we should run

Chronicles of an LA Band

By Valeria Berumen
Published on LatinoLA: March 3, 2004

we should run

This is Los Angeles, people, home of the local rock band we should run. What Jonah Rivera, Kyle Beswick, and Ankur Bulsara are living right now is exactly what LA dreams are made off. During a recent interview with LatinoLA, Jonah Rivera, shared some of the triumph and struggles the trio has encountered since coming to Los Angeles to pursue their musical career a year ago.

The 22 year-old HAPA, meaning Half Asian Half Anything else stated that what sets their music aside from what is already out there in the LA music scene is the diversity of the band. With each member bringing his own experience, culture, and art, then fuseing it all together to create ?honest, honest Rock n Roll.? The eclectic trio met in New York a couple of years ago while attending Cornell University. Jonah, a Puerto Rican/Korean from Buffalo, NY. Ankur an Indian from Scarsdale, NY.and Kyle the all American white guy from the SF Valley, moved to Los Angeles a little over one year ago after cutting their first album,"we should run." They figured if they were going to make it, then Los Angeles would be the place were it was going to happen.

Since the beginning the band has focused completely on their music. And since coming to Los Angeles they have begun to create a small buzz for themselves and gaining a local following in the LA music scene, playing gigs at The Gig in Hollywood, The Troubadour, and Fais Do Do. (Those of you in the music world know exactly what I am talking about.)

When asked what they would like to express to their audience through their music, Jonah said: ?We are not looking for stardom, we are just trying to make honest, honest Rock n Roll. And we want to be able to use any means possible to do it. As an artist I want to challenge myself, I always want to learn something new, every time I write a song, and I always ask myself ?How can I express something, that I haven?t expressed before???

Jonah also shared that as an artist he sees himself as unconventional, unpredictable and definitely not clich?. He shared: ?I want to show people that there can be more to being an artist than just having clich? lyrics or reusing the same ideas and feelings. I mean you can only write about heartbreaks in so many ways, but if there is a specific feeling that everyone really feels that may not have been said already, then that is what I want to express. The small things.?

He told us that the days of dramatic lyrics are over: ?When you find something that you want to express, you can really put [your thought, your feelings] down into lyrics, but not clich? lyrics, or over poetic, cheesy metaphors, there can be more to art than this. You can be more specific nowadays, the days of being dramatic and poetic are over, you can dig deeper now, in here (as he points to his head) and in here (as he points to his heart) and come up with something that is just unique.?

Jonah shared that through the music they become more than musicians, they are more like artists, painters, and story tellers, taking their style from Country-Western, to Rockabilly, to a little bluesy, to something a little indie Rock, moreover, they wants to share some raw emotions without the coating.

Please join the boys that dare to dream, live, and run!!! we should run will be performing next at:
Mar. 27, 9 PM
Old Town Pub
66 N. Fairoaks
Pasadena, CA

Music and feeling. For more detail check out http://www.weshouldrun.com

About Valeria Berumen:
Los Angeles entertainment writer.

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