SB 60:Taking Responsibility

Don't listen to a man that lacks identity

By Tochtli Xochicoatl
Published on LatinoLA: December 22, 2003

SB 60:Taking Responsibility

This is a brief and late response to the article ?Terminating SB60? by Gil Contreras at http://latinola.com/story.php?story=1443 from the perspective of a Xihcano man (not hispanic/latino) that does not compromise his indigenous roots.

Gil?s statements make it evident that he lacks identity: ?When did Latinos, Hispanics, Chicanos, Xicanos, or whatever the politically correct term is now..,? and possesses symptoms of self hate: ?become such a bunch of whiney ass, ostrich head in the sand, anti-everything group??

Words are very powerful and many people don?t realize the terms they often use regarding themselves are inaccurate and belittling.

Let us focus on the term ?immigrant.?

From: Dictionary.com:
im?mi?grant 1. A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another.

By identifying with this term we automatically lose.

We are associating ourselves with foreigners. Are you on brain rinse already?

Wake up people!

We have always been here. This is plain and simple history. Don?t let anyone but yourself tell you who you are. Don?t fall for these false labels. You are still very much indigenous regardless of your mixed blood. Indigenous People (Native American, Mexihcah, Maya) are still here and suffering from the cancer of Hispanic/Latino/immigrant identity.

The only law we should be fighting for is the Law of Humanity. Not a blasphemous, dead end system that does nothing but ensure the ethnocide of indigenous peoples.

Gil?s interests are obviously not in those of Brown people. This system which he seems to love so much has done nothing short of break every law of humanity to establish this country. It makes it easier to get away with these blasphemous acts such Prop.187 and the repeal of SB 60 when the indigenous face is hidden.

We Nican Tlaca (indigenous people) now rest in a demonic mindstate of Europeans (Pilgrims/Spaniards) for the following crimes: Religion, arts, science, mathematics, astrology, philosophy, inventions, culture, sense of reality, speech techniques, not to mention the tolerance of ignorance, raping of a people, subjecting Nican Tlaca to an inhumane system, changing of facts, claiming the divine, trespassing on most sacred ground, trying to replace our symbols of power with the flag of slavery and the continued hardships of hundreds of years.

A driver's license is the very least they could do to do to take responsibility for their crimes.

We as a people will only truly succeed when we reclaim ourselves, our true roots, and drop the concepts and identities (Hispanic/Latino) that do not serve us.

It is obvious Gil?s interests are for Americans, Hispanics, Latinos and illegal immigrants, none of which are me. I am Mexihca, I am indigenous to this land, I know of the profound treasures my history holds.

Who are you?

About Tochtli Xochicoatl:
Tochtli Xochicoatl resides in Inglewood,CA. He takes great pleasure in freeing people from the shackles of ignorance and would love for you to check out this article about mestijaze at:

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