boy friends

he just called me orita and we talked for 1 houre

By Mz.CHolita
Published on LatinoLA: April 7, 2004

boy friends

Here iam sitting in my room its 10 16pm all lonley waiting for my b.f to call and say "hi baby how are you how was your day" But no he cant call me beacuse hes to busy... And we live 20 min away and every weekend i go and see him with my friend ..and i go and he comes to my friends house and picks me up and we kick it for a while but then later on i duno he to busy and so then he dont talk to me for a while so his home boys start talking to me and he gets mad and dosnt talk to me ......so his home boy likes me a lil so we chill and talk you know then it startes geting dark and then later on he takes me home to my home gurls house and i give him a kiss and he tells me why were u not talkin to me i was like well cuz you didnt even talk to me so thats why...then hes like i still love you and im like yeah ....me too.....And he just called me orita and we talked for 1 houre and i let him go cuz i have to go to sleep soo....

But he invited me to a party On friday so ima go with him ...thats what i like about him he really dosnt hide any thing but i know he dose some things pero ...sooner or later he'll tell me so i will love him for a long time and his mom and dad dosnt let another gurl sleep at his home only me and if some other gurls go over then his mom will be like " I dont want them here" so i really like his mom and every thing so ima stay with my baby .......and he relized that he was treating me bad and even his cuzens told him so he told me sorry ......and i will never break up with him!

Mz.Cholita AKA ALma

About Mz.CHolita:
Alma,Barajas Perez

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