't solve their plight. It is the proberbial finger trying to cover the sun. They have no papers regardless of that little piece of plastic that says they can drive.

All the license will do is allow for some [to buy] the already-high priced car insurance (a little bit of good for other motorists, at least) and pay the state all those fees, and taxes that are needed to drive a car -- millions of dollars if people where to actually respect them.

Given some time, liberals will stop paying lip service and once again ignore our population. Conservatives will continue serving conservative constituents. This last group, by the way, could be many of the Latino population as well, because regardless of the vast belief that Latinos are Liberals -- they're not.

Latinos we all know hold very strict moral/social beliefs that do not include items that are a fighting song for the Liberals such as abortion, bigger government with more taxes and greater control of the population. Not even with immigration can liberals say they have been the precursors of amnesties. It has been Republicans, among them see Republican congresswoman Iliana Ross-Lithenam, a Cuban-background fighter for immigrant legalization or how about Republican Congressman Lincoln Diaz Balart?

What would happen if the general population where well informed about this country's legal history? It would mean that liberals would be looking for a better angle to reel in Latino members.

Stop crying for spilt BAD milk and try working to get these people their papers and health insurance for themselves and their kids. That is a worthwhile fight to keep going and to strike over.

About Jezli Pacheco:
Jezli believes that the Latino population is comprised of different ethnic & racial groups and that when the day comes that they accept each other will be the day they are able to open the eyes and ears of the rest of the population. jezli@yahoo.com

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