Robots Are Us

My head comes equipped with a camera

By Kat Avila
Published on LatinoLA: February 26, 2004

Robots Are Us

I'm in the Mobile Suit Museum, which opened on January 2, U.C. 0100. U.C. stands for "Universal Century," of course. What, are you still stuck in B.C. & A.D.?

Look, here's a timeline. A.D. 1969: Humanity sets foot on the moon.... A.D. 1998: Construction of the International Space Station begins.... Year Unknown: The Earth Federation Government is established.... U.C. 0001: Space settlement begins.

What year were you born? Oh. When did they take you out of cryo-freeze? Just now? That explains a lot. The caveman hair, makeup, clothes. O.K., we can change the subject.

Let's watch these publicity videos from the archives to catch you up. Not much difference between living on a space colony and on the Earth Sphere.


Oh, that? Well, it's not from Easter Island. It's the head of an MS-06 Zaku II mobile suit. Don't let the mono-eye rattle you. This robot soldier was 17.5 meters tall. Yeah. Three giraffes high. I forgot you were from the U.S. of A. They never switched over to metric.

Huh? About several billion people live in space. "Illegal" immigrants? You a flat-earther? There is no such thing as an "illegal" human being. That was a mythology concocted by colonialists to maintain political, social, and cultural dominance in your sector.

C'mon, here's a comparison of Zeon's MS-06 Zaku with the Federation Forces' RX-78 Gundam. Minovsky particle-adapted technology changed warfare from long-range combat to close-range. That's right. You don't know about the discovery of the Minovsky particle yet.

Hmmm, in your day - around A.D. 2004 - Sony Corporation had debuted the QRIO dream robot and introduced a third-generation ERS-7 AIBO entertainment robot. The AIBO looked and acted like a pet dog. It could recognize its owner's face and voice, had tactile head and back sensors, could even recharge itself. Sure. I can lend you some historical videos.

Say "Cheese!" This picture of you next to the RX-78 turned out great! Why do you look so surprised? My head comes equipped with a camera. It's a multimedia cave. You didn't know I was...a robot?

About Kat Avila:
Kat will be an engineer in her next life. Her web site is www.geocities.com/buscandocalifornia. By the way, the Mobile Suit Museum actually does exist at the Bandai Museum in Matsudo, Japan.

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