It's My Party

Critics need criticism, too

By Frankie Firme
Published on LatinoLA: February 20, 2004

It's My Party

It has always been my extreme privilege to be able to reach out, entertain and communicate with the world via outlets such as this fine web site and others like it, my radio show, the internet, and the increasing number of events I have been honored to have been invited to. I have met some really fine people and have made some great new friends. Not bad for vato from the 'hood who made it good!

Thanks, God! I always knew you were in a good mood when you came up with the concept of Brown people!

I always identify myself as a Chicano and I have found that many Latinos or Hispanics who consider themselves better than others take umbrage to my stance, and have made efforts to try to have me "cross over" if I am to be accepted in their midst....So I'm not in their midst, and the air smells better! Ha!

People who have survived hard times and pain and are still able to keep their heads up and enjoy good times and happiness with good people they can trust & love. Know where I'm coming from? No fronts. I've worked hard to educate myself, surround myself with good friends who enjoy nothing else but my company as I enjoy theirs, and earn a decent living in the real world where I don't have to shit on people to survive. Interestingly enough, I have met some wonderful Gente who have taken efforts to meet me, if only to share a mutual belief and thank me for putting our people in public forum, when nobody else would, on terms that I do.

Unfortunately, this is not good enough for some people who are lucky enough to have been born into my species. Either out of small mindedness, or envy they think they're concealing, these people have become critics of mine and good Gente like me. I've tried hard to ignore these critics because of their insignificance to me and the real world, but that stance seems to have empowered them into a false sense of undeserved superiority and a belief that since any publicity is good publicity when you're a loser, maybe they can goad me into public debate where I'll name names. Sorry, guys. You aren't drawing much attention now, and I'm not going to help you just aren't that good!

...Like I've said before, it only hurts because it's coming from my people.

I have been lucky enough to have met mentally stable, drug free, gainfully employed and truthfully talented veterans of the entertainment world who possess adequate ego, enabling them to have the emotional fitness to accept newcomers and give support. For them, giving me the support when I started out in this endeavor, however naive I may have been: Thank you! I've learned my lessons well. I honor you by now being able to do the same for the Gente after me, and there a lot of us coming.

Watch out, World!

It just breaks my heart to admit to the world that these people are a distinct minority in a multi-billion dollar industry that keeps Raza at a distance. The rest end up has-beens, never-weres, or still-getting-their-shit-together little people with nobody they can call friends. Sadly, some are those I once admired. Now I just pity them because they're still struggling for gigs and they just don't realize why people they had the arrogance to shit on won't offer support in their hour of need, or take them seriously you know how it feels, cabrones!!

I always try to put a positive light in my writings and the events I am involved in, and promote Mi Gente as the beautiful, artistic, creative and productive people that we truly are, with the most beautiful women on earth, and the most chingon men that others strive to emulate. We deserve that, and I am ever so honored to continue do so, and defy anybody on this planet who wishes to stop me in the manner in which I do!

For some of you reading this article, the critics who have the distinction of being those who inspired it, consider this a well deserved, literary bitch slap!

...and that's all the public attention you're getting from me!

For all the rest of you.....Orale! Vamos a bailar! It's all good! Thanks for your support, and keep it coming!

About Frankie Firme:
Frankie Firme spins the finest Chicano style, cruising Oldies but Goodies on the World Wide Web, every Thursday at 6:00 pm,(L.A. time), only on


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