Speedskating Past Stereotypes

Readers dispute that Latinos can't excel in winter sports

By Amigos de LatinoLA
Published on LatinoLA: February 23, 2002

Speedskating Past Stereotypes

Writer Al Carlos Hernandez insisted the Latinos aren't cut out for winter sports. Our readers beg to differ:

Benjamin E. Escobedo writes:
"I am responding to Mr. Hernandez's article 'No Latinos in Winter Olympics'. Duh, what about Derek Parra, winner of two medals in speed skating. Mr. Parra is a Mexican-American who lives in Florida. What about Jennifer Rodriguez, also a speed skater. Otherwise, it was a nice cynical,
entertaining article. Thanks."

Lupe Ramos writes:
"Dear Mr. Al Carlos Hernandez. For your information Derek Parra, a Mexican-American, won a gold medal in these 2002 Winter Olympics. Your article only reinforces the stereotypical mind. Open up your eyes and pay much more attention before you write your articles."

Yolanda Rosales writes:
"I imagine that Mr. Hernandez has not noticed that JRod won a speed skating medal, or that we have Mr. Gomez playing Hockey, or D. Parra winning a medal for speed skating. I guess I could go on, but then he seems more concerned that he was not personally involved!"

Lynn Fireside writes:
"Al Hernanez made a serious boo-boo in his Olympics column. I know he
wrote it with tongue firmly in cheek, but what about Derek Parra? He only won the gold medal list night, and a silver a couple of days before, that's all! Pretty impressive, I'd say."

El Coyote writes:
"I am writing with regards to the article "No Latinos in the Winter Olympics". I saw a guy named Parra (Latino) win a gold medal in speed skating. Do a little more research before bickering about your roots."

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