Out Of the Closet

Gays are not legitimate minorities

By Al Carlos Hernandez
Published on LatinoLA: March 8, 2004

Out Of the Closet

It began with Ellen coming of out the closet, then Rosie, now same sex folks are trying to get married. Media would have you think that a homosexual lifestyle is an acceptable norm, but it?s not. Reliable statistics indicate that only 1or 2 percent of the nation's population are homosexual.

Many prime time TV shows feature a gay character or a same sex smooch, all the while continuing to underrepresent Latinos in media, and we make up at least 13 percent of the population. Why does media overcount gays and undercount Latinos? Clearly, we are victims of situational mathematics. There are no doubt more gay TV and film executives than Latinos.

The gay community has made tremendous strides towards labeling itself a minority group, equal in oppressed stature to Latinos, Native Americans and Blacks. The truth is they are not. The majority of gay folks are white and enjoys all of the privileges of their Anglo American heritage. One cannot stop being Black by changing ones outward appearance and or lifestyle. Many have attempted to conceal their Latino roots by labeling themselves Spanish and French, but their negative self-image, and their inability to pronounce Chicken or Sandwich gives them away.

Latinos in this country are viewed through a prism of colonial didacticism. This society demonstrates the philosophy that a racial minority in a silk suit is subservient, and shall be regulated to the lower service classes of the American caste system. Ask any Chicana who has hit the glass ceiling.

It doesn?t matter if you prefer Adam or Eve; discrimination is not about sex, it is about race. The theory of evolution has taught this country that some races evolve slower than others. This theory in practice is wrong.

I do not deride the Gay community. If it weren?t for them, my hair would still look like Wolfman Jack's. I share the belief that the intelligent Creator of the universe is no respecter of persons and neither am I. It seems that we all are Bozo?s of equal stature on this celestial bus called earth and are on a collision course with eternity. We will all have some ?'Splaining to do? when our time comes

I am not homophobic, I do not fear homos. I am a convicted heterosexual and have been flattered by being called a babe by both sexes; I guess sometimes there is just no accounting for taste.

Since I am attracted to women, Latinas in specific, by political definition I could be considered a Lesbian. The defining proof of my straightness is my inability to match colors or put a decent outfit together without the tutelage of my wife, a Nicoya.

How is it that Latinos star on Cops, but the only one to have primetime billing is George Lopez?

They have ?Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? which is a big hit. Why not ?Latino game for the Anglo Lame,? a show that teaches white dudes how to pick up women.

How can a specific group of people who are only culturally identifiable expect racial minority status, when the majority of participants are of the dominant racial minority? Accommodations because of race were invented to right a history of institutional racism to give the colonized a fair chance to compete in this Anglo male dominated society.

Is tabloid media making it radical chic to celebrate an oppressed stature? Is that why rich kids pierce their faces? What if you don?t want to be oppressed? Does everybody and their Mama, or Mamas, need a six part explanation box on the census form. So what if Moms wears comfortable shoes and Dad likes Broadway musicals? That being said, I agree with most working class Americans who say that same sex marriage is wrong.

Why don?t limousine liberal America consider the life of a farm worker family living in a plywood shack, sleeping on a dirt floor smelling of pesticides an alternative lifestyle worth celebrating? Why doesn?t the dolphin psychologists and tree hugging ?rhinkers? drink a toast to their distress with a traditional ?White Whine??

We all want the same things, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If Adam and Steve, or Ethyl and Eve want to play house, that?s on them. But if these same folks willfully usurp a racially disadvantaged person?s ability to get their rightful share of affirmative equality considerations, that is blatantly unfair.

There is no such thing as a MacDonald?s Gay workers alliance.

An Eastern Proverb asks one to walk in someone?s shoes, before you pass judgment.

I?ve been informed that unless the shoes really hurt your feet, they can?t be considered cute.

About Al Carlos Hernandez:
Al Carlos wears old school Chuck Taylor's Converse tennis shoes.

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