There Ought to be a Law

Surviving yet another computer virus

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: January 29, 2004

There Ought to be a Law

Damn! It happened again! I'm not a computer genius or anything, but I've learned enough about the computer to function adequately enough to surf the web, operate three e-mails, produce an online radio show, do my banking and some shopping, and basically reach out to the world from the comfort of my home or office. Not a bad thing, this computer. At least I can keep up with my grandkids on some things, and the paperwork of my job has decreased tremendously.

Yes, computers have made life a little easier for this old vato.

Then along comes some testically challenged jerk off from a cyber outhouse, and a computer virus has cut me off at the knees. The anger, frustration, helplessness and violent fantasies that resulted from the "crashing" of my computer made my whole day one long Mylanta moment! I felt like I could squeeze this person's neck till his/her head popped liked a pimple! ...and I'm really a nice guy! Thankfully (and at my age) they're just thoughts I keep to myself.

What motivates people to do things like this is beyond me. Sure, some young yuk-yuks get a kick out of throwing monkey wrenches in the works, and the commercial world likes to portray young people as hip but brain damaged for entertainment purposes. But damn!

While there are a lot of computer deprived souls that would laugh & chuckle at my predicament, life-saving technology, valuable educational material and communication capabilities were taken out of the hands of thousands of deserving people that didn't deserve this kind of foolishness! Not to mention security, but some lives could have been placed in danger. Somebody is due a good ass whupping, at least!

While our Government can waste billions putting a near-sighted telescope into space, and billions more to send a remote controlled toy car that doesn't work to Mars, and billions more on a war to search for weapons that don't exist, why can't they spend a couple hundred thousand to find a way to cyber-castrate these fools and prevent future occurances?

Why can't Bill Gates come up with a way to fool-proof his products, or at least find a way to trace the source of this annoyance and give back what they gave, or take what they got?

Ahhh, I could go on, but my grand daughter reading over my shoulder (while I'm borrowing her laptop) , innocently suggests "Grandpa...maybe it was Al-Quaeda?". Ha!

Laughter is just as healing as music. Thanks, Mija! Turn on your boom box si quieres!

The technology age...it's here, Gente! And we're in it to stay!

About Frankie Firme:
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