Solo Mars Radio

Something from below the nightlight

By Fernando Flores
Published on LatinoLA: January 26, 2004

Solo Mars Radio

Nightlight and yellow light.
Black shadows on red linen.
The boy's mind is drunk.
If only you could see him.
If only he could feel you.
A warm touch to break the shiver.
Still fingers to calm the trembling.
A voice to break his thoughts.
Where do you recognize yourself in this pith?
Evening wind passes through the midnight.
His eyes are trapped behind the window shades.
He only hears what he wishes he could he feel.
Receipts and wrinkled clothes remind him of too much.
It won't be long before all his fingers have been counted.
There's nothing unexpected in the premeditated.
He'll tear it down.
He'll paint over it.
He'll wear long sleeves to cover it.
On the radio he hears the solo.
The voice of Mars reminds him that "this is forever."
Do you notice you don't hold promises from him?
Amid a repeated sonata.
Upon the pillow where he sleeps.
Weighed down by the bottle you haven't seen.
A note staged for a photograph.
Last line, "I love you until..."
How will you discern him if you don't find him?

About Fernando Flores:
Fernando Flores is an ugly vato. savorychulito@aol.com

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