Kerry Bashes Bush

The good Senator might keep more respectful and less dangerous commentary to himself

By Fernando Oaxaca
Published on LatinoLA: March 5, 2004

Kerry Bashes Bush

Taking an astoundingly inane stab at President Bush's conduct of the War on Terror (and Iraq and Afghanistan for good measure), peacenik Democrat John Kerry said last Friday that the President, in effect, did not respond effectively or aggressively enough to the 9/11 attack on the U.S.! It's hard to conceive of a more cynical and hypocritical action by a serious national figure like Kerry on such a matter, given his non-supportive and near/pacifist 19 year Senate voting record on Defense and National Security and aberrant post-Vietnam behavior in the 1970's!

Mr. Kerry is obviously smarting from the belated but now ongoing Bush campaign response to weeks of blatantly misleading and vaguely structured Kerry attacks on Mr. Bush's handling of the war. But campaign desperation is no excuse for dumping this kind of drivel into what is still a most serious international crisis and debate.

The intellectual Viagra? he took, via a supposedly reinvigorated set of ideas that Kerry hopes can cure his inadequacies on national security, displayed its effects last Friday at a UCLA student campaign rally. In his Bush-bashing harangue, his eclectic and strangely disconnected analysis prioritized: adding 40,000 more troops (no specifics), thousands of more domestic cops and firefighters (no data on where), diplomacy for winning the hearts of Islamic youth (no strategy in particular) and "revamping intelligence (Fire Clinton's Tenet?)." And, of course, we must have his cure-all elixir, more or pervasive "internationalization" in the Afghanistan and Iraqi theaters. His lack of confidence in the American will and capacity apparently continues--or is essential to his cynical campaign strategy; i.e. show Bush wrong, no matter the facts or who gets smeared in the process!

But today, Monday, March 1, there is terrible news for you John Kerry! IRAQ today has an interim constitution that is unique in the Middle East and was unanimously approved (even by the Shiites) in the Iraq Governing Council. (Editor's Note: As of this morning, March 5, the Constitution has not been finalized)

George W. Bush, beyond Kerry/McAuliffe's ridicule, has been widely viewed by Kerry's beloved international elites as a naive dreamer for his dumb Texas cowboy vision of bringing democracy to the Middle East. To the consternation of all, he seems inexorably on the way to success on this front! The IGC constitution, being reviewed in final form by the U.S. Iraqi civilian authority (Ambassador L.Paul Bremer, III), will be formally signed on Wednesday after the Shiite Muslim feast of Ashoura.

This amazing development in Iraq must give John Kerry world-class heartburn, highlighting a major achievement for President Bush's leadership and American sacrifices in the region. It will, much more importantly, be a terrific benefit to Iraqi society, and, within the vision of President Bush, perhaps someday to other countries in the region.

The New York Times says today, "the interim constitution would appear to be the most progressive document in the Arab world. Its features include, "freedom of speech, press, assembly, and the free exercise of religion." Further it provides for equal treatment under the law regardless of sex or ethnicity as well as civilian control of the military!"

The Iraqis describe the document as marking "the birthday of a nation." Mr. Kerry and his internationalist cynics/buddies should, without question, also admit and recognize that 90% of the 190+ U.N. countries in Bush-hating Africa, communist Asia, Cuba, South America, etc. DO NOT HAVE OR ENJOY A COMPARABLY PROGRESSIVE BASIC GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT AS IRAQ HAS COBBLED TOGETHER AND APPROVED!

Only the Arab TV anti-American malcontents, Al Gazeera, reported last night as cynically as Mr. Kerry surely will on the events surrounding the Iraq constitution creation and approval! Al Gazeera's feeble criticism was to emphasize the American involvement as a principal negative in their internet/TV coverage of the document approval.

There is still a distance to go. There is still a deadline of June 30 for the Iraqi takeover of government from the American civilian authority. But this constitution is a giant step forward in that direction. The difficult but ultimately successful negotiations on the constitution further demonstrates the bankrupt nature of John Kerry's boringly repetitive ideas of dependency on the United Nations leadership that would guide his foreign policy as president (gasp!). The Iraqi council even dealt with the thorny and allegedly irresolvable issues of the Kurds and independent militias which the northern Kurds have under arms!

By the way, the U.N.'s net contribution this year to Iraq stability and democracy was a quick trip by a couple of their brave people to Baghdad a few weeks ago where they agreed with us that general elections were not possible by June. I guess every little bit helps. As of today neither NATO or the U.N. are committed to anything in Iraq, money or troops, no matter what John Kerry hopes for!

Adding to Kerry's gastro-intestinal problems as he bashes Mr. Bush on "failure" in the Middle East, the provisional Iraqi Oil Ministry announced today that it has reached production levels of 2.5 million barrels per day, a full 30 days ahead of when it will hit the prewar level of 2.8 million barrels daily. American led efforts have thus brought expected oil revenues this year to $14 billion compared to $5 billion last year.

Paul Bremer also appeared on Iraqi television on Friday to tout yet one more milestone in the Bush team's Iraqi progress. As of now, Iraq is now producing electricity at pre-war levels and continues to increase generation rapidly as the summer approaches. John Kerry will enjoy nice, cooling air-conditioning should he venture to Baghdad this summer--thanks to American ingenuity, to American companies he did not want to pay for (in the $87B he voted against last year) and no small thanks to hard-working Iraqi police and workers.

In sharp refutation to another aspect of Kerry's unwarranted attack on Mr. Bush as a "9/11 failure" of last week, the secret activity continues on the Pakistan/Afghanistan border in a "get Osama" thrust. With massive American Special-Ops troops on board, the American Saddam Hussein capture team is also now there, with special British commando forces added, and, of course, there are the Pakistani Army contingents familiar with the not yet winter-cleared snow-covered passes and redoubts in that forbidding terrain.

Mr. Kerry is not likely to be briefed on what is really going on there, given his negative and cheap-shot second-guessing on what the Bush team is doing in that war theater. But he should pop a few more Pep-cids? before too much more campaign time survive comfortably as the President reveals how wrong the Kerry/McAuliffe terror-war story really is!

Finally, my favorite military leader in Iraq, Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, who has yet to be proven wrong, says attacks on GI's and Coalition soldiers have been cut in half in the last 90 days. Mr. Kerry could perform a truly positive service to our troops by getting on their side....and help General Sanchez and Mr. Bremer in their undoubtedly difficult tasks. Instead of unfair and uninformed knocking of our troops performance in Tora Bora in Afghanistan last year, instead of preaching incompetence and inadequacy in arms and body armor and tactics and purportedly degrading GI safety and questioning everything that happens in the region, the good Senator might keep more respectful and less dangerous commentary to himself while our troops are still deployed there.

Perhaps the habits and unconscionable tactics Mr. Kerry bitterly created and used as spokesperson for Vietnam Veterans Against The War in the 1970's remain in his psyche--34 years later! The possibly deadly effect on 500,000 GI's and POW's in LBJ's Vietnam war then did not disturb him...but boy did he get press!

But this time, please save it John! Our boys and girls in 2004 are again vulnerable! You protest your patriotism constantly and few question it; how about silence regarding details about our efforts in the terror war? Are you so lacking in imagination that this is all you can come up with--bashing Bush and the troops on the Middle East? Try some new stuff--our troops deserve better.

About Fernando Oaxaca:
Fernando Oaxaca is a long-term conservative and community activist in Los Angeles. He receives e-mail at:

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