La Guerra

Poema de una mama

By Rosa Gonzalez
Published on LatinoLA: March 29, 2004

La Guerra

War brings such pain.
Let me tell you
the story of a young man
who went away to fight
one day.

He left behind him
his family and friends.
No one was sadder than his mother
who prayed for him every day.

She begged God to bring him home
safe and sound
back to the arms of his parents
who waited for his return.

One day a letter arrived
and the young man said
"Don't worry, mother.
I'll be home soon."

"As soon as they let me come home
I'll be back with all of you."

"This is what I ask the Lord
If this be God's will
I will be home soon."

Jorge never imagined
it would not happen like that.
It did not turn out that way
because he never returned.

His parents were left to grieve
and his friends, brothers and sisters too
for he never returned.
His dreams died because of a war
that had nothing to do with him.

The young boys
sent by the government to fight
in all their innocence
enlisted only to get an education.

The government is guilty
in its arrogant ambition
of sending young boys to fight
against a terrible foe.

What do they care? If to them
war is only a way to win more votes?

About Rosa Gonzalez:
Rosa Gonzalez of San Bernardino, California, lost her son Jorge to the war in Iraq. She read this poem at a peace rally in San Diego on March 20, 2004.

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